Chops from the liver - a new look at the preparation of by-product. The best recipes for liver chops: pork, chicken, beef

Chops from the liver - a new look at the preparation of by-product. The best recipes for liver chops: pork, chicken, beef

Of all the offal, the liver is perhaps the most useful product.

But due to the fact that it is slightly dry and stiff, not everyone likes.

Try to make liver chops, and you will change your attitude towards this product forever.

Chops from the liver - the basic principles of cooking

The principle of cooking chops, differs from the usual preparation of the liver only in time. The chops are thin, which means they roast much faster. This dish is made from beef, pork and even chicken liver.

The liver is washed, cleaned from all the excess, cut into layers and slightly beat back, covered with food film. Then chops are paned in flour or dipped in batter and otzharyvayut on both sides until golden brown. As already mentioned, they roast very quickly, enough for a couple of minutes on each side.

Chops from the liver can be pre-pickled, and only then proceed to cooking.

This dish can be cooked under various sauces. In this case, the prepared chops are spread in a deep frying pan or a saucepan, poured over the sauce and stewed for 15 minutes. They are cooked with vegetables, cheese or mushrooms.

Recipe 1. Beef liver chops


kilogram of beef liver;

half a liter of milk;

three onions;

a glass of flour;

three carrots;

half a liter of sour cream.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the beef liver well under the tap, dry it slightly, remove the ducts and remove the film. Put it in a deep bowl and fill it with milk. Leave in the refrigerator for three hours.

2. Take the liver out of the milk, rinse, dip with napkins and cut into plates. We beat off each piece, covering it with food, salt, pepper, and breaded in flour. Heat the oil in a skillet, put the liver pieces into it and fry for a minute on each side.

3. Vegetables clean, wash well and chop. Onion chop half rings. Natrem on a large grater carrot. Fry the vegetables separately until golden.

4. In a cauldron, lay out the fried liver chops, overlaid them with fried onions and carrots. Fill all with sour cream and send to the fire. As soon as signs of boiling appear, we twist the fire to minimum and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve with potato or rice garnish and pickles.

Recipe 2. Liver chops in garlic-sour cream sauce


half a kilogram of pork liver;

ground black pepper;

75 g of 20% sour cream;

two garlic cloves;

a glass of purified water;

250 g of flour;

30 g of mayonnaise;

50 ml of sunflower oil;

2 eggs;

iodized salt

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the pork liver, dip it with a disposable towel, lay it on a board and cut a piece of diagonally portioned chunks. Transfer to a deep bowl. Place two slices on the board, at some distance from each other. Cover them with cling film and slightly beat off the liver, then remove the film, turn over the pieces, cover the film again and beat off on the other side.

2. Break two eggs into a bowl, salt them and season with pepper. Using the whisk, beat the eggs with spices until a homogeneous egg mixture. Immerse the liver chops in the mixture, mix lightly and leave for a quarter of an hour.

3. Pour the flour into a flat plate. Each chop pan in flour. Heat the butter well in the pan. Fry chops in hot oil for a minute on each side.

4. Peel the garlic, wash and crumble with a knife. Put sour cream and mayonnaise in a deep bowl, pour in water, add chopped garlic and pour in water. Mix everything well.

5. Fry the liver chops in a deep saucepan, cover with garlic-cream sauce and simmer over moderate heat for a quarter of an hour, covered with a lid. Serve the chops with a side dish of vegetables, rice or potatoes, watering the sauce on top.

Recipe 3. Pork liver chops with onions


400 g pork liver;

garlic - two slices;

three onions;

salt and pepper;

two eggs;


Method of preparation

1. Rinse and slightly dried liver clean of all excess, and cut into small pieces. Put the pieces on the board and slightly repel from both sides, covered with foil. Pepper each chop.

2. Peel the garlic, rinse and pass through the garlic press. Each chop rub with chopped garlic. Transfer to a deep bowl and leave for half an hour.

3. Break eggs into a bowl and beat them with a whisk until foam appears on the surface. 4. Pour some flour into a separate flat plate and mix with salt.

5. Free the onions from the husk, and cut it into half rings.

6. Dip each chop into flour, then dip into the beaten eggs and place in a heated pan with butter. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Put the finished chops in a separate plate. Add oil to the pan and add chopped onion and fry until golden. Lay the liver chops over the onions, reduce the fire and simmer for about 10 minutes. Serve the liver with a side dish, putting the fried onion on top.

