Crispy pickles for the winter - how can it be without them? A selection of traditional and new recipes for crisp pickles for the winter

Crispy pickles for the winter - how can it be without them? A selection of traditional and new recipes for crisp pickles for the winter

If you want to replenish your collection of recipes with pickles of cucumbers for the winter - you are on the right page.

Pickles for the winter - the basic principles of cooking

The first ingredient is cucumbers. Before cooking, they need to be thoroughly washed, it will be better if you leave them in water for half an hour. This will remove all the dirt from them, nitrates will go away and the cucumbers will be more crispy.

You do not need to clean the vegetables, cut off the edges, too, this is not necessary.

You need to prepare all the greens that will be used. In some cases, it leaves horseradish, dill, and more. Wash everything thoroughly.

Garlic must be cleaned and rinsed. Prepare a lot of garlic.

For salting, use small cucumbers so that they can be placed tightly in a jar.

Opening the pickles, you can think of a lot of ways to serve them.

In one of our recipes, you will see that you can make a special preparation for pickle, but the second part of the jar is better to put on a vitamin salad. Also, cucumbers will become an independent dish. Serve pickles for the winter with canned tomatoes or eggplants.

Classic pickles


• 4 kilograms of small cucumbers;

• 1.5 glasses of salt;

• 10 dill stalks;

• 5 large pieces of horseradish;

• 5 pods of bitter pepper.

Method of preparation

Prepare cucumbers (basic principles of cooking pickles for the winter). Wash spices, let them dry.

Make a pickle. In a large container pour five liters of water, stir three glasses of salt in it. Salt must be completely dissolved. If the brine is not salted, add salt until ready.

Hot pepper cut, do it not finely, one piece - 2 centimeters.

At the bottom of a deep and wide tank put half the leaves of horseradish on them pepper. Cover all this with cucumbers, and from above make another layer of leaves and spices. Pour the cucumbers with brine so that it completely covers all the ingredients.

Leave the cucumbers in this position for at least three days. But you need to remember to cover them with a flat plate, namely a plate, not a lid. Put a press on a plate. It can be anything, if there is nothing suitable at hand, take a three-liter jar of water and place the covers on top.

After a day, a white film forms on the surface of the brine - these are lactic acid bacteria, they are absolutely harmless.

After the cucumbers are well salted, pour the brine into a separate container, but do not pour out at all.

Cucumbers need to be well washed. Greens and spices are no longer needed, throw them away.

Sterilize the banks, this can be read at the end of the article. In them tightly put cucumbers.

Put the brine on the stove, bring to a boil, remove. Then pour into banks and leave for 20 minutes. Over time, drain and boil the brine again. Then repeat everything again, but the brine is no longer pour.

Now with the help of tin lids and a special key to close the banks. In winter, you will have a wonderful addition to all dishes.

Homemade Pickles


• 1 kilogram of cucumbers;

• 10 colors of dill;

• Garlic head;

• 10 sprigs of cherries;

• Leaves of horseradish;

• Currant leaves.

Method of preparation

At the bottom of the sterilized jars put chopped garlic (cut the teeth into 4 parts), all the dill and horseradish leaves. Spread cucumbers on top, try, reaching the middle of the jar, put the sprigs of cherries, then continue the layer of cucumbers. Put currant leaves on top.

Pour cucumbers need brine. To do this, boil water; add salt, about one glass per 5 liters.

Banks in this position must be kept under capron covers for at least 3 days. The lids should swell, this will mean that the appetizer is ready. It is necessary to open the can, release the unwanted air and close it again. Store cucumbers in the refrigerator can be up to 5 months.

Cucumbers without vinegar


• Five kilograms of cucumbers;

• Five hot pepper pods;

• 10 cloves of garlic;

• Two horseradish roots;

• Three sprigs of tarragon;

• Five leaves of marjoram;

• Dry dill.

Method of preparation

Prepare the pickle. To do this, boil water and add salt to it. The approximate amount of salt per five liters of water is 300 grams.

