Snacks from zucchini with garlic - bright and appetizing. Varieties of zucchini appetizers with garlic: rolls, cakes, caviar, salads

Snacks from zucchini with garlic - bright and appetizing. Varieties of zucchini appetizers with garlic: rolls, cakes, caviar, salads

Ordinary products - zucchini and garlic, and how much of all the tasty and healthy you can cook. Snacks from zucchini with garlic in the form of cakes, rolls, rosebuds are prepared without the hassle and very quickly. Neutral, sweetish taste of the vegetable, the absence of a specific smell and tender flesh make the vegetable versatile. It is used in the preparation of a lot of colorful and delicious dishes.

The selection recipes of the most popular snacks from zucchini with garlic, which can be used to diversify the everyday menu, and emphasize even the holiday table.

General principles of cooking zucchini snacks with garlic

• For snacks it is preferable to take young zucchini. Ripe vegetable with large seeds and hard skinned is suitable only for those dishes where it should be chopped. But before using such a zucchini, from it you need to select all the seeds and cut off the peel.

• There is a mass of snacks from zucchini with garlic, and each has its own subtleties. Squash marinated, fried, of them you can make light salads. The rolls with original fillings are rolled out of the vegetable, the dough for vegetable cakes is prepared with the chopped pulp.

• Garlic in such dishes is added to give a sharp taste. It is crushed, and then interfered in the dressing of butter or mayonnaise, fillings, or simply greased with garlic mass fried zucchini. The exact amount of garlic in the ingredients is not specified, but, as a rule, it is specified how much it is desirable to put in order to achieve a slight sharpness of the snack. If you like a sharp taste, the recommended rate can be increased.

A quick snack of zucchini with garlic - lightly salted 5-minute zucchini

Snack of salted courgettes is no less popular than salted cucumbers. You can diversify zucchini any side dish, they will not be superfluous and at a festive feast. The recipe is simple, and cooking takes no more than a quarter of an hour. You need a tight bag with a clasp or a plastic container with a lid. Ingredients:

• three spoons of frozen butter;

• 300 gr. young squash;

• garlic;

• spoon of soy sauce;

• fresh dill or cilantro;

• a spoon of white wine vinegar, can be replaced with 9% table.


1. Going through the greens, remove the withered leaves and hard stems. Wash with water, wipe dry with a towel, then crumble.

2. Peel two large cloves of garlic.

3. Combining wine vinegar with soy sauce, dissolve an incomplete spoonful of salt in the mixture. Add vegetable oil, mix well. Do not introduce oil until the salt is completely dispersed, it will not dissolve in the oil solution.

4. We wash the zucchini and, without removing the skin, finely chop the ringlets. It is important to take a young vegetable, the rind and seeds of which did not have time to coarsen.

5. We put zucchini in the package, add greens and garlic. Pour the prepared marinade into the bag, tightly close it to the clasp. Shake several times so that all components are well mixed and leave to warm for five minutes.

6. Spread lightly salted zucchini in a plate, mix well and serve.

Zucchini Snack with Garlic - Vegetable Rolls with Tomatoes and Cheese

Simple, original appetizer of fried zucchini with garlic, complemented by tomatoes, mayonnaise and cheese. Zucchini cut into thin plates, and then fried in an egg. Smear the fried chunks of the vegetable with garlic and mayonnaise, wrap the cheese and tomatoes in them. Because of the shape of the plates and the sharp filling wrapped in them, the appetizer was called “Teschin tongue”.


• three small, young zucchini;

• 200 grams of fresh, hard cheese, Dutch variety;

• garlic;

• 3 large tomatoes;

• 150 gr. low fat mayonnaise;

• two bunches of dill;

• five eggs;

• seven tablespoons of flour;

• vegetable oil for roasting.


1. Carefully “washing” zucchini with water, dry. Cut the “noses and tails”, cut along thin plates. Sprinkle with salt, put in a bowl and leave for a quarter of an hour. 2. Cut the cheese into thin slices, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, chop up the dill, peel 7-8 large garlic teeth, and rub in a small grater in a saucer.

