How to make a soft, juicy liver: chicken, beef, pork. Recipes of a juicy liver: in sour cream, a tomato, in the form of fritters and paste

How to make a soft, juicy liver: chicken, beef, pork. Recipes of a juicy liver: in sour cream, a tomato, in the form of fritters and paste

The liver is a liver, and probably the most delicious of offal. However, like any other liver, it should not be the basis of the diet, because, as in other by-products, it has both useful and harmful substances. And that means, thinking about how to prepare a soft, juicy liver, we must remember that it will bring benefit if it is offered a couple of times a week.

Juicy Liver - General Principles

Cooking usually uses chicken, pork, beef, goose liver, turkey liver, etc. Of course, each housewife will have her own secrets, how to make a juicy, soft liver, but there are also general principles that should not be neglected.

Before cooking, the liver must be rinsed with cold water and carefully inspected so as not to miss the bile ducts or stains from spilled bile. They must be completely removed, otherwise the strong bitterness will hopelessly spoil the taste of the finished dish.

If we are interested in how to make a juicy, soft liver, then we must remember that this product is prepared very quickly, 10 minutes or so. It is extremely undesirable to keep the dish on fire, otherwise the liver will become dryish and harsh, even if it is cooked in sauce.

And, of course, the simplest answer to the question of how to make a juicy, soft liver is made of chopped liver: various kinds of pancakes, pancakes, cakes, cakes, etc. To make the product lush and juicy, you need to add milk and egg to it.

Recipe 1. Soft and juicy liver in sour cream

Hardly, having posed the problem of how to make a juicy, soft liver, we can find a simpler recipe that meets our desires.


Any liver - half a kilo

Milk - for soaking.

Sour cream - 250 g

Onion - 1 head

Garlic - on request, 2-3 cloves

Flour - a couple of tablespoons

Salt, pepper, spicy greens - to taste and optional Method of preparation

Liver well rinsed and carefully inspected to avoid traces of bile. Cut into small pieces. Put in milk for half an hour.

Pass the chopped garlic and chopped onion lightly in a pan. In a separate skillet without butter, lightly heat the flour, then pour it into the onion with garlic and add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream. Mix everything quickly.

The rest of sour cream a little dilute with water and put in a saucepan with a liver. Cook for about 8 minutes and put the sour cream sauce with onions in a saucepan. Add salt and pepper, add herbs if necessary, and cook, stirring all the time, for another two minutes.

You can serve such a liver with potatoes or pasta. However, with steamed vegetables will also be delicious.

Recipe 2. Juicy, soft French-style liver.

How to cook a soft, juicy liver so that the dish could appeal to lovers of spicy and spicy? Of course, add to it cheese and champignons. Here is an example of such a dish.


Pork or turkey liver - about 600 g

Mayonnaise, better homemade, - 5-6 spoons

Fleshy Tomato - 1 large

Mozzarella type cheese - 100 - 200 g

Champignons - 7-9 pieces

Onion - 1 onion

Method of preparation

Wash the liver and trim if necessary. Leaver cut into pieces and lightly knock the handle of the knife.

Cut the onion into strips and fry it a little in the pan.

In a form, slightly oiled, put the liver, generously flavored with mayonnaise. Put onion and sliced ​​champignons on top of the mayonnaise, again a little mayonnaise, and a tomato sliced ​​in semicircles on it.

Squeeze the top again with mayonnaise and cover with cheese, or grated, or, if you have taken mozzarella salad, you can simply cut it into slices. Salt the dish is not necessary: ​​mayonnaise and so salty.

Put the form in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Recipe 3. Juicy liver in a spicy crust

Another answer to the question: “How to cook a juicy, soft liver?” Is, of course, to cook it in batter or breaded. Here, for example, one of these options. Ingredients

Chicken liver (or pork, turkey…) - about 500 g

Carrots - 1 root vegetable

Garlic - 3-4 cloves

Spices (oregano, turmeric, curry) - to taste, but do not overdo it

Egg - 3 pieces


Method of preparation

Prepare the liver as usual (rinse, trim, if necessary, salt, etc.). Cut into approximately equal pieces of medium size.

Grate carrots as small as possible and mix with garlic passed through the press.

Beat eggs.

Breadcrumbs mix with selected spices.

Each piece of liver dipped in an egg, then in a carrot, again in the egg and breadcrumbs. Fry in a pan with a sufficient amount of butter for about 10 minutes.

Recipe 4. Soft and tasty liver for children - pancakes.

Of course, preparing a soft and juicy liver of minced liver is easier than not grinding it. And if you add a beaten egg, then you can achieve even greater pomp.


Liver of a bird - from a pound

Eggs - 2 pieces

Flour (or potato starch) - about half a cup

Greens to taste

Salt, a little black pepper or garlic

Method of preparation

Prepare the liver, lightly dry and then mince. If your child does not like greens, then put it in a meat grinder, and if he eats, then it is better to chop it and mix it with minced meat.

Mix flour, salt, pepper or garlic (or both) and pre-beaten eggs into the liver. Mix gently and fry in a pan with vegetable oil.

