Simple zucchini snacks - you will yum. Recipes zucchini snacks with any products to any table

Simple zucchini snacks - you will yum. Recipes zucchini snacks with any products to any table

Squash - one of the most affordable vegetables, they are easy to grow, and you can do it all year round, in greenhouses. Unpretentious neither externally nor tastefully, the green fruit could not go unnoticed, what dishes and snacks from it were not invented! Well, canned food under the All-Union brand “Squash caviar” is a classic of the genre.

However, I will not uniformly. Slices of vegetables soften perfectly when roasting, great rolls come out of them. The grated flesh is the basis for the fritters, they make breading out of it and even cutlets! Having no persistent taste of their own, zucchini, although considered to be the main ingredient, more often turns out to be the basis of snacks.

Well, how not to be tempted to stuff such a convenient vegetable for these purposes? There really is a place where imaginations can roam - raw meat or vegetable mince, roasted tomatoes, eggs, cheese, even fish!

Snacks from “Yum Fingers” zucchini - general principles of cooking

Zucchini prepare a lot of hot and cold snacks. Simple, fried zucchini with a sauce of garlic and mayonnaise - not a masterpiece of culinary art. Squashes do not have a sharp taste and peculiar smell that allows you to combine vegetables with almost any food. Using various types of heat treatment, with the most mundane products, they prepare such snacks from zucchini that “you will lick your fingers”.

Each recipe for snacks from zucchini has its own characteristics, and all of them are detailed in our recipes. General requirements are imposed only on the vegetable. Any dish will be tasty only if the flesh of the zucchini is not loose, and the skin has not yet had time to become wooden. So, choose young dense zucchini, with a glossy shine of the peel that does not have wrinkles.

Zucchini Snack Appetizer: Cheese and Ham Roll Recipe


250 gr. boiled ham;

small squash - 850 gr .;

flour - 170 g .;

three eggs;


100 gr. “Poshekhonsky” or “Kostroma” cheese;

vegetable, refined oil;

dill greens; 250 gr. cheese “Philadelphia”.

Cooking Method:

After washing zucchini, cut the stem and peel. Closely rub the pulp, add some salt and let stand for five minutes. Extract the juice from the vegetable is well strained.

Beating eggs in a separate bowl, pour it over to zucchini. We pepper a little, add flour and finely rub hard cheese here. Stir vegetable mass until uniform, eliminating lumps.

A roasting pan, approximately 37 * 32 cm in size, is covered with parchment and poured squash mass onto it, leveled. Make sure that its layer is the same everywhere.

Put the pan in a hot oven, bake the base of the roll at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool the cake on a baking sheet, separating from the paper only complete cooling.

Prepare the roll stuffing. Rub a large grinder ham, chop the dill. We combine and add soft cheese, chop a couple of large cloves of garlic and put it here, carefully stir it. If necessary, prisalivaem.

We shift the vegetable cake on the film spread on the table. On the edge of the larger side lay out the filling and roll up a dense roll. We fix, dragging with film, for an hour we send to the refrigerator.

Serve snack roll, cut into portions, up to one and a half centimeters wide.

Zucchini Snack Appetizer: Mini Garlic Rolls with Tomatoes


two small, young zucchini;

meaty tomato;

two spoons of mayonnaise;

four spoons of flour;


oil, lean:

fresh dill;

spoon low-fat sour cream;

Cooking Method:

After removing the edges of zucchini, chop the flesh longitudinally, thin plates. We prisalivaem and maintain a quarter of an hour.

Cooking sauce. Mixing the mayonnaise with sour cream, add the chopped dill, a teaspoon of crushed fresh garlic, stir.

Rub cheese into a sauce through a fine grater and mix well again so that the cheese chips are evenly distributed.

Having rinsed a tomato, we cut it, deleting a fruit stem. Cut into thin slices.

Flour the flour in a wide plate. Set the pan for moderate heating and pour vegetable oil on the finger.

Roll the zucchini plate in flour, immediately dipped into hot oil. Fry one side and the other. Do not fry, give the vegetable to soften well, and immediately remove from the pan. Smear chunks with cheese dressing, put a slice of tomato and wrap roll.

“Kegs” - a simple zucchini snack, you will lick your fingers


young squash - 500 gr .;

two Bulgarian peppercorn;

corn oil;

three onions;

250 gr. chicken fillet;


120 grams of any non-sharp cheese;

homemade mayonnaise without vinegar.

Cooking Method:

For the dishes we select the youngest zucchini, in which there are practically no seeds, besides, their flesh is the most tender.

We wash the zucchini, cut across, into barrels, at least 5 cm wide. With a teaspoon, select a part of the pulp, leave it on the sides and bottom of the wall about 7 mm thick. Obtained blanks in the form of cups. Arrange them on a baking tray and put in a heated oven for a quarter of an hour.