3. Pour five eggs into a wide bowl, whisk with a whisk or fork, bring to homogeneity. Pour flour into a separate wide plate. Pick up dishes for eggs and flour so that the zucchini slice fits completely.

4. Pour the oil into a dry, wide frying pan. It should not be small, but a large number is also undesirable. Ideally, the vegetable plates should float in fat, but not covered by it.

5. Having placed the pan on medium heat, heat the oil until it cracks and slightly reduce the temperature.

6. Zucchini plates are well rolled in flour, then dipped into the egg and immediately transferred to the preheated fat. Fry until soft and light blush appears, about three minutes per side.

7. Shift zucchini from the pan to spread out a paper towel. Grease the surface of the plates with garlic, then mayonnaise. On one side we put a slice of cheese on each, and on the opposite tomato slice. Sprinkle with dill and roll in the form of a roll, starting from the edge on which they put the tomato.

8. Fasten squash rolls with toothpicks or skewers, put on the plate. Serve, filling out fresh herbs.

Snack from zucchini with garlic “Vegetable caviar”

Squash for caviar is not ground by a blender. nor a meat grinder. Vegetables are cut into small cubes, which makes zucchini caviar unlike the usual store snack in the form of mashed potatoes.


• seven small squash;

• large onion;

• garlic;

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• two large tomatoes.


1. Carefully sort out and prepare vegetables. We wash tomatoes and zucchini, cut them into small-sized cubes. If the zucchini peel is not too rough, it can be left, it is desirable to cut it hard immediately thin. Small onions and dill, peeled garlic (two large cloves). 2. Put a small cauldron or a thick-walled frying pan on the middle fire. Pour four spoons of oil, warm well.

3. Put the onion into the hot fat, stirring occasionally, fry on low heat to a light amber shade.

4. Add zucchini, continue to warm up, at the same temperature, stirring occasionally. Zucchini immediately allocate a lot of juice, as soon as most of it is evaporated, we fall asleep tomatoes, add some salt. Stew zucchini caviar on a small heat up to half an hour.

5. Five minutes before being cooked, add crushed garlic and dill in the roe. Try the prepared snack on salt and, if necessary, add salt, you can pepper a little.

Sweet and sour zucchini snack with garlic - light salad with lemon marinade

Snack of blanched zucchini with sweet and sour dressing. Garlic is added to the dressing, which is interrupted until uniform by a blender. It is permissible to chop garlic with a fine grater or garlic press. In this case, the dressing will not be homogeneous, but it will not affect the taste of the salad.


• five medium-sized young zucchini or zucchini;

• a quarter cup of oil, sunflower or olive;

• five large cloves of garlic;

• 2.5 spoons of sugar;

• small size lemon;

• half a teaspoon of fine salt and pepper.


1. From the washed and dried fruits with a thin layer cut off the peel. We cut centimeter thickness circles, pour water and put on the stove. After boiling, lightly add some salt water, continue to cook on medium heat for about three minutes. It is important not to digest, as soon as the squash pulp is easy to pierce, remove the pan from the stove. Throw the vegetables into a colander while they cool, prepare a salad dressing.

2. Having washed a lemon, we lower it for two minutes in boiling water. Then we cut and press both halves well. Strain the juice through gauze layers into a blender glass.

3. Add ground pepper, sugar, vegetable oil and salt to freshly squeezed lemon juice. We put peeled garlic cloves and we interrupt well with a blender. 4. Mix the cooled zucchini with cooked dressing and send the salad in the fridge for three hours, you can stand it longer.

5. In the absence of a blender, salad dressing can be prepared a little differently. First mix the bulk components: sugar and salt, then, pouring in lemon juice, mix thoroughly. Dilute the resulting mixture with olive oil, add, pushing through the press, garlic and seasoned with pepper, mix the dressing well.

Original appetizer of zucchini with garlic and “Roza” curd cheese

Appetizer of fried zucchini with cottage cheese and nut filling in the form of roses can be an original decoration for a festive table. Zucchini cut into thin longitudinal slices and fried to softness, pre-breaded in flour. Plates are folded in the shape of a rosebud, a tomato slice is placed between them, and the middle is filled with curd mass with garlic and nuts.


