How to clean the zucchini - young or old, for different dishes. How to clean the zucchini correctly, professionally?

How to clean the zucchini - young or old, for different dishes. How to clean the zucchini correctly, professionally?

A squash is a type of pumpkin. The plant does not give curling lashes and has oblong fruits of various shades of green. Ripe zucchini pale yellow with dense flesh and hard skinned.

This is a useful and low-calorie product. The energy value of the zucchini is only 27 kcal per 100 g. The pulp is easily digested, rich in vitamins, minerals, and water. Zucchini is recommended as a first complementary food for babies.

Housewives have a logical question - how to clean the zucchini and is it worth doing?

How to clean the zucchini. When should it be done without fail?

Experienced chefs and simply experienced housewives recommend peeling vegetables in the following cases:

1. Buying a young vegetable out of season.

The zucchini season starts at the end of May - in the southern regions of Ukraine and Russia and lasts until the end of September. In the northern latitudes, the first fruits appear later. But if you live in St. Petersburg, then in September you have every chance to purchase a seasonal product.

In the period from October to May, the zucchini does not grow in our latitudes. This is an imported product. To preserve freshness and other consumer qualities, fruits are treated with specialized reagents. They are badly washed away, therefore it is desirable to peel the zucchini before cooking.

2. Zucchini is fully ripe.

In this case, the skin of the fetus becomes thick. The duration of the heat treatment of vegetables increases. If the peel is not cut off, the pulp is quickly cooked, and the skin of the fruit will remain hard.

3. Preparing vegetables for squash caviar.

As a rule, ripe vegetables are used for this dish. All components are roasted and minced. The zucchini skin can remain quite tough and will be felt in the structure of the dish.

If the caviar is prepared for future use, like home-made, then the remains of the rind will cause fermentation in the can and the caviar will be unsuitable for consumption.

4. If the squash pereopylilsya with pumpkin.

In this case, even on young immature fruits there will be hard, hard peel. The quality of the pulp will not suffer, but will have to be cleaned necessarily.

5. The personal desire of the hostess.

When not to peel a vegetable? If you have purchased a tender young zucchini grown at home without using chemicals, then you should not clean it. When frying the pulp quickly cooked and the pieces will lose their shape.

How to clean the zucchini of different degrees of maturity. Methods, devices and materials

The method of cleaning zucchini depends on the degree of ripeness of the vegetable. The immature fruit is pale green and with a thin skin. The length of such a zucchini is no more than 25 cm. The seeds are in their infancy.

Ripe vegetable - from pale yellow to deep dark green. The skin is dense, tough. The flesh is soft with formed seeds.

To clean a young vegetable you need:

• zucchini;

• knife;

• cutting board;

• vegetable peeler in the form of a slingshot or letter Y.

Getting Cleaned:

1. Wash the zucchini. Do not cut the remnants of the stem. It is convenient to keep the vegetable during cleaning.

2. Hold the zucchini by the stem on weight.

3. Move away from you to begin to clean the fruit.

4. After removing the skin along the entire length of the vegetable, place it on a cutting board. Knife cut the "ass" zucchini.

5. Start cooking culinary masterpiece.

Mature zucchini clean problematic. His skin is thick and thick. Mature zucchini must be cooked. They are fried, steamed, boiled soups and jam, stuffed with meat and vegetables.

To process a ripe vegetable, you will need:

• zucchini;

• cutting board;

• a knife with a blade of medium length;

• spoon;

• A knife for chopping meat is optional, but if the skin is very strong it can be useful.

Getting Cleaned:

1. Wash the zucchini.

2. To cut off the end and the stem.

3. Using a knife, cut the vegetable into rings of the desired height. For stuffing it is 5-6 cm, for caviar, jam or mashed potatoes, 1 cm is enough. If the skin is too tight, then use a hatchet for cutting meat.

4. Put the ring cut down - this will give the necessary stability. Hold the knife perpendicular to the zucchini skin. Cut the rind with a knife from top to bottom. The width of the cut off pieces of sandpaper - no more than 1 cm. We'll have to grab a little flesh.

5. Spoon remove zucchini seeds.

6. Cut, boil, stuff - as your culinary fantasy disposes.

An exotic way of cleaning zucchini from the Internet:

• freeze the vegetable;

• allow to thaw slightly;

• the top layer will move away when defrosting with sandpaper.

Zucchini is a grateful vegetable and is friendly with most seasonings and spices. To clean or not to clean the green fruit is up to each hostess to decide independently, depending on the ripeness of the vegetable, the recipe of the dish, desires and mood

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