Zucchini caviar: benefit and harm

Zucchini caviar: benefit and harm

Remember the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession,” in particular, a replica of Savely Kramarov: “Caviar overseas ... eggplant”? Today we will speak not about the overseas caviar, but about the local, if I put it that way, and all the popular squash caviar. We will talk in the article about its benefits and find out how it can harm our body.

The benefits of squash caviar

Discussions have been going on about the beneficial properties of zucchini caviar for more than a dozen years. Despite the fact that some people believe that undergoing heat treatment, the vegetables lose all their vitamins, as a result of which the usefulness of the product is close to zero, nutritionists, as well as physicians, say in unison that this product is extremely useful. Let's figure it out ...

Squash caviar is a low-calorie product, 100 grams contains only 91 kcal, while the list of its beneficial substances is abundant, one can even say that its chemical composition is simply unique. Vitamin cocktail is composed of vitamins A, B, C, E, H and PP. In addition to the designated squash caviar, there is a whole complex of minerals and biologically active natural compounds, among which fluorine, iodine, copper, calcium, sodium, magnesium, are also contained in this product, organic and fatty acids. Regular consumption of squash caviar:

• Improves intestinal peristalsis due to the fact that the product contains fiber.

• Promotes excretion of toxins, carcinogens and excess cholesterol due to the fact that the squash contains pectin, a well-known absorbent.

• Normalizes metabolism and relieves constipation.

The above abilities of squash caviar make this product ideal for those who decide to lose a few extra pounds and cleanse their bodies.

However, one cannot also say that squash caviar is an excellent prophylaxis of prostate cancer, because it contains tomatoes and, as a result, lycopene.

Squash caviar: when it is harmful

It would seem, can squash caviar, about the beneficial properties of which we have spoken so much above, be harmful. Unfortunately, as it turned out, maybe ...

The composition of caviar from zucchini has a high content of potassium. That is why to abuse the product should not be those who suffer from urolithiasis, because it is known that this element is poorly excreted from the body.

Another reason to abandon the use of squash caviar may be the fear of getting infected with botulism. If you consider yourself to be a category of such suspicious people, then we advise you not to buy squash caviar of dubious origin. Remember: caviar, prepared with all the requirements for this kind of product, has an orange color, thick consistency and a minimum of liquid. If you are not sure about the quality of caviar appearing on the counter in the store, then we advise you to prepare caviar from zucchini at home on your own, following all cooking recommendations and from products that you can be sure of. And another piece of advice: if suddenly a lid is suddenly swollen on a can of caviar (whether it was bought in a store or prepared by you), then throw this product out without the slightest regret, because health is more precious. As you can see, the advantages and benefits of squash caviar are much more than disadvantages. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure to indulge in this product.

Dear visitors of our portal, we would be grateful if in the comments to this article you tell us about what useful or, on the contrary, harmful properties of squash caviar are known to you.

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