Horseradish appetizer - savory homemade dish. Cooking tasty and spicy horseradish snack with the addition of vegetables and fruits

Horseradish appetizer - savory homemade dish. Cooking tasty and spicy horseradish snack with the addition of vegetables and fruits

Homemade preparations are always tastier than shop. In each jar you can put exactly what you like. Their horseradish savory appetizer is a basic recipe to which other ingredients can be added. For example, beetroot, apple, bitter or sweet pepper, garlic or fresh spicy greens. Yes, and in the spices can not be limited to salt, sugar and vinegar. Any ground pepper and coriander will do. All this, along with the crap, will help in the winter period to isolate itself from the pathogenic microbes and remain healthy and full of vitality. It is better to close such a blank in small-sized glass containers. After all, such spicy snacks are not eaten with spoons from a can. Served with horseradish appetizer can to the hot first or second dish. It diversifies the menu and revive the taste of any dish.

Horseradish Snack - General Cooking Principles

We choose for cooking only fresh, dense, not damaged roots. Bad specimens can spoil the dish. We wash horseradish roots in cold water, preferably under running water to wash off sand and dirt.

Cut off the upper skin of the roots with a sharp knife. We do this carefully and slowly, so as not to be cut off. The knife should not be big, but sharp. After we divide the roots into three parts. Then horseradish grind with a meat grinder or grater. At this time, prepare the rest of the products for snacks and marinade. All the ingredients are mixed and laid out on sterilized banks.

Banks for horseradish snacks better to take a volume of 0.25 or 0.3 liters. We rinse them with running water with baking soda (dishwashing detergents are not suitable here, they often leave marks or are not completely washed). If the banks are cool, or were washed with cold water, they cannot be immediately sterilized - they will burst. First, pour in every little warm water. Then pour the water. After the banks sterilized with boiling water or hot steam. Suitable and method using a hot oven.

Covers either pour boiling water or immersed in boiled water. Or cover the lid in a small saucepan and fill with water. We put on the fire and boil a few minutes. Then we turn off the fire, but we still don’t get the covers.

Horseradish Appetizer: A Classic Recipe


• 1 kg of horseradish root;

• 60 g of granulated sugar;

• 40 g of common salt;

• 2-3 tsp. vinegar 9%;

• 300 ml of boiled water.


1. Rinse the roots under cold water.

2. Cleaned from the skin.

3. Grind the peeled roots of horseradish in a meat grinder. To do this, first cut the roots with a knife into small pieces.

4. Put a plastic bag on the meat grinder and fasten it with tape or rubber band. So the juice and the pulp of horseradish will go straight into the bag, and the hostess will not have to cry.

5. Now is the time to do the banks. We sterilize them. Clean lids are placed in boiling water - a small pot of boiling water.

6. Water for the marinade according to the list of ingredients bring to a boil.

7. In an enamel pot mix horseradish, granulated sugar and salt.

8. First add vinegar. It is necessary to preserve as much as possible the phytoncides contained in horseradish.

9. Stir.

10. Fill the water for the marinade.

11. All is well and quickly stirred.

12. Spread the horseradish snack on the banks.

13. Fork carefully remove the cover of boiling water.

14. Immediately tightly cork the jars with hot lids. You can help yourself dry kitchen towel.

15. We put the banks on a blanket and close them well. This is necessary for prolonged natural cooling of the cans and additional sterilization of the lids and the very horseradish snack.

Horseradish and Beetroot Snack


• 400 g of beets;

• 300 g horseradish root;

• 1 tsp. sugar sand;

• pinch of ground black pepper;

• 1 tsp. ordinary salt without additives;

• 2 tsp. table vinegar 9%;

• 50 ml of water for marinade.


1. Starting with horseradish. Rinse the roots under cold water. Cleaned with a knife from the skin. Beets are also washed and peeled.

2. And now it is better to do the sterilization of cans and lids.

3. Put the kettle on the stove to boil water.

4. Put the jars on the kitchen table, covered with a towel.

5. Pour boiling water into each can almost by half. We leave them sterilized for some time.

6. Then horseradish and beetroot need to grind. It is more convenient to do it in a mechanical meat grinder. But you can use the usual manual scraper. Just do not take an electric meat grinder, because of the high density of horseradish roots, it can burn. 7. So, time to make marinade.

8. Water for him is poured into the pan.

9. Add vinegar, sugar and salt. Do not forget about ground black pepper. Salt is suitable only ordinary. If you take with additives, the snack will not be stored for more than a few days.

10. Put the marinade on the fire. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Otherwise, the vinegar will evaporate, and there will be no marinade.

11. Horseradish mixed with beets until smooth.

12. Spread the vegetable mixture on the banks by two thirds.

13. Then pour the marinade in jars to almost full volume.

14. Immediately get the lid out of boiling water (it’s good to do it with a regular fork - we hook and pull it out) and close the cans with them.

