Fried zucchini: recipes for quick and tasty dishes. Recipes quick and tasty zucchini fried in batter, sour cream, breading

Fried zucchini: recipes for quick and tasty dishes. Recipes quick and tasty zucchini fried in batter, sour cream, breading

Squash is the only vegetable that is eaten by unripe. Despite the fact that the vegetable is low-calorie, it contains many useful dietary fibers and vitamins that are simply necessary for a healthy diet.

Zucchini fried fast and tasty - the basic principles of cooking

Zucchini prepare different dishes. Vegetable baked, stewed, make pancakes from it, and even cakes. But most often zucchini fried. Of course, roasting in butter adds calorie to the dish, but it is roasted zucchini that is most loved for appetizing crust and cooking speed.

Squash take not large in size with immature seeds. Vegetable should be smooth, without damage. Do not use zucchini with a thick hard skin. This means that the vegetable is overripe, which means that it can have an unpleasant bitter taste.

Squashes are washed, wiped with a towel, cut off on both sides and crushed into circles, up to a centimeter thick. The easiest way: salt and immediately fry in hot oil on both sides until golden brown. Put the zucchini on a plate and squeeze garlic over the top.

In fact, methods of cooking fried zucchini a lot. They can be fried in batter, breaded bread crumbs, flour, sesame seed. The dish will turn out more interesting if after roasting to put out the vegetable in the sauce.

Recipe 1. Zucchini fried quickly and tasty with greens


wheat flour - 100 g;

garlic - five cloves;

three zucchini;

fresh greens;

table salt;

two chicken eggs;

vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

1. Wash, wipe zucchini with a kitchen towel, and cut them into half-centimeter thick slices.

2. Fold the vegetable into a bowl, salt each layer.

3. Beat eggs into a deep plate, lightly salt and pepper and shake well with a fork. 4. Sift the flour into a separate plate.

5. Circles zucchini roll in flour, then dip into the egg mixture, and put in a pan with hot oil. Fry on both sides until golden brown.

6. Put ready zucchini on a dish. Peel the garlic and squeeze through the press. Chop the greens, add to the garlic and mix. Put a little garlic mixture on each circle.

Recipe 2. Zucchini fried quickly and tasty in batter


young zucchini - half a kilo;

vegetable oil - 80 ml;

two eggs;

9 g garlic;

mayonnaise - 50 g;

table salt - 5 g;

flour - 90 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash squash, cut into slices, half a centimeter thick. Put in a dish, lightly salted each layer. Leave for half an hour.

2. Eggs in a deep bowl and shake until smooth with a fork. Add flour, crushed garlic, spices and salt to them. Shake well again. It should make a smooth liquid mixture without lumps.

3. Heat the oil well in a pan. In a separate plate, pour the flour. Roll each circle in flour, then dip it in a batter and put it in a frying pan.

4. Fry the circles until golden brown on both sides. Put ready zucchini on a paper towel to get rid of excess fat. Serve fried zucchini with sour cream or tomato sauce.

Recipe 3. Zucchini fried quickly and tasty with meat in batter


three zucchini;


minced meat - 300 g;

freshly ground pepper;



yesterday's bread - two slices;

flour - 50 g;

eggs - three pieces.

Method of preparation

1. My squash, wipe with a towel and cut into circles, two centimeters thick.

2. Cut out the pulp from the circles, trying not to damage the walls.

3. Yesterday’s bread is poured with milk. Peel the onion and cut into four parts. Zucchini pulp, pressed bread and onions are twisted in a meat grinder and combined with minced meat. Add the egg, season with spices, mix well and set for half an hour in the fridge. 4. Fill zucchini rings with minced meat. Two eggs combine with a small amount of milk, pepper and salt. Thoroughly shake the fork until smooth.

5. Squash rings with minced meat roll in flour and dip in batter. We spread in a well-heated vegetable oil and fry until ruddy on both sides. Ready zucchini spread on a dish covered with paper towel.

