Salad "Mimosa" classic (step-by-step recipe) is an affordable fish appetizer. Step-by-step recipes for classic mimosa salad with vegetables and rice


Salad appeared at the end of the last century and immediately became incredibly popular due to the availability of products. After all, every housewife would like to feed the family tasty and satisfying, or surprise the guests.

Salad “Mimosa” classic (step by step recipe) - the basic principles of cooking

The basis of the classic salad - canned fish. Mostly used mackerel in oil. But the taste will not be any worse if the salad is prepared from canned scad, saury or pink salmon. Buy canned food manufacturers proven. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life and condition of the bank. It should not have any dents or damage.

In addition to fish, you will need boiled vegetables: potatoes and carrots, as well as boiled eggs and onions.

Carrots and potatoes are washed and boiled in their skins until cooked. Then cool and peel them off. Eggs are boiled hard-boiled and shelled. It is advisable to use homemade eggs. The yolk of such eggs has a pronounced yellow color, and the taste of this product is more saturated. But you can use and store, as long as they are fresh.

All products, except canned food and onions, are ground on a grater with small sections. Canned open, spread on a plate and knead with a fork. Peeled onion finely chopped.

Prepared ingredients lay out layers, each, except the top, promazyvaya mayonnaise. Use only fat sauce, not less than 67%. Dietary mayonnaise is not suitable for salad, as they are quite liquid. The salad will just start to blur and lose its taste. When choosing mayonnaise pay attention to the composition, it is desirable that it was not preservatives and dyes. Ideally, make the sauce yourself. Its taste can not be compared with the store, and cooking does not take much time. Homemade mayonnaise is made from natural and affordable products: refined vegetable oil, chicken eggs, lemon juice and spices. You can add mustard, garlic or other ingredients. All products are placed in a blender container and interrupted all until a homogeneous, white, thick mass.

The alternation of layers is one of the most important stages in the preparation of Mimosa salad. Some housewives spread the first layer of fish. Actually it is not correct. Fish can flow and spoil the shape of the salad. In addition, impose such a salad would be uncomfortable. The shape of the plate on which the salad will be formed does not matter, as long as it is flat.

So, the first layer lay out a piece of grated boiled potatoes. However, it is not pressed. Fork evenly lay out a layer of potatoes, making it as if airy. The potato layer and all the subsequent ones are carefully smeared with mayonnaise, or they make a mesh from the sauce on the surface.

Potatoes are covered with a layer of fish, pre-draining the oily liquid with canned food, selecting the bones and mashing with a fork.

The next layer spread finely chopped onions. It is advisable to use red onions. Regular onions are scalded with boiling water, or pickled to get rid of bitterness. This layer can be poured with liquid drained from canned food.

Onions cover the remaining grated potatoes. Then spread grated boiled carrots.

Boiled eggs are divided into yolks and proteins. The last finely three and evenly distributed on a layer of carrots. Crumble the boiled yolk on top.

Each layer is lightly salted. Decorate the salad with greens, figurally chopped carrots or eggs.

For a spectacular presentation, the salad can be formed in transparent glass bowls, baskets or tartlets and served individually.

Recipe 1. Salad “Mimosa” classic: a step-by-step recipe


250 g canned saury in vegetable oil;

67% mayonnaise;

potatoes - 300 g;

chicken eggs - four pieces;

carrot - 200 g;

onions - 200 g

Method of preparation

Wash the tubers of potatoes and carrots and put them in a saucepan. Put eggs on top. Fill all with water and put on a small fire. Cook until soft vegetables. After about ten minutes, remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and place them in cold water. Change it a couple of times. Potatoes and carrots cook only in the peel, otherwise they will be boiled soft. Drain the broth from the prepared vegetables and cool. Clean the eggs from the shell. Peel the potatoes and carrots just before chopping.

