Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) is a hearty snack for any holiday. Liver cake from chicken, beef, pork liver

Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) is a hearty snack for any holiday. Liver cake from chicken, beef, pork liver

Many interesting and tasty dishes can be made from the liver. Liver cake is the best of them. This dish will be devoured for both cheeks, even those who do not like the liver.

Liver cake - basic cooking principles

Many housewives are hesitant to cook a liver cake, believing that it is long and troublesome. Yes, it is necessary to tinker, but in fact everything is not as scary as it seems.

Pancakes for the cake are made from chicken, beef or pork liver. It is better, of course, to use chicken by-product, since the liver of the bird is cooked faster and has a delicate flavor. The liver is washed, remove all excess and pass through a meat grinder. Eggs, sour cream and flour are put into the resulting dough base. To avoid pancakes with rubber, put eggs at the rate of one piece per 200 g of offal.

Pancakes are baked from dough, making sure that they are not too thick.

When all the pancakes are ready, proceed to the preparation of the filling. To do this, onions are cleaned and finely crumbled. Peeled carrots are passed through large grater holes. Then the vegetables are fried until soft and cooled.

For the sauce use mayonnaise or sour cream. It is squeezed through a garlic press and stirred.

Then put a pancake on a flat dish, grease it with mayonnaise-garlic sauce and lay out a vegetable filling. Cover with the next pancake and repeat the layers. So collect the cake until the pancakes and the filling is over.

For decoration, you can use vegetables, eggs or corn.

You can use slices of fresh tomato or green onions in the layer.

Recipe 1. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) from beef liver


beef liver - 400 g;

150 g of mayonnaise;

three eggs;

fresh greens;

200 ml of milk;

50 ml of sunflower oil;

100 g of flour;

two bulbs;

sea ​​salt;

two carrots;

a pinch of ground allspice.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the liver under the tap, cut the film and cut into small pieces. We skip the by-product through a meat grinder or grind in a blender.

2. In the liver mixture add eggs, salt, pepper and, gradually pouring the flour, knead the dough without coke. Now pour in milk and whisk well with a whisk. 3. Pour some oil into the heated pan. Ladle take a little dough and pour into the pan. Quickly distribute it along the bottom and bake a pancake on both sides, two minutes on each. Finished pancakes cool.

4. We clean the onions and finely crumble. Three large cleaned and washed carrots. Fry vegetables in sunflower oil until soft.

5. We put a pancake on a flat dish, grease it with mayonnaise and spread the fried vegetables. Cover the second pancake and repeat the procedure. Thus, we collect the whole cake. Decorate it with chopped herbs and leave to soak for an hour.

Recipe 2. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) from chicken liver


chicken liver - 600 g;


three raw eggs;


three boiled eggs for decoration;

two large onions;

garlic - three cloves;

two large carrots;

flour - 80 g;

small boiled carrots;

refined vegetable oil - 50 ml;

mayonnaise - 300 g;

20% cream - 100 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly wash the chicken liver and clean it from gall bladders (if any) and films. Cut the offal in small pieces and place it in a bowl. Add eggs, fat sour cream and flour. Grind everything with an immersion blender until smooth. Salt and mix.

2. Heat some oil in a frying pan. We collect a little dough with a ladle, pour it into the pan and distribute it over the entire surface, turning from side to side.

3. Fry pancakes on moderate heat. As soon as the pancake begins to lag behind the walls, turn it over with a spatula and continue to fry until rosy.

4. Bulbs clean from the husk and finely crumble them. Carrots cleaned and three on a coarse grater. Fry vegetables over moderate heat for ten minutes. At the end we pepper and salt. Cool and divide into equal piles according to the number of pancakes.

5. Squeeze the garlic into mayonnaise and mix.

6. Put the first pancake on a flat plate. We coat it with mayonnaise-garlic sauce and distribute the fried vegetables. We cover the second pancake and collect the cake, repeating the layers.

7. Separate the yolks from the proteins in boiled eggs. Rub them separately and put them in different plates.

8. Lubricate the top and sides of the liver cake with the sauce. Sprinkle with yolk on top and sprinkle with egg white on sides. We make a rose from a boiled carrot and decorate a cake with it. On the sides we lay the twigs of greenery. We leave the finished cake soak for a few hours.

Recipe 3. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) with melted cheese



Half a kilo of beef liver;

vegetable oil;

a glass of milk;


half a cup of flour;

two chicken eggs.

Stuffing 1

four onions;

vegetable oil;

two carrots.

Stuffing 2

100 g of processed cheese;


bunch of dill;

garlic - two teeth.

Method of preparation

1. Beef the liver we clean from veins and films. Cut offal into pieces and scroll through a meat grinder. In the resulting liver mixture, beat the eggs, salt and shake. Pour in milk and continue to whisk until smooth. Add flour and knead dough without lumps.