Recipe 4. Chicken liver chops with apples and cheese


kg of chicken liver;

half a kilo of cheese;

150 g of mayonnaise;

An Apple;

150 g sour cream;

three pinches of black pepper;

80 ml of refined vegetable oil;

extra salt - three pinches;

onion - 2 heads.

Method of preparation

1. Clean chicken livers from connective tissue and bile and rinse under the tap. Lightly dry with paper towels. Each liver is very carefully repelled, covered with foil. Chicken liver is very tender, so you need to beat it very carefully.

2. Wash my apple, wipe off with a napkin, scrape off the peel and remove the seeds. Cut it into a short, thin straw.

3. Grind grated cheese. Chopped onion chop half rings and lay it on the pan with hot oil and fry until ruddy.

4. Lay the liver chops on a greased deco, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fold roasted onions on all the pieces of the liver. Top with sliced ​​apples and sprinkle with cheese chips.

5. In a glass, mix mayonnaise and sour cream with water. It should make about half a liter of sauce. Pour liver chops with this mixture so that it completely covers the liver. Sent for half an hour in the oven and baked at 180C.

Recipe 5. Liver chops with mushrooms


Half a kilo of beef liver;

extra salt;

700 g of champignons;

vegetable oil;

2 onions;

100 g cheddar cheese;

80 g of mayonnaise;

freshly ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the onion and crumble it into small cubes. Put mushrooms in a colander, rinse under a tap and dry on a paper towel. Cut them into thin slices. Put the mushrooms in preheated vegetable oil and fry until all the moisture has evaporated, add the onions and continue to fry until golden. Put the mushroom fry in a colander and leave excess fat to stack. Chop the cheese with a grater. 2. Clean the washed liver of the film and cut it into portions. Each slightly beat the hammer on both sides, covered with foil. Chops season with spices.

3. Fry the liver chops in a pan, where the mushrooms were fried, three minutes on each side.

4. Put the finished liver chops on a baking sheet. Put mushroom roast on each one, coat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese chips generously.

5. Send chops and mushrooms to the oven for seven minutes. Bake at 150 degrees.

Recipe 6. Liver chops with creamy onion sauce


30 g butter;

half a kilo of beef liver;

two eggs;

half a liter of milk;

125 g of flour;

200 ml of cream;

100 ml of drinking water;


50 ml of refined vegetable oil;


salt, spices and ground pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Beef liver washed, dried with paper towels, cleaned of films and duct. Cut into portions. We lay out each piece in a plastic bag and repel from both sides. Hepatic chops are placed in a deep bowl and filled with milk. Withstand half an hour.

2. Break eggs into a deep plate, add salt and pepper, add flour, chopped greens and pour in vegetable oil and water. With the help of the corolla, thoroughly whisk everything until smooth.

3. We take out the chops from the milk and shift them to the batter. Leave it in the liver for 20 minutes. Put in a well heated pan with butter and fry until golden.

4. Peeled onion finely crumbled and fry until golden brown in butter. Sprinkle with flour, stir vigorously and pour in cream. Boil and keep on fire until the sauce thickens. Serve chops, watering sauce, with any side dish.

Recipe 7. Liver chops in cream sauce


kg of beef liver;

dried dill, cilantro and parsley;

4 cloves of garlic;

300 ml of drinking water;

5 g of turmeric, oregano and paprika;

extra salt;

150 g sour cream;

on a pinch of ginger and ground basil.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry the liver with paper towels. Cut into slices, 6 mm thick. Peel the garlic cloves and finely chop with a knife. 2. Put sour cream in a deep dish, pour out water and add seasonings. Mix thoroughly until smooth.

3. Each slice of the liver is rubbed with salt on both sides, covered with a thick film and slightly repelled. Fold in a small saucepan, pouring each layer of sour cream sauce and pouring garlic. Leave in a cool place for an hour.

4. Heat the pan with a non-stick coating, pour in the oil and fry the liver chops for two minutes on each side.

5. Pour the sauce into a saucepan, set on moderate heat and put the liver chops into it. From the moment of boiling we twist the fire to a minimum and continue to extinguish a quarter of an hour. Shortly before the end of cooking seasoned with fresh or dried herbs.

Liver Chops - Chef Tips and Tricks

  • Beating the liver, be sure to cover it with a film, or put it in a bag to keep the kitchen clean.
  • Beat off the liver very carefully, especially for chicken offal.
  • Before frying, pickle the liver chops for a few hours or soak in milk.
  • Serve liver chops with sauce, based on sour cream, kefir or mayonnaise.
  • To make the chops juicy, tan them in flour before frying.
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