Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

One of our favorite holiday dishes is the Mimosa salad, a recipe with canned food not only classic, but also with cheese, butter, apple or rice is always delicious. And I also like this salad for the fact that it is possible to combine different ingredients in it or use different canned fish and thereby diversify its taste.

Mimosa salad recipe with canned cooking principles

The recipe for canned salad Mimosa is good because the products can be easily interchanged. For him fit different types of canned food, only better to choose in their own juice, in extreme cases, with the addition of oil. Not only saury is suitable, it is the most popular basis for salad, I sometimes add horse mackerel, pink salmon, sardinella, mackerel.

This spring salad, which we usually prepare for a women's holiday, can be very light, dietary. In this case, choose a less fatty fish, for example, tuna, you can cook it without potatoes, just putting more eggs or replacing it with rice. You can cook a recipe with apples, they will give a piquant sourness.

In some recipes Mimosa can be used instead of mayonnaise sour cream or sauce based on it. But it tastes better with homemade mayonnaise. Again, if you count calories, choose a low-fat mayonnaise, but then you need to put a little more.

Salad mimosa recipe with canned, step-by-step recipe with photo

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

We use the following ingredients:

  • A jar of canned pink salmon
  • Two boiled eggs
  • Average carrot
  • Two medium-sized potatoes
  • Mayonnaise
  • Half a bunch of green onions

Preparation step by step:

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

With canned food, pour the liquid out onto a plate in the form and “trample” with a fork.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Boil potatoes and three on a large grater, spread on the fish.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

We coat the mayonnaise layer.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Boiled carrots are also three and spread on top of the potatoes. If desired, vegetables can be slightly salted and pepper.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Again we make a layer of mayonnaise.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Rub the egg whites and lay them in the same shape.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Shred the yolks into crumb and mix with chopped green onions.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Put them on squirrels.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Remove the form and salad.

Mimosa Salad Recipe Classic

We'll take:

  • A jar of any canned fish with added oil
  • Four boiled hard boiled eggs
  • Four boiled potatoes
  • Two large boiled carrots
  • Onion turnips
  • Mayonnaise, salt, greens at discretion

Cooking process:

Cook and peel vegetables and eggs. Immediately, we rub everything individually with a grater, separate the whites from the yolks from the eggs. With canned food, pour out all the oil and crush with a fork. Onion should be finely chopped and pour boiling water for a few seconds to remove the sharpness and bitterness.

The first layer is half cooked potatoes, which can be salted, if desired, do not thicken it with mayonnaise and spread the fish on top. On the fish lay out the prepared onions. Again, grease with mayonnaise and lay out the remaining potatoes, then lay out the carrots, you can skip the layer of mayonnaise between them, but then at will. Egg whites need to grate or crumble into cubes with a knife. Put them on the carrot. It is better to wipe the yolks on a fine grater, decorate the dish with them, sprinkle them with leaves of fresh greens and let them stand in the cold for a couple of hours.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Mimosa salad with canned and cheese

We use:

  • A jar of scad or saury in oil
  • Two hundred grams of cheese
  • Three potatoes boiled in uniform
  • One medium boiled carrot
  • Not very large onion
  • Three cool chicken eggs
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt

How we cook:

Pour juice from fish, knead with a fork. Separate the egg whites from the yolks, rub the potatoes, carrots, proteins and yolks separately on a plateau. Onions should be cut into cubes, it is better to take the salad, not bitter. If this is not, then pour boiling water for a few minutes, then the bitterness will go away. Cheese rub, too, on a grater.

We spread in layers on a plate in the form: mashed canned food, then onions, which we grease with mayonnaise, after we make a layer of potatoes, if necessary, add a little bit of salt and make a small layer of mayonnaise.

We put on carrots exactly carrots, again we grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with proteins, on top of them cheese, a thin layer of mayonnaise and yolks. You can decorate with green leaves or beautifully chopped vegetables, eggs. Be sure to give up to let the salad soak in mayonnaise.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Mimosa salad with rice

We will need to take:

  • A can of canned fish in oil, any
  • Five fresh eggs
  • Half a cup of rice, cereals
  • Two medium carrots
  • A bunch of green onions
  • A glass of mayonnaise
  • Salt with pepper

Cooking process:

Canned free from excess fluid and knead with a fork. Boil carrots, you can with the eggs. Before cooking, boil rice, if you want to get crumbly, take steamed.

