A warm salad with chicken liver is nutritious and healthy. The most interesting and unusual recipes for warm salads with chicken liver

A warm salad with chicken liver is nutritious and healthy. The most interesting and unusual recipes for warm salads with chicken liver

Chicken Liver is a fairly simple and budget product.

It is prepared quickly, in just 15 minutes. In addition, the calorie content of this product is quite low, so chicken liver is considered a dietary delicacy.

It helps to normalize the metabolism and improves digestion.

It contains trace elements and many nutrients.

Chicken liver is enriched with vitamins and folic acid, which requires the human body.

Recently it has become popular to cook warm salads from this product. They are easy, but at the same time hearty. Almost all vegetables and even many fruits and nuts are combined with chicken liver. Ingredients can be changed among themselves, this taste of the salad will not spoil, and it will become even more interesting.

Warm Chicken Liver Salad - General Cooking Principles

• Salads are much tastier from chilled chicken liver than from frozen liver.

• Before frying, it is advisable to dry your liver with a kitchen paper towel.

• Salt the liver better after frying, so it will be crisp and tender.

• To prevent chicken livers from boiling in their own juice during roasting, put the liver pieces into the pan alternately.

• The finished liver should be soft.

• For the dish is better to use lettuce of different varieties.

• Ingredients for salads can be cut in any order.

• Salads dressed with mayonnaise, soy sauce or sour cream.

• You can also season the salad with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

Warm salad with chicken liver and bell pepper


• 630 g of chicken liver;

• 60 g chicken hearts;

• salt;

• three bell peppers;

• vegetable oil;

• four cloves of garlic;

• bow;

• four tablespoons of vinegar.


1. Wrap the bell peppers, individually, in foil and put them to bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

2. Peel the onions well and cut into half rings or rings. Put it in a bowl, add salt and vinegar.

3. Place the liver and hearts in a colander and rinse. As soon as all the water is drained, put the ingredients on the board. Cut the hearts and liver into small pieces. 4. Fry the liver and hearts on the butter with garlic for 10 minutes. At the end, pepper and salt.

5. Remove the finished pepper from the foil and cut into strips.

6. Place ready-made hearts, liver, pepper and pickled onions in a salad bowl. Mix everything.

7. Serve as a hot starter along with boiled rice.

Warm salad with chicken liver and quail eggs


• 390 g chicken livers;

• 10 pieces. cherry tomatoes;

• salt;

• ten quail eggs;

• pepper;

• 140 g of green salad leaves;

• six spoons of vegetable oil;

• two spoons of sesame oil;

• two spoons of soy sauce.


1. Mix vegetable oil, sesame and soy sauce together.

2. Liver clean the bile ducts and rinse. Dip the liver in boiling water, remove it and cut into strips. Coat with salt and pepper. Heat the pan and dip the liver with it. Cook for four minutes. Then cover the pan with a lid, so that the liver is not cold.

3. Boil quail eggs in boiling water for a minute. After pull them out of the water and peel them.

4. Rinse the tomatoes and cut into four.

5. Rinse the lettuce leaves and cut into several pieces. Then put them on the bottom of the salad bowl.

6. Place hot sliced ​​eggs, tomatoes and hot liver on top.

7. Fill all pre-cooked sauce.

8. Serve the salad until it is cold with greens and a slice of bread.

Warm salad with chicken liver, champignons and olives


• 330 g chicken liver;

• 320 g fresh champignons;

• bow;

• two eggs;

• salt;

• canned corn;

• 25 ml of vegetable oil;

• two tablespoons of vinegar;

• 110 g of cheese;

• mayonnaise;

• a jar of pitted olives.


1. Wash the eggs and, dropping them in a saucepan, cover with water. Add a couple of tablespoons of salt and vinegar. Boil 15 minutes. To keep them cool, leave them in hot water for a while.

2. Rinse the liver thoroughly, then dip it with a napkin. Cut the product into small pieces.

3. With onions, remove the peel, and remove the mushrooms from the roots. Crush the ingredients. Chop the champignons and chop the onion into cubes. 4. Heat the pan with butter and send onions there. Fry it until soft.

5. Then add the liver and salt to the onions. Simmer everything together for 10 minutes.

6. Take a clean pan and heat the oil in it. Once the fat is warm, put the sliced ​​mushrooms and salt in it. Cook for 20 minutes.

7. Open the jars of corn and olives. Drain water. Cut olives into rings.

8. Peel the eggs and cut them into cubes. Grate cheese. Put these ingredients together with the corn and olives in a bowl.

9. Add liver, mushrooms and mayonnaise to the bowl, fried with onions. Stir all the ingredients and arrange the salad, while it is still warm, into plates.