Onions clean the husks. Wash and crumble with a sharp knife into small pieces. Put the chopped onion in a small bowl and pour boiling water over it. Leave for a few minutes. This will save onions from bitterness. You can use red onions. You do not need to scald it, as it is sweet enough in itself. Open the canned fish, remove the saury from the liquid, put it in a plate and gently knead with a fork until smooth. This recipe implies. That the first layer will be fish. Spread the saury evenly on a flat plate. Smear the fish layer with mayonnaise. For salad, take a sauce of at least 67%. The fatter the product, the better. Ideally use homemade mayonnaise.

Slice boiled eggs and remove the yolks. Crumble egg whites grated with large sections. Spread the grated squirrels over the fish layer and spread them with mayonnaise.

Remove from the carrot thin skin. Crush the vegetable on a fine grater. Spread the resulting chips evenly over the layer of egg whites. Cover the carrot layer with mayonnaise.

Drain the infusion from the onion, rinse it with cool water and squeeze well. Spread the onion slices over the carrot layer. Do not grease it with mayonnaise.

Remove thin skin from boiled potatoes. Grate the vegetable grated with small sections. Spread the grated potatoes on a layer of onion. Lightly salt and abundantly blot with the mayonnaise the entire surface of the salad.

Crumble egg yolks evenly on top. You can decorate the “Mimosa” salad with a classic (step-by-step recipe) with sprigs of greens, or with figures of boiled carrots or fresh cucumber.

Recipe 2. “Mimosa” classic salad: a step-by-step recipe with rice


a can of any canned fish in oil;

150 grams of fat, thick mayonnaise;

a glass of round rice;

a bunch of fresh dill;

chicken eggs - four pieces;

onion head;

two carrots.

Method of preparation

Rice poured into a bowl and washed, constantly changing the water until it leaves the white bloom. We shift in a saucepan, pour filtered water so that its level is two fingers higher than the cereal. We put on a small fire and boil until the rice absorbs the water. Then throw it in a colander and rinse under running water. Leave to glass all the liquid.

Eggs spread in a saucepan, pour water and cook for ten minutes. Then pour the boiling water, and pour the eggs with cold water and leave to cool completely. Do not dip the eggs in hot water, otherwise they may burst, and the contents will flow out.

Wash my carrots and boil right in the peel to softness. Drain the broth, and cool the vegetable. We remove from it a thin peel. We take a flat dish, spread boiled crumbly rice on it and distribute it on the bottom in an even layer. Dill greens, rinse, dry and finely crumble. Sprinkle rice with chopped greens. We cover everything with a thin layer of mayonnaise or make a thick mesh. Do not use low-calorie sauce. It has a rather liquid consistency, which means that the salad, after a certain time, may lose its shape.

We open the canned goods, take the fish out of the jar, select the stones and lightly knead it with a fork until smooth. We spread the fish on a layer of rice. Peel the onion, finely crumble. Sprinkle the fish layer with chopped onion. Top cover all the fine mesh of mayonnaise.

Grind carrots grated with large holes. We shift carrot chips over the onion layer, spreading it evenly over the entire surface.

Cut boiled eggs in half and take out the yolks. We shift them to a separate plate. Egg whites grind into small chips. Sprinkle with carrots layer of proteins. Carefully coat with mayonnaise.

Chop the egg yolks on the finest grater and sprinkle the salad with them liberally. Decorate the salad with thin rings of green onions or fresh vegetables. Salad “Mimosa” classic (step-by-step recipe) is left for a couple of hours in a cool place, so that the layers are soaked.

Classic Mimosa Salad (step by step recipe) - tips and tricks

The delicacy of the salad will add prunes. Cut it into slices and lay out the next to last layer.

You can supplement the classic recipe of “Mimosa” salad with ingredients that will make the salad taste rich and delicate: cheese, apples, etc.

Instead of canned fish, you can use salted salmon or salmon.

Before adding canned fish to the salad, be sure to remove all the bones.

Do not use canned food in tomato sauce.

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