Carrots at will or cut into small cubes, or three through a large grater. Squirrels are separated from the yolks and also wipe. Yolks can be just mashed into a crumb. Onion finely shred.

Spread on a dish in layers at the beginning of the rice, smeared with mayonnaise on top, then canned food, next onion and mayonnaise again. After the onions we level the layer of carrot, We distribute the layer of mayonnaise along it, the squirrels from the eggs go further and the top is the yolks. We give the salad a couple of hours to stand in the fridge.

Mimosa salad with canned fish and apple (without carrots)

We take the products:

  • Two cans of pink salmon in oil
  • Two hundred grams of rice.
  • Two sour apples
  • Two hundred grams of hard cheese
  • Five boiled eggs
  • Medium lettuce

How we cook:

Boil rice in advance to cool, if possible cook crumbly. With apples, remove the peel and remove the bones, cut into strips. Eggs are divided into white and yolk. Squirrels rubbed on a large grater, and yolks on small. Cheese, too, wipe. Chop the onion into cubes.

We spread the layers on the dish, first apples, smeared with mayonnaise, then rice, we also coat it, the next layer is canned, after the onions, again mayonnaise, proteins, cheese, again mayonnaise and the last yolks. do not forget that the salad should be well soaked.

Mimosa salad canned recipe step by step with photos

Mimosa salad with canned, cheese and butter

We use the following ingredients:

  • Bank of tinned pink salmon in oil
  • One hundred grams of hard cheese
  • One hundred grams of butter
  • One hundred grams of mayonnaise
  • Six boiled eggs
  • Bulb of salad variety

Cooking process:

Canned food as always rastolchёm fork in mush. We divide eggs into white and yolk. Squirrels rub, yolks knead into a crumb. Chop the onions into cubes. We rub cheese, butter needs to be rubbed too in slightly frozen look.

We spread the layers of lettuce so, First comes a layer of egg whites, which need to be lightly smeared with mayonnaise. After we lay out the cheese and grease again with mayonnaise. There is a layer of half the whole canned food on the cheese, mayonnaise again, after butter, then onions, mayonnaise, the second half of the fish, mayonnaise, the last grated yolks. Give brew and put on the table.

Mimosa salad with corn and saury

We take:

  • A can of saury in oil
  • A can of canned corn
  • Three eggs
  • Two potatoes in uniform
  • Two small carrots
  • One medium sized bulb
  • Five tablespoons of mayonnaise

Cooking process:

Vegetables and chicken eggs boil, cool and clean. The bulb should be finely chopped, eggs divided into whites and yolks. Proteins rub separately from the yolks. Vegetables finely chopped or rubbed too. Canned mash in a homogeneous mass.

Put potatoes on the dish first, squeeze out some mayonnaise, distribute over the whole layer. Then distribute the fish, onions on it, again lay out the mayonnaise over the entire layer. Then we make a layer of half a can of corn, distribute squirrels on top of it, again we coat it with mayonnaise, then sprinkle with yolks and the remaining corn. Before serving, give brew.

Mimosa salad without potatoes

We take such products:

  • A can of any canned fish in oil
  • Five eggs
  • Average carrot
  • Medium lettuce
  • A bunch of green onions
  • Five tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper

Cooking process:

Cook eggs in cool, let cool, separate the yolks from the proteins, separately rub it on a usual grater. We will also boil the carrots and saute them, cut the onion into cubes, finely chop the green. Canned food just mash with a fork.

We make the first layer out of fish, lay onions and mayonnaise on it, then squirrels, which we also grease with mayonnaise. Next carrot, after mayonnaise and last yolks. Sprinkle everything with green onions and send to the fridge to infuse.

Spring is near our favorite day of March 8. The whole big family will surely gather around the table and one of the recipes will be a Mimosa salad with canned fish. Why leave the tradition. Really?

Mimosa Salad video recipe

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