Catch fish, everything is delicious on the grill! Grilled sea and river fish recipes: cooking aid for fishermen and lovers of tasty fish

Catch fish, everything is delicious on the grill! Grilled sea and river fish recipes: cooking aid for fishermen and lovers of tasty fish

The river and sea, big and small fish - a good reason for a picnic. Fishermen, take with you a fishing pole, grill and family grill - and go out and nature together.

The fisherman's family should, just in case, grab a small fish bought in a store or on the market so that, in case of unsuccessful fishing, have a good rest in nature and eat fish on the grill.

Which fish is better to buy, decide on the basis of the geographical location of the area in which to fish. This may be a lake, river or sea fish, or simply a fish that the fisherman’s family prefers. How to cook it, now decide.

Grilled fish - features of cooking fish dishes in nature

Let's start with the most important: the fish in nature will have to be cleaned, and this should be convenient and easy. The fisherman will be busy fishing, so all the dirty work will fall on the shoulders of his entourage. Prepare in advance the tank in which it will be necessary to wash the cleaned fish well, soak it in an acidic solution, with vinegar or citric acid, for at least two or three hours. This is especially important if the fish is caught in a river. Sour solution eliminates the unpleasant, to put it mildly, smell of mud. Even for this purpose, bay leaf, lemon peel or lemons, garlic, cardamom, nutmeg are useful. Excellent disinfectant - vodka, lemon tincture.

Too small fish should not be grilled. Carry a soup pot and gauze folded in several layers with you to wrap small change in it and, boiling clean broth, without bones and scales, throw unnecessary leftovers into a bonfire, if you do not feel gauze (it is inconvenient to wash it in nature).

But even small fish will have to be cleaned. Remove the gills and gut the abdomen. Spicy herbs and roots will be useful for fish soup and grilled fish: onions, parsley, celery, carrots, coriander or cilantro. Prepare several varieties of pepper, salt and sugar.

The remaining ingredients - depending on personal preference. It would be ideal if the marinade or sauce for cooking fish on the grill will take on the nature in finished form, to facilitate the work. Options for cooking fish on the grill are attached below, and if these ideas are useful to someone - great!

1. Grilled fish with lemon juice and rosemary


Carp 1.8-2 kg (net)

Mustard, Dijon 30 g

Lemon juice 2-3 tbsp. l

Honey 50 g

Rosemary, fresh

Imereti saffron (marigold) 5 g


Salt to taste


Hold cleaned and washed carp in water with vinegar, rinse and dry with a napkin. Cutting fish before frying is not worth it: it will look more beautiful with its head and tail. Just do not forget to remove the gills when gutting. Salt and pepper the carcass. It is possible to put a sprig of rosemary and a pinch of saffron in the abdomen for a larger flavor. For a beautiful crispy crust, prepare a thick mixture of honey, Dijon mustard and lemon juice, in equal proportions, one teaspoon each. Lubricate the fish with this paste, and fry on both sides until golden brown.

2. Grilled Fish - Salmon Skewers

In anticipation of the bite, you can fry the fish harvested at home and brought to fishing in a container in the marinade. Then the rest will not be entirely dependent on the catch.


Natural juice, lemon 250 ml

Onions (rings) 0.5 kg

Salmon fillet (without skin) 1.2 kg

White pepper


Vegetable oil 120 ml



Cherry 600g

Pickled cheese 800 g

Olives (pitted) 450 g

Mop-sauce (Dijon mustard, juice and honey) for frying

Skewers 4 pcs.


Salmon fillet cut into large cubes or sticks. Fold in the container, add the juice, mixed with oil, salt. For piquancy add chopped cilantro, pepper, a pinch of sugar. With the fish, marinate onions, sliced ​​into rings. For exposure just two hours.

Cheese, too, cut into cubes, equally with fish. Thread pieces of fish, cheese, tomatoes and olives and onion rings on the skews. Done! For frying, you will need a mop-sauce, which will give the fish kebab with vegetables and cheese a beautiful ruddy look. Before you put skewers with skewers on the fire, grease the fish, cheese and vegetables with a silicone brush with a sauce made from equal parts of unsharp mustard, juice and honey. When the kebab is fried, a couple of minutes before removing it from the heat, repeat the sauce treatment.

3. Grilled fish - pike perch baked with cheese, onions and potatoes

If you are lucky on a fishing trip, sudachok caught the bait, then this is a classic fish soup, as in the song, and the simplest fried fish with a lush cheese-and-egg crust on a potato “pillow”. It is not true that cheese and fish are not “comrades.” What is tasty is right, even if the most famous cook masters think otherwise. That is their business.

If there are no zander in the nearest river, they are on sale in the nearest grocery store. This recipe costs both money and effort. Only if you cook perch in nature, then take care of the sauce at home.


Pike perch 2.0-2.2 kg

White wine, dry 250 ml

Onions, onion 0.7 kg

Eggs 2 pcs.

Cream (20%) 200 ml

White pepper


Lemon 1 pc.

Dill 150 g

Grated cheese, hard 450-500 g

Indian Saffron 5 g

Potatoes, peeled 0.5 kg

Butter 140 g


Save the head, backbone and tail of the cleaned pike perch for cooking soup. When you cut off the head, remember that in perch, the liver, along with the gallbladder, are very close, almost at the very head. Do not catch the gallbladder, so as not to spoil the fish. Do not forget to remove the gills. Cut off the fins. Beware: on the ridge they - prickly. For roasting on the grill you will need a carcass fillet. Cut the torso on the back, separating the ridge with a sharp knife. The abdomen should remain whole. Wash the fish after cleaning. Put the skin down. Salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice, after removing the zest from it. Fold the fillet in half lengthwise. Wrap in foil and let it lie in the fridge while you make the sauce.