• young, medium-sized zucchini - 300 gr.;

• 150 gr. non-granular 9% cottage cheese;

• large tomato;

• 70 gr. peeled walnuts;

• four cloves of garlic;

• 20 gr. high fat sour cream;

• dill;

• flour;

• refined oil - a quarter cup;

• feathers of young onions.


1. After pouring out the walnut kernels on the dry surface of the pan, ignite, stirring, for up to five minutes. Pour into a plate, let cool.

2. Prepare zucchini. We wash the vegetables, cut them with the help of a potato peeler with thin longitudinal plates, it is important that they have the same thickness. It makes no sense to remove from the young zucchini delicate skin, coarse, with more mature ones, it is necessary to cut it off.

3. After mixing the flour with a small amount of salt, roll the plates of zucchini in it and immediately lay out in hot oil. Fry on both sides, not allowing to brown, and spread on a towel or napkin to drain off excess fat. Fold the roasted zucchini on a plate.

4. Cooking curd mass. We interrupt the nuts in the blender bowl, add cottage cheese, sour cream, and grind garlic here. 5. Melenko we cut the dill and send it to the cottage cheese, sprinkle with pepper, add it and blender to a pasty consistency.

6. Washed onion feathers are scalded with boiling water and gently tear them along the entire length into thin strips - these will be the strings for “roses”. Tomatoes cut into thin circles and again in half.

7. We form roses from zucchini. Fold the fried plate into a tube, fill the lumen with curd mass. We put a slice of tomato on the vegetable tubing, bulge up, wrap the whole composition with another plate of zucchini and fix the bud with an onion feather.

8. Place the zucchini snack on a plate covered with lettuce leaves. We make out the twigs or parsley leaves.

Snack from zucchini with garlic - “Vegetable cake”

Simple and beautiful snack dish. Zucchini grind with a grater and prepare the dough with them, from which six cakes are baked in a pan. Pereselyayut cake from zucchini mayonnaise dressing with garlic and fresh tomatoes, decorated with slices of tomatoes and dill.


• three eggs;

• 1.2 kilograms of zucchini;

• five tablespoons of flour (with a slide);

• one third of a spoonful of pepper;

• garlic;

• five small tomatoes;

• fresh dill;

• refined oil;

• 300 ml of rare mayonnaise.


1. Having removed the peel from the courgettes and cut the fruit, we estimate the size of the seeds, if they are large, we remove them. We rub a juicy pulp with a large grater. Sprinkle the vegetable chips with fine salt (0.5 spoons) and mix thoroughly, spread into a colander. Leave for a quarter of an hour.

2. Slightly squeeze the crushed zucchini with your hands, put it in a bowl and break eggs to them. Add the flour, ground pepper and only slightly add. Do not forget that they salted vegetables after chopping. Stir for a long time until we get a homogeneous dough.

3. Visually divide the squash dough into six parts and bake from it in a frying pan the same size cakes. Fry in vegetable oil, bringing both sides to ruddy. Finished cakes do not stack, it is better to lay them on the table on paper towels. 4. In a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise with garlic, crushed on a press (4 cloves).

5. Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water and peel. We cut the flesh into small cubes, chop the dill.

6. On a serving dish, place one of the vegetable cakes, grease it with mayonnaise dressing, sprinkle with tomatoes. We put another cake on top and process it in the same way. Repeat in the same sequence with other cake layers. We decorate the latter with mayonnaise, decorate it with thin slices of tomato and sprinkle with dill.

Tricks of cooking zucchini snacks with garlic - tips

• It is not necessary to pick only young squash for pickling, if the pulp of a mature vegetable is thick, you can use such a squash. In this case, it is necessary to cut off the peel from it and select all the seeds, cut the pulp not into ringlets, but into thin strips.

• Appetizers of fried zucchini with garlic, as a rule, are high in calories and fat. Such dishes can also become dietary, if the zucchini is not fried, and baked in the oven. Instead of mayonnaise, you can use low-fat sour cream or fat-free thick yogurt without preservatives.

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