Casserole with mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a casserole with mushrooms.

Casserole with mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a casserole with mushrooms.

Casserole with mushrooms - general principles and methods of cooking

Simple recipes - the best that you can come up with a delicious meal. Various casseroles are just such simple dishes. We all know from kindergarten the most simple baked foods that were our favorite food. But rather nostalgia for childhood, let's just try to bake a casserole, and since we are adults now, we will complicate the task.

Casserole with mushrooms is a very nourishing food, it can be both lean and meat, and the lean casserole has such taste qualities that are absolutely not inferior to the meat dish. And all that nutritious mushrooms, in combination with vegetables make the dish incredibly tasty. In ancient times, such dishes were prepared in monasteries during Lent. Adding meat and a bit of mayonnaise or sour cream, we get a really rich "masculine" dish, which is best used for lunch.

Casserole with mushrooms - food preparation

Mushrooms are included in the diet of almost any person, it is not for nothing that they were called “forest bread” in Russia. For cooking casseroles, you can use mushrooms in any form - fresh and dried will have to boil, pickled or salted can be a ready ingredient for our dish. In mushroom casseroles with meat, you can use pork, beef, chicken. As a rule, meat should be pre-boiled and separate the pulp from the bones.

Casserole with mushrooms - preparation of dishes

For cooking casseroles in the oven or in a Russian stove, cast-iron pans or small forms are used. To the top is not burnt, you can cover the form with foil. Casseroles in modern heat-resistant glass forms are very good.

Mushroom Casserole - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Cream Cheese Casserole with Mushrooms and Potatoes

Fresh or frozen mushrooms - forest, oyster mushrooms, champignons - are great for this dish.


Mushrooms (a little more than half a kilogram), cream 200 ml, mozzarella cheese (200 g), hard cheese (150 g), onions (2 pcs.), Potatoes (5-6 pcs.), Eggs (2 pcs. ), garlic, chili pepper, rosemary, vegetable oil, salt.

Method of preparation

To start fry mushrooms. Place vegetable oil in a frying pan, warm the garlic and chili pepper, add the onion, fry until golden brown, mushrooms on top. All bring to the appearance of a golden crust, salt, and pepper.

Filling: add grated cheese, cream, salt and pepper to whipped eggs. Put the mushrooms into the glass form with the first layer, put slices of mozzarella cheese on the bottom, then put the potatoes, pour the filling, sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 180 gr.

Our casserole is ready, to the table we will give it hot, from above you can put a piece of butter.

Recipe 2: Canned champignon casserole.

The taste of this dish can be really surprised, it resembles a real cake, and it is much easier to prepare. Frying canned mushrooms will take very little time.


Dough: butter (you can margarine, 200 grams), flour (one and a half cups), a pinch of salt and half a cup of warm water.

Basis: champignons in own juice, without vinegar (400-500 g), pepper, salt, flour (3 spoons), cheese (50 gr), bouillon cube, 2 onions.

Method of preparation

Mix melted margarine, salt, flour. We spread on the bottom of the form. Fry onion in vegetable oil, add mushrooms and fry. Add onions, mushrooms, white pepper, chicken broth, mushroom juice (half a cup), bring to a boil and spread on the dough. Sprinkle with grated cheese stuffing. Beat the milk with eggs and flour and pour the resulting mass. In 30-40 minutes, you will find an appetizing mushroom casserole with golden cheese crust - a real family meal!

Recipe 3. Mushroom casserole with fresh mushroom meat

This is a serious dish for a company that loves hearty food. Meat in this dish will be more than mushrooms, but the taste of it will be exactly mushroom, grated on a very small grater of onion in the form of mashed potatoes with plenty of juice will only strengthen these sensations.


Fresh mushrooms (champignons can) 200 gr., Minced pork 500 gr., Onion, salt, garlic (1 clove),

butter, cheese (50g), parsley, pepper.

Method of preparation

Finely chop the mushroom caps, add them to the minced pork together with onion puree, parsley, salt, pepper, mix. Prepare the form - coat it from the inside with butter and mashed garlic.

Separately, peel the potatoes, cut into thin slices, put in layer 1 layer. We alternate layers of potatoes and mushrooms, adding some salt to layers. On the top layer of potatoes, put the pieces of butter and lay out the stuffing. Bake under the foil for about 1 hour in a hot oven.

In this baked pudding there is so much charm and home comfort, serve it with traditional chicken broth, and enjoy a hearty family dinner.

Casserole with mushrooms - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Fans of mushrooms, using mushrooms, can enhance their taste. To do this, you can crush one dry white mushroom and sprinkle with a layer of champignons.

- Dried mushrooms better return their shape and taste, if you soak to them add a little milk. Champignons will be saved from darkening by acidified lemon water - soak them for a few minutes and they will look bright and fresh.

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