Put clean spices in a clean sterile jar (read in salty cucumber recipes for the winter), then put one-third of a portion of cucumbers into the bottom, count on one three-liter jar. Put the spices back on top of the vegetables, so do one more time until the jar is full. Pour the pickle in the jar.

Close containers with lids and leave for five days. Then drain the brine, boil it and pour it back into the jar. Close tin lids and use in the winter.

Miracle Cucumbers


• 1 kg of small cucumbers;

• 3 kg of large cucumbers;

• Currant leaves;

• Horseradish root and its leaves;

• Dill color;

• Salt;

• Mustard powder;

• Garlic.

Method of preparation

Green leaves, dill and garlic finely chopped and mix thoroughly, you can use a special nozzle combine.

Wash large cucumbers, as it is read in the basic principles of cooking salted cucumbers for the winter. Grate them on a coarse grater.

You should put small cucumbers on the bottom of the container, put grated on them, then finely chopped greens and salt with mustard powder on top. Thanks to grated cucumbers a brine is formed. By the way, they can also be used to prepare pickle.

Pickled cucumbers in tomato juice


• Five small cucumbers;

• Half a liter of tomato juice;

• One tablespoon of salt;

• Three tablespoons of sugar;

• Greenery;

• A few pods of hot peppers;

• Fragrant cloves;

• Black pepper; • Bay leaf;

• Currant leaves.

Method of preparation

The first thing to do is pickle. For 1 liter of water - 2 tablespoons of salt. Boil it.

Spices, leaves, greens are laid out in three levels. The first - the bottom of the jar, the second - the middle, the third covers cucumbers.

Put cucumbers between layers and pour them with hot pickle. Let it sit for fifteen minutes.

Tomato juice mixed with salt and sugar.

Boil the water, boil again and again with cucumbers. After 15 minutes, pour it out of the jar.

Crush one aspirin tablet with a knife or spoon, sprinkle it with cucumbers. So they do not ferment for a long time.

Pour tomato juice on cucumbers and store in a cool place.

Marinated cucumber salad for the winter


• Cucumbers;

• Carrot;

• Bow;

• Garlic;

• Dill color;

• Bay leaf;

• Pepper;

• Sugar;

• Salt;

• Vinegar;

• Water.

Method of preparation

Peel onions, finely chop. Carrots process as you like more. You can grate or cut. Cucumbers cut into thin circles.

Place prepared garlic cloves in prepared jars, then layered ingredients: onions, carrots, cucumbers. So you need to do up to the top banks.

For the marinade, boil water, mix vinegar, salt, sugar in it, all to taste. Pour boiling water on cucumbers, roll up and put in a warm place, it is best to cover with a warm blanket until it cools completely.

Gherkins for the winter


• Gherkins;

• Horseradish root;

• Bay leaf;

• Allspice;

• Pods of bitter pepper;

• Onion;

• Currant leaves;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• Salt;

• Cherry leaves;

• Coriander;

• mustard seeds;

• Vinegar;

• Garlic.

Sterilize the jars.

Cooking Method:

At the bottom of the jar you need to put a little coriander, the color of dill, cherry leaves, a couple of pieces of hot pepper, coarsely chopped onions, currant leaves. Bulgarian pepper clean, remove the seeds, cut into length. He also put on the bottom of the jar, two cloves of garlic on it. After such a plentiful amount of spices in the jar you need to put cucumbers, and fill them with all the remaining spices.

Pour salty cold water over the gherkins, then, after fifteen minutes, drain it. You need to do this three times. Then pour salted cucumbers for the winter with sugar and pour 3 spoons of vinegar (recipe for 1 liter jar).

Pour the resulting pickle with boiling water and roll, banks can be stored in the pantry.

Pickles with vodka


• 2 kilograms of cucumbers;

• 100 milliliters of vodka;

• Bay leaf;

• 1.5 water;

• Horseradish root;

• Dill;

• Currant leaves;

• Oak leaves;

• Sugar;

• Salt;

• Ground pepper;

• Pepper Peas.