15. Tightly corked, holding the jar with a dry kitchen towel. If the towel is wet, you can get burned.

16. We put the cans on the covers and cover them with warmth - a blanket, a veil or a thick layer of paper.

17. After cooling (4-5 hours, you can leave for the night) send the banks for long storage in the cellar or the upper shelf of the refrigerator.

Horseradish Snack with Apple


• 400 g horseradish roots;

• 3-4 pieces. hot pepper;

• 400 g garlic;

• 600 g red tomatoes;

• one sour apple (varieties “Antonovka”);

• 250 ml of apple cider vinegar;

• salt to taste;

• 1 tbsp. l sugar sand.


1. All vegetables are washed under running drinking cool water.

2. Horseradish peeled.

3. At garlic we delete scales.

4. Hot pepper is better to handle with rubber gloves. Otherwise, you can easily get a burn skin of the hands.

5. Cut the pepper in half and carefully remove the seeds and the stem with a knife.

6. Cut off the place of attachment of the peduncle.

7. Rinse the apple and also clean, remove the core. An apple is better to take sour, not sweet.

8. Next, all cooked vegetables and apples are cut into pieces that would pass into a meat grinder.

9. Slices of apple is better to sprinkle a few drops of apple cider vinegar so that they do not darken.

10. Now you can prepare jars (or glass bottles) for horseradish snacks with apples. They are washed in running water with baking soda.

11. Rinse again.

12. We put to dry. With the covers do the same.

13. We use the mechanical manual meat grinder. Alternately, we twist all the vegetables and an apple through her knives. To horseradish when grinding did not splash a tearful juice in his eyes, twist it between other products. For example, a piece of horseradish, a slice of tomato. And for the same reason you should not bend over the meat grinder. 14. In an enamel pan mix the chopped products.

15. Add salt and granulated sugar to taste.

16. Fill apple cider vinegar.

17. Stir.

18. Carefully pour the snack on sterilized banks. If used bottles, you can take a funnel for convenience. It is very important that the neck of the glass container is clean. Otherwise the covers will not close tightly.

19. Seal each jar with lids.

20. Immediately remove for storage in any cool place without sudden changes in temperature.

Snack from horseradish “light”


• kilo fresh red tomatoes

• a couple of sweet bell peppers;

• 5-7 horseradish roots:

• A tablespoon of sugar and salt;

• garlic head.


1. The roots of horseradish clean and rinsed.

2. In tomatoes, remove the stem and rinse.

3. Peel the garlic and rinse under running water.

4. Rinse the bell peppers, cut in half, remove the stem and pith.

5. Chop the horseradish into small copies. Tomatoes cut into slices.

6. Slice the bell peppers.

7. Pass all chopped ingredients with garlic through a meat grinder or grind everything with a blender.

8. Transfer the resulting mass to the pan.

9. Add the required amount of sugar and salt.

10. Mix everything thoroughly and leave for three hours. During this time, sugar and salt should be dissolved.

11. While preparing jars and lids.

12. Wash and dry them thoroughly. If desired, sterilized.

13. We pour the ready mass over the cans, close and put them in the refrigerator.

Horseradish Snack with Tomatoes


• 900 g of strongly ripe tomatoes;

• 180 g of horseradish roots;

• 5 ml of vinegar;

• half a spoon of art. Sahara;

• a quarter cup of sunflower oil;

• spoon of Art. salts;

• 1.5 heads of garlic.


1. Tomatoes are washed under running cold water.

2. In the kettle we boil water.

3. Put alternately tomatoes in a deep plate and scald with boiling water.

4. Then we make cross-shaped cuts on the skin of the tomatoes.

5. Horseradish root cleaned and chopped into small pieces.

6. Take a blender and chop the roots.

7. Remove peels from tomatoes and peel them with garlic. 8. Lightly chop the garlic and tomatoes and dip into the thicket of the blender. We interfere with the state of gruel.

9. Mix horseradish and tomatoes with garlic in a large bowl.

10. Add the same salt, vinegar, sunflower oil and sugar.

11. Mix the mass until smooth.

12. Distribute the resulting snack in glass containers and refrigerate.

Snack of horseradish and plums


• 280 g horseradish;

• a couple of tablespoons of sugar;

• Spoon of salt;

• 180 g plums;

• 360 ml of water;

• 90 ml of vinegar (any).


1. Wash, peel and chop the horseradish roots;

2. Put them in a bowl and fill with water.

3. Leave overnight to remove bitterness.

4. At plums we remove stones.

5. Pass the plum through the meat grinder together with horseradish roots laid out in water.

6. Fill the resulting mass with boiling water and leave to cool.

7. Then add sugar, vinegar and salt. Stir.

8. Sterilize the jars and put the horseradish mush there.

9. Close and ship in the cold.

Horseradish Appetizer - Tricks and Tips

• Aspirin can be used instead of apple cider vinegar. One tablet per 1 liter of the workpiece.

• To make the dish very spicy, add hot pepper to the appetizer.

• Keep a snack better in a dark, slightly cool place.

• Serve their horseradish snacks to fish, soups and meat dishes.

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