Warm salad of chicken liver, fruit and pomegranate juice


• 140 g chicken livers;

• 40 g brown sugar;

• salt;

• 45 g butter;

• onion;

• two leaves of lettuce;

• half an apple;

• pepper;

• 11 seedless grapes;

• two spoons of pomegranate seeds;

• spoon of dark balsamic vinegar;

• flour;

• spoon of pomegranate juice.


1. Peel and cut the onion into small pieces. Add salt, vinegar and pepper to it. Leave to pickle.

2. Cut the washed chicken liver into strips and roll in flour mixed with salt.

3. Melt half of the butter in a pan and fry the liver in it for 7 minutes. Then put it in a plate and cover so that it does not cool.

4. Peel the apple and remove the core. Cut it into slices and place in another pan with melted remaining butter. Add sugar to it, and as soon as it is dissolved, add grapes.

5. Transfer the apples with grapes to a plate and cover.

6. In the same pan, fry the onions to a golden hue. Then add the marinade and boil for two minutes.

7. Rinse and narvite lettuce. Put them on the dish.

8. The first layer put the liver, then the onions with grapes and apples. Sprinkle all with pomegranate juice.

9. Serve the salad immediately after cooking, decorating it with pomegranate seeds.

10. As an additive, you can serve white bread crackers to the table.

Warm salad of oranges and chicken liver


• 235 g of chicken liver; • one large orange;

• salt;

• half a bunch of lettuce leaves;

• pepper;

• two spoons of olive oil;

• spoon of pine nuts

• spoon of sunflower oil;

• 1.5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar;

• spoon of honey.


1. Peel the liver of the chicken and rinse. Cut the ingredient into strips, salt and sprinkle with pepper. Fry the liver in sunflower oil for four minutes. Cover the pan with a lid so that the ingredient is not cold.

2. Peel the orange, cut it into slices and remove the white film.

3. Fry the nuts for two minutes in a dry frying pan.

4. For dressing, mix vinegar, honey and olive oil.

5. Chop lettuce leaves and place on a flat plate.

6. In the next layer, spread the orange slices in half.

7. Next, lay a warm liver of chicken and sprinkle all the pine nuts.

8. Pour the prepared salad dressing over the salad and serve immediately to the table.

9. The dish will be perfectly combined with fried potato wedges.

Warm salad with chicken liver and pancakes


• 290 g of chicken liver;

• two spoons of mayonnaise and vegetable oil;

• salt;

• two bulbs;

• four eggs;

• pepper;

• spoon of soy sauce;

• granulated garlic.


1. Rinse the chicken's liver and remove the film from it. Cut the livers into several pieces and fry them in hot oil until tender.

2. Slice the onions into rings and place them in a frying pan, fry them in the oil. After five minutes of frying, season them with granulated garlic and soy sauce.

3. Cover the entire roasted lid to keep the ingredients cool.

4. Beat eggs with salt until smooth. From the resulting mass to cook pancakes. Pour the soup ladle into the butter pan and prepare alternately thin pancakes. Cook them on both sides.

5. Warm pancakes cut into strips and put in a bowl. Add liver, pepper, fried onion and mayonnaise. Stir the ingredients gently and serve warm salad to the table immediately.

6. With this salad will be perfectly combined vegetable sliced.

Warm salad with chicken liver and walnuts

Ingredients: • 180 g chicken livers;

• a spoonful of flour;

• salt;

• butter and sunflower oil;

• leaves of any salad;

• vinegar;

• bunch of basil;

• juice of half a lemon;

• A handful of walnuts;

• spoon of mayonnaise;

• half a spoonful of mustard.


1. Lettuce leaves with a bunch of basil, rinse and dry.

2. In a bowl, pickle lettuce leaves in your hands. Add the chopped nuts and mix.

3. Combine olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Fork all mix. There also add a spoonful of mayonnaise and mustard. Beat the ingredients until smooth.

4. Pour the sauce over the nuts and lettuce leaves.

5. Liver chop large, rinse, dry and roll in flour. Heat butter and sunflower oil in a pan. Fry the chicken liver until golden brown.

6. Put the pieces on the lettuce leaves and pour all the lemon juice.

7. If desired, add sesame and tomatoes to the salad.

8. Serve rye bread or croutons.

Warm chicken liver salad - tips and helpful tips

• When buying chicken liver, pay attention to its smell, it should be sour.

• To make the liver tender, soak it in milk beforehand.

• If the liver is overcooked or digested, it will turn out to be stiff and less useful.

• Add grinded cheese to grilled chicken livers a few minutes before being cooked.

• Add any seasoning to a warm salad if desired.

• Chicken liver goes very well with roasted mushrooms.

• Add fried onions and garlic to salads, they will add spice to the dish.

• To make the salad spicy, add red pepper and mustard.

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