2. Put the pan on the fire, pour in vegetable oil and heat it. We pour in about half of the heft mass of the hepatic mass and fry until the pancake begins to lag behind the walls. Then gently turn the blade over and fry for another three minutes. So fry all the pancakes and cool.

3. Prepare the first filling. Carrot and onion clean and wash. Carrot skip through large holes grater. Onion finely shred. Fry vegetables until rosy, shift to a plate and cool.

4. Prepare the second filling. Cheese finely three. Rinse the greens, dry and chop. Add it to the cheese. Squeeze out the peeled garlic. Add mayonnaise and mix.

5. Put a pancake on a flat plate, grease it with mayonnaise and spread the vegetable filling, spreading it all over the pancake evenly. We cover with the second pancake and we grease it with a cheese stuffing. So we continue to collect the cake, alternating the fillings. Put in the fridge for impregnation, then chop and serve.

Recipe 4. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) with tomatoes and omelet


half a kilo of chicken liver;

black pepper;

four eggs;


white onion;

200 g of mayonnaise;

100 g of flour;

150 ml of milk;

two tomatoes;

two quail eggs;


black olives.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the liver, clean out of all excess and grind through a meat grinder or in a blender. In the resulting mixture, add the egg and flour, mix, so there is not a lump left. Pour in a couple of spoons of milk and stir with a whisk. Season with pepper and salt. 2. Heat a frying pan with a little oil and heat well. Spread the liver mass with a spoon and evenly distribute it along the bottom. Cover and cook for about three minutes. Then gently turn and fry for the same amount of time.

3. Beat three eggs with the remaining milk. Shake the whisk vigorously. From the mixture, fry thin omelets.

4. Wash tomatoes, wipe and cut into thin slices.

5. Now assemble the cake in the following sequence: liver pancake, smear with mayonnaise, omelette, smear it with mayonnaise, slices of tomatoes. Repeat the layers in this order until the liver pancakes run out. Decorate the cake at your discretion and leave it in the fridge for a few hours to soak.

Recipe 5. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) in a slow cooker


400 g pork liver;

vegetable oil;

two eggs;

black pepper;

two eggs;


50 g of flour;

70 grams of hard cheese;

two bulbs;

100 g of mayonnaise;

two carrots;

garlic - three teeth.

Method of preparation

1. Washed and cleaned from all the excess liver is passed through a meat grinder. Clean the onion. Half finely crumble and add to the liver mixture. Here we drive eggs, salt, pepper and, gradually pouring flour, whisk well.

2. The resulting liver dough is poured into a greased bowl. Install it into the device, close the lid and start the “baking” program. Cook for 25 minutes. We take out the cake with a basket for steaming, turn over and cook another ten minutes.

3. Peeled onion finely minced. Peel carrots and grind through large grater holes. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, pepper, salt, until soft.

4. In mayonnaise squeeze garlic through a press and mix.

5. Remove the finished liver cake from the bowl, cool on a wire rack and cut it in half.

6. Put the bottom cake on a flat plate, coat it with mayonnaise-garlic sauce and evenly distribute half of the vegetable filling. Cover with the second cake.

7. Mix the remaining vegetable filling with the sauce and grease the surface of the cake with the resulting mass. Sprinkle with finely grated cheese on top and place in the refrigerator for overnight soaking.

Recipe 6. Liver cake (step-by-step recipe) with eggplants



half a cup of milk;

Half a kilo of beef liver;

onion head;

two eggs;


a glass of wheat flour;

baking powder;

30 ml of vegetable oil.


150 g soft cheese;



a tomato;

50 g of walnuts;

two garlic cloves;

parsley and cilantro.

Method of preparation

1. Twist the prepared liver with the bulb through the meat grinder. In the resulting mass, add eggs, pour in milk and vegetable oil, add salt, baking powder. Gradually pouring the flour, knead the dough without lumps, the consistency of thick cream. Make thin pancakes from dough.

2. Bake the eggplant in the oven, place for half an hour under the oppression, peel and chop. Rinse the tomato with boiling water, peel and chop finely. Finely chop the walnuts. Garlic skip through the press. Chop greens. Add mayonnaise to vegetables and mix.

3. Assemble the cake, promayvaya each pancake stuffing. Smear the sides with mayonnaise. Sprinkle the top and sides of the cake with finely grated cheese. Leave to soak for half an hour.

Liver Cake - Tips and Tricks

Beef liver is recommended to soak for two hours in milk to get rid of bitterness.

Mayonnaise can be replaced with fat sour cream.

You can sprinkle the top of the cake and sides with a crumb of rye crackers.

Flour can be replaced by bran or starch.

The filling will be tastier if you add fried mushrooms to it.

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