Layered salad with tuna a la "Mimosa"

Salad with canned tuna and cheese - fish layered salad, which diversifies your snack table. This salad is similar to the traditional “Mimosa”, but less fat than other salads, which, however, does not spoil it. For the diet menu, I advise you to replace mayonnaise with sour cream sauce with Dijon mustard and black pepper: there will be less calories!

Layered salad with tuna a la

For cooking, you'll need a culinary ring or a clear glass salad bowl in which layers of lettuce will be visible. If you collect a snack in the culinary ring, then you may need mayonnaise a little more than indicated in the recipe. Mayonnaise holds the layers together and does not allow the ingredients to crumble on a plate, especially for fish pieces and egg yolks.

Prepare a snack a few hours before serving, so that the salad, as they say, lie down - the ingredients are soaked with juices, so it will taste better.

  • Cooking time: 20 minutes
  • Servings: 4

Ingredients for tuna salad with tuna a la “Mimosa”

  • 1 can (220 g) of canned tuna;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 60 g cheese;
  • 5 quail eggs;
  • 30 grams of leek;
  • 120 g of mayonnaise;
  • salt, pepper, butter.

Method of cooking puff salad with tuna a la “Mimosa”

Boil hard-boiled chicken eggs, cool, clean from the shell. Separate the egg yolks from proteins, set aside.

Egg whites rubbed on a large grater.

Then you can mix grated protein with mayonnaise, put it in a ring or put grated protein on the bottom of a plate and smear it with mayonnaise.

So, the first layer of lettuce is white of egg white.

Layered salad with tuna a la

Next, rub a fat hard cheese on a cheese grater. We spread grated cheese in a ring, leveled.

Cheese is better to take neutral - Russian, Poshekhonsky, so that its taste does not dominate.

Layered salad with tuna a la

Cut into thin rings the bright part of the stem of a leek. We pass onion for 1-2 minutes in melted butter, salt and cool. We spread leek on a layer of cheese, make a mesh of mayonnaise.

Open a jar of canned tuna, knead the fish with a fork to get a homogeneous mass. In these canned food there are no bones, so you can knead the fish right in the jar. We spread the tuna in the culinary ring - this is the main layer of the snack.

At this stage, you need to add more mayonnaise, as the egg yolks fall on the fish, and this is a very free-flowing ingredient.

So, grease fish with mayonnaise generously.

Layered salad with tuna a la Layered salad with tuna a la Layered salad with tuna a la

We rub the egg yolks on a fine thread, pour it into the ring.

Layered salad with tuna a la

We put quail eggs in warm water, put them on a stove, bring to a boil over low heat. Cook for 2 minutes, immediately cool in ice water. Clean the quail eggs, cut in half.

We spread on the salad a flower from halves of eggs.

Layered salad with tuna a la

In the center of the flower lay out a little browned leek.

Layered salad with tuna a la

We remove the layered salad with tuna a la “Mimosa” in the fridge for a few hours. Before serving, remove the culinary ring. Enjoy your meal!

Layered salad with tuna a la

For those who follow the figure - the recipe for a simple cream sauce:

In a jar, mix 60 g low-fat sour cream, 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard, a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of sea salt, and finely chopped dill. Mix the ingredients and the sauce is ready!

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