Method of preparation

To make a pickle, prepare cold water and dissolve sugar and salt in it.

At the bottom of the cans to put all the herbs, spices, and only on top of cucumbers. Pour all the brine. In each jar add vodka, about 100 milliliters per jar. Close the capron lids and hide the jars in a cool place.

After five days, open the cans, the resulting foam gently clean. Put the pickle on the stove, bring to a boil and cook for no more than 5 minutes.

Pour the hot pickle into the jars and roll them up, hide the pickles for the winter in a warm place of the day for two.

Spicy Cucumbers


• 3 kilograms of cucumbers;

• 1 chili pepper pod;

• 2 pods of bitter pepper;

• 3 head garlic;

• Horseradish root.

Method of preparation

Put the peeled and chopped horseradish root into pre-sterilized jars. On it crushed hot pepper and chili. From above to determine the cucumbers in the bank, they must reach to the very top. At the end cover with garlic.

Boil water (2 liters) and dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt in it. Do not let the water cool down, immediately pour it into the jars.

A day later, drain the brine, boil, refill.

Rolling banks with pickles for the winter, wrap them with a warm blanket.

Winter salad


• 1 kg of tomatoes;

• 1 kg of cucumbers;

• 2 large onions;

• Hot pepper pod;

• Garlic;

• Dill color;

• 2 cloves;

• Brine.

Method of preparation

Put sliced ​​onion on the bottom of a sterile jar. On it - cloves and add hot peppers. Top with thin circles of tomatoes. Cover them with the same thin slices of cucumber.

In the brine add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Continue to lay out cucumbers and tomatoes, put garlic between their layers.

The resulting brine pour salad. Close the pickle tin lid and send to cool under the blanket. After that, pickles for the winter will get you a new interpretation.

The most delicious cucumbers


• Cucumbers - 2 kilograms;

• Garlic - 2 heads;

• Horseradish root;

• Leaves of horseradish;

• Oak leaves;

• Cherry leaves;

• Cherry leaves;

• Carnation;

• Italian herbs;

• Vinegar;

• Pepper Peas;

• Sugar.

Method of preparation

Put three liters of water on the stove, after boiling add vinegar, salt and sugar to it.

In a blender, chop the leaves of fruit trees and oak, add to them the horseradish root and chop again. In the resulting mixture, add the unpeeled, but washed garlic, peppercorns, Italian herbs.

Combine hot pickle and spice mixture to create a creamy consistency.

Wash cucumbers; cut the extreme pieces. They need to cut along in half.

Now on the bottom of the jar you need to lower the cloves and gently spread the cucumbers. Pour all you need the resulting herbal mixture, if it turns out too thick, dilute with brine.

On top of each jar you need to put one tablespoon of salt.

Close all cans of nylon covers, shake. After five days, change the covers on the tin.

Pickles for the winter - secrets and useful tips

  • To prepare any of these recipes, you use banks. Beforehand, they need to be processed qualitatively so that the cucumbers do not explode and turn sour. To do this, using a double boiler or a special nozzle for pots, process all the inner walls with steam. But before that, wash them well with soda. Lids should be boiled for two or three minutes. Give banks time to cool.
  • After preservation, be sure to wrap the cans, otherwise the fermentation process will be activated, and the cucumbers will disappear or lose their taste.
  • If you want cucumbers not to languish for a long time and use the winter recipe for the near term, add sugar to the pickle, about one percent of the total mass of all products.
  • In order for the pickle to uniformly cover all the ingredients of the jar, place the cucumbers in an upright position.
  • You can affect the preservation of the crunch of cucumbers. To this you need to prepare in advance. Approximately five hours before the preparation of pickled cucumbers for the winter, fill them with cold raw water so that it completely covers them. It will be better if they are not compressed, but will be in free space.
  • Also, in order for the cucumbers to crackle, add a few leaves, best of all if it is an oak.
  • Use for winter pickled cucumber species with black pimples.
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