Recipe 5. Juicy liver with vegetables

How to cook a juicy, soft liver for dinner? The best option is to cook it with vegetables.


Beef liver (or other)

Eggplant - 1 piece

Sweet pepper - 1 piece

2-3 tomatoes

String beans - 200 g


Vegetable oil

Greens, salt, pepper

Method of preparation

Prepare the liver, chop and lightly fry (2-3 minutes) in a frying pan with butter. Put the liver in a saucepan or saucepan, and in a pan fry the chopped onion. Put in the liver. If you do not like the bitter taste of eggplant, cut it, sprinkle with salt and let stand, then rinse with cold water. But you can not do this, but simply cut the vegetable into semicircles or putties and add to the liver and onions. Add there chopped randomly peppers, tomatoes and beans. Add vegetable oil, salt, pepper and stew on low heat for 10 minutes. Sprinkle the ready stew with greens.

Recipe 6. Soft liver for patties

Of course, one of the most exquisite answers to the question of how to make a juicy, soft liver is to make pies with it. This dish is sure to enjoy the whole family.


Puff pastry ready - 500 g

Liver - 600 - 700 g

Eggs - 3-4 pieces

Onion - optional

Broth - a few spoons, if necessary

Vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Liver wash and trim if needed. Fry it with vegetable oil and (if you wish) with onions. Chop the liver with a knife. You can, in general, chop a blender, but then it will be a little too small.

Boil two or three eggs hard and chop. Add to the filling. If it turned out to be rather dry, you should pour a few spoons of broth, in the extreme case, milk or water, but not butter.

Roll out puff pastry and cut circles out of it. Beat the remaining egg. Spread the filling on the circles of the dough and close up the patties, smearing the edges with an egg. Top pies can also be lubricated.

Bake patties in accordance with the recommendations on the package from the dough, usually about 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Recipe 7. Juicy liver - pate

It is hard to imagine a more delicious breakfast, and the festive snack is canceled.


Turkey liver, chicken or beef (usually pork is not recommended, but it will fit) - 1 kg

Butter - 200 g

Carrots - 300 g

Onion - optional, one onion

Garlic - 2-3 cloves

Fat - 200 g

Walnuts - half a cup of peeled

Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper) and salt - to taste Method of preparation

Liver wash and cut pretty finely.

Rub the carrots, chop the onion and simmer the vegetables until soft.

Remove them from the pan and put chopped bacon there. On a small fire, hold it up to transparency, remove it with a slotted spoon. Put the liver in a pan with the fat and fry it until cooked, stirring constantly.

Peel walnuts. Through the meat grinder skip nuts, carrots and onions, bacon, garlic and cooled liver twice.

Mix the blender with the liver and other ingredients in a warm place in advance in a warm place. Add spices. Put in a vase and refrigerate. You can decorate with walnut halves.

Recipe 8. Juicy, soft liver for a holiday - snack “Mushroom” cake


Liver - half a kilo

Chicken eggs - 4 pieces

3-5 quail eggs

Carrot - 1 large

Bulb - 1 large

Milk - Full Faceted Glass

Flour - 0.5 - 1 cup

Champignons - 300 g


Dill - a small bunch

Salt, black pepper, spices - to taste

Method of preparation

Mince prepared liver or grind with a blender. Salt, pepper. In a separate bowl, mix with a whisk 2 chicken eggs, milk and flour. Connect the mixture with the liver. The dough should be a little thicker than on pancakes. Fry the cakes on both sides in a pan under the lid, trying not to break in the process of turning. But even if one cake and breaks, scary: you can put it in the middle, and nothing will be noticeable.

Rub the carrots, and cut the onion into half rings and sauté all together until soft. Eggs (and chicken, and quail) boil. Chicken grate bigger. Wash and clean the mushrooms. Leave 3-5 small-sized caps, cut the rest and stew under a lid for 10 minutes.

Assemble the cake. Spread some mayonnaise on the cake and put onions and carrots, cover with the second cake, smear it with mayonnaise and put mushrooms on it, put a grated egg on the third one over the mayonnaise. So continue until the cakes are over. Top grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with strongly chopped greens. For each cleaned quail egg to put on a champignon hat, gluing it with mayonnaise. Hats can be used raw or pre-baked in the oven for about 10 minutes. Decorate the cake with these “mushrooms”.

Juicy Liver - Tricks and Tips

  • To get rid of the characteristic bitterness and give the liver a pleasant taste, you should put it in half an hour in milk. However, many precisely this bitterness in the liver and love. But still, if we are interested in how to make a juicy, soft liver, then it is better to soak it: it will surely become softer.
  • The more milk and eggs are added to the dough for liver pancakes or for the cake layers, the more juicy they will be. But it will be more fragile. You can add cream.
  • Black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon can be combined with spices, and oregano, curry, etc., to taste. The side dishes are good vegetables, especially eggplant, zucchini, beans. You can also garnish apples baked with cranberries (without sugar) or roasted in a skillet.
  • As a sauce, natural yogurt will be good (you can also take low-fat sour cream), which includes grated radishes, green onions, greens or pickled cucumber.
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