While zucchini baked, engaged in filling. We warm up one and a half spoons of butter, drop a small shredded onion, sprinkle with a dessert spoon of crushed or grated garlic. Cooking, stirring, to the formation of a bright blush.

Chicken cut into one and a half centimeter cubes and send to the pan to the onion. After boiling out the meat juice, add the pepper slices. Stew the fillet with vegetables until tender, and add some salt.

We get out of the oven pan with baked zucchini, fill the notches with chicken stuffing. Smear the stuffed zucchini with mayonnaise and sprinkle profusely with grated cheese.

We bring the “kegs” to readiness by placing in the oven for another quarter of an hour. It is desirable that the cheese is not just melted, but also grabbed a golden crust.

Snack from zucchini, yum fingers: vegetable sticks “Crunch”


peanuts - 50 g;

three zucchini;

flour - 100 g;

20 ml of frozen butter;

bread crumbs - 100 g;

one egg;

100 ml of milk.

Cooking Method:

We cut courgettes in long blocks, one centimeter thick. We spread in a bowl and, having salted, we mix well.

We break the nuts with a blender, to fine crumbs. Suitable for these purposes and a coffee grinder.

Separately, beat the egg, pour in the milk, stir until smooth.

After squeezing zucchini, pour them egg mixture. After mixing, squeeze the liquid back into the bowl, mix the breadcrumbs and nut crumb into it. Sprinkle the zucchini flour, mix and dip into the mixture with the breading.

Fold the strips of zucchini on a baking sheet, covered with parchment, bake until rosy, about 20 minutes.

Served with ketchup or mayonnaise and garlic sauce.

Chaitni - zucchini appetizer, just yummy fingers


two medium large zucchini;

one small carrot;

2 tablespoons of soy concentrate;

two tomatoes;


spoon of honey;

three spoons of high quality oil.

Cooking Method:

Garlic cut plates. Carrots, zucchini, onions - in small cubes. We put on a deep frying pan on fire, pour the oil.

In the heated fat lower the onion, stirring, fry until golden brown. Add carrots and continue cooking, stirring occasionally.

When the carrot is soft, drop the zucchini to it, stir, add tomatoes.

Add garlic, pour in soy sauce and two tablespoons of vinegar. Spread honey, half a spoonful of salt and pepper it a little, stir it.

Cooking tea leaves under a lid on low heat for exactly an hour.

Open the pan, set the intense heat. Regularly stirring, quickly evaporate all the liquid.

Zucchini Snack Appetizer: Stewed Vegetables with Cheese Balls


two tomatoes;

a pound of low-fat cottage cheese;



vegetable oil, odorless;

“Russian” cheese, slightly dried - 200 grams;


100 gr. flour;

one large zucchini;

Cooking Method:

Zucchini rubbed with a small grater, just melenko crumble garlic and onions. We pour tomatoes with boiling water, remove the peel, rub large.

Having warmed up oil, we spread onions in it, a minute later garlic, we fry. Cook until onion slices lose their dullness.

Put the grated squash in the pan, stirring, simmer for five or six minutes.

Pour the tomatoes to the zucchini, cover with a lid and mark ten minutes. Meanwhile, finely rub cheese.

Combine grated cottage cheese with cheese chips, mix eggs and flour in the same place.

Wet the balls with moistened hands, no more plums, roll in breadcrumbs.

Pour into a clean pan 3 cm of oil, put on an intense fire. As soon as the smoke begins to break from the surface, we drop balls into the hot fat. Fry until light blush and cool. We do not put a lot at once, the balls should almost float in boiling fat. We catch ready for a disposable towel and let it cool well. We shift the stewed zucchini in a plate, spread cheese balls on top, decorate the dish with greens.

Snacks from “Yum Fingers” zucchini - cooking tricks

Consider - vegetable marrow vegetable zucchini. If according to the recipe it is required to rub the pulp on a grater, it should be allowed to stand for a while, and after it is well drained, the squeezed juice.

For stuffing pick zucchini of small diameter, but not quite very thin. Young vegetables are preferable, their flesh is softer and tastier.

If you need to fry zucchini for snacks, roll the chunks of vegetable in flour, without this it is rather difficult to achieve a blush.

Caviar is not included in the basic recipes, but without it! Choose from the kegs, as per the prescription in the article, the pulp, mince and strain the moisture. Bake the barrels, and let the flesh pass through a centrifugal juicer, leave the juice, but more important is the wet chips. Heat the unrefined oil and fry the chopped onion to brown, remove and fry the squash to the same degree. Return the onion back to the pan, pouring the heated squash juice, simmer under the lid until noticeable softening. After half an hour, add high-quality tomato paste or evaporated juice to the vegetables. Bring to almost full condition, salt and pepper, put in vegetable kegs and warm for another quarter of an hour in the oven.

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