Beat the egg, adding a little pinch of salt and sugar. Boil the cream, gently combine with a beaten egg, without stopping the intense beating. Add saffron, fresh zest, chopped dill. Put the sauce on the stove and, stirring, cook until thick. Pour in the wine and let it boil. If lumps appear, smash them with a blender or rub through a sieve. Try the ready-made sauce to taste - the taste of the whole dish will depend on it. Chop prepared potatoes with thin slices. Chop the onion.

Take a sheet of foil and grease it properly with butter. Arrange the rows of potato overlap. Grease the potato layer with the prepared sauce. Lay out a thin layer of onions. Dusted with grated cheese. Choose cheese to taste, but it should melt easily. On top of the cheese, skin down, put the pike perch fillet unfolded. Lubricate the inside of the sauce and fold everything in half. Fix the edges of the foil well and transfer the fish to the grid. Bake for ten minutes on each side. Willingness to check a wooden skewer. Do not rush to unwrap the foil: after baking, the fish should rest for about fifteen minutes in a weak heat.

4. Grilled fish with vegetables and salsa-style tomato sauce

The sauce is the decoration of any dish, and grill or kebabs are unthinkable without it. Honestly, any fish can be turned into a culinary masterpiece, if you give it a sweet and sour, fragrant and spicy sauce, with baked vegetables. Of course, the trout is not any fish, but let it be an example. It is important that the selected fish has less bones and more fat.


Trout 2.5 kg

Spicy Herbs: Cilantro, Parsley

White pepper

White wine 150 ml

Mop-sauce (honey and Dijon mustard) 100 g


Tomatoes 0.5 kg

Hot green pepper


Vegetable oil



Lemon (Lime)



Wash out the gutted fish, make cuts on skin. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, sprinkle with wine. If you are going to fry river fish, in which the smell of tina is more pronounced, then you will need more wine and you have to pickle the carcass in it, with the addition of spicy herbs, for at least two hours. You can fry the whole fish, make a plastover fillet or cut it into steaks - as you like.

Grill, smearing with mop-sauce: mix a spoonful of mustard and honey, and, if necessary, add a little wine to get the desired consistency. Fry on a lattice peeled and uncooked potatoes, seasoning large slices of garlic, ground pepper and chopped greens. Peel the carrots, chop them coarsely, smear with a mop-sauce, and grill. Prepare the sauce in advance. Blanch the tomatoes, peel, cut the core, and cut the fleshy portion into cubes. The cut part, with grains, wipe through a sieve. Combine the mashed potatoes with lemon or lime juice. Crush the onions, and add to the juice. Mix the mixture with the addition of oil. According to the original recipe, hot green pepper should be cut into very thin rings, but it all depends on the degree of spiciness of the pepper and on the taste. In a puree mass, put the pieces of tomatoes, chopped peppers, salt. Give later on low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Note again that in the original recipe, sugar is not included in the sauce, but spicy sauce with a sweetish aftertaste is more interesting than just sour and spicy. If you wish, add a little sugar to the tomato-onion puree while stewing.

5. Grilled fish - fried carp (perch, carp) with yogurt sauce

In Russian cuisine there is a classic dish - carp baked in sour cream. If we talk about a picnic and a grill, then baking fish in the oven will not work: this is a different technology. But you can get a similar taste. The combination of fried fish with fermented milk sauce is traditional for Greek cuisine. There are similar dishes from other nations. So there is something in it. Let's try.


Fish 1, 5 kg




Natural yogurt 400 g

Sour cream (20%) 300 g


Mint, fresh


Walnut oil 100 ml


Grill the fish, as usual, after cleaning and seasoning in a mixture of salt, chopped greens and lemon juice. Adjust the amount of ingredients to taste.

Combine yoghurt with sour cream, add chopped juice and lemon zest, garlic, salt, mint, pepper and dill. Add also sesame oil. It can be replaced with pounded kernels of roasted walnuts. The sauce should be thick, so by combining all the ingredients, strain it through a sieve with the smallest holes to remove the whey, as is done for the Greek sauce. By the way, if you want, you can add to it grated fresh cucumber. It will turn out dzadziki, as in Greece.

6. Grilled fish - pike perch in wine

Prepare disposable foil forms. On the grill, you can bake fish in such a way that the chef of even the most famous restaurant will envy. Red fish is also suitable for this recipe, of course.


Pike perch fillet 1.0 kg

White wine 300 ml

Dill and parsley

Lemon 1 pc.


Soy sauce 50 ml

Butter 100 g

Cheese 250 g

Egg 3 pcs.


Place the fillet pieces in a container, pour in the wine, add lemon slices, chopped greens, salt, soy sauce and spices.

An hour later, the fish is ready for grilling. Spread it evenly in foil forms, along with marinade. Beat the eggs and mix with the grated cheese. Cover the fish with the mixture and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Grilled fish - useful tips

There are some kitchen tools, the lack of which is acutely felt in the process of cooking on the grill.

If you are going to fry fish or meat on an open fire, be sure to prepare tongs for turning food and a silicone brush for smearing the sauce or marinade of meat or fish during frying.

A bottle with a spray for irrigation will be needed if you need to bring down the fire, or sprinkle meat or fish to reduce the baking temperature on the surface, when you have to wait for the dish to be fried from the inside.

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