Recipe 4. Fried zucchini quickly and tasty breaded


breadcrumbs - 200 g;

zucchini - half a kilo;


eggs - two pcs .;


wheat flour - 50 g;

100 ml of vegetable oil;

dried dill - 7 g.

Method of preparation

1. Wash squash and wipe with paper towel. Shred vegetable circles, no more than 5 mm thick. Fold in a bowl, lightly salt and set aside.

2. Take three plates. In one, sift the flour, in the second we shake the fork with eggs with dried dill and salt, in the third we pour the breadcrumbs.

3. Put on a medium-sized pan with oil and heat well. Circles zucchini roll in flour, then dipped in a mixture of eggs, and generously paniry in breadcrumbs.

4. Put the mugs in the pan with hot oil and fry until crispy, brown crust. Zucchini served warm or hot with sour cream.

Recipe 5. Fried zucchini quick and tasty in sour cream sauce


stack sour cream;

vegetable oil;

two zucchini;

freshly ground pepper;

onion head;


garlic clove;

wheat flour.

Method of preparation

1. Wash washed squash and cut into circles, approximately 8 mm thick.

2. Combine the flour with salt and mix. Sift into a plate. Put the pan with butter over moderate heat and heat well. Mugs roll in flour and place in a frying pan. Fry on both sides to light ruddy.

3. Peel the bulb, rinse and chop with thin feathers. Garlic skip through the press. Fry the onion in vegetable oil until golden brown. Put on a plate. 4. In a deep cup, combine the sour cream with half a glass of drinking water and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Shake well.

5. Put the roasted zucchini in a single layer in the pan, where the onions were fried. Top spread onion fried. Put another layer of zucchini on it. Pour all the cream sauce and simmer for ten minutes under the lid.

Recipe 6. Zucchini fried fast and tasty “Teschin language”


four tomatoes;


three young zucchini;

150 ml of vegetable oil;

200 grams of cheese;

150 g of flour;

two heads of garlic;

eggs - five pcs .;

two bunches of dill greens;

150 g of mayonnaise fat.

Method of preparation

1. Wash young squash, cut the stalk and cut the vegetable along thin plates. If you have a slicer, use it.

2. Put zucchini on a plate, lightly salt it and set aside for ten minutes.

3. Cut the cheese into thin slices. Garlic disassemble and clean. Wash tomatoes, cut the stalk and chop into thin slices.

4. Eggs in a deep cup and shake with a fork until smooth. In a separate plate, pour the flour.

5. Roll the strips of zucchini in flour, then dip in a beaten egg and place on a heated pan with butter. Roast over moderate heat for about five minutes on each side.

6. Put the finished slices of zucchini on a plate. Every promazhte mayonnaise. At one end of the strip, put a slice of cheese, on the other slice of tomato. Straight on the squash squeeze garlic through a press. We shake everything finely chopped dill.

7. Squash roll roll, starting from the end on which the tomato lies. Put on the plate seam up, chop the roll with a toothpick.

Recipe 7. Zucchini fried fast and tasty with tomatoes and egg


one squash;


two bulbs;

vegetable oil;

three tomatoes;

20 g of semolina; eggs - four pcs .;

fresh parsley

Method of preparation

1. Wash zucchini, cut the stem and peel. Vegetable chop small bars.

2. Peel onion, rinse and finely chop.

3. Put the pan with oil on a moderate heat and heat well. Put the zucchini and fry them, stirring regularly, for about seven minutes. Now add the onions and continue cooking for the same amount of time.

4. Wash tomatoes, chop into thin slices. Put in a frying pan, salt and sprinkle all the semolina.

5. Eggs in a deep dish and shake with a fork. Pour the beaten eggs in a thin stream into the frying pan. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Cover and cook for another ten minutes.

Zucchini fried fast and tasty - tips and tricks

  • To keep the batter from dripping from the zucchini slices, pre-sanitize them in flour.
  • If you want to get a low-calorie dish, fry the zucchini in a grill pan, lightly greasing the circles.
  • The taste of zucchini will become richer if you sprinkle it with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar before cooking.
  • Squashes are obtained with a beautiful crust, if breaded in small cheese shavings.
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