Squash caviar from baked vegetables

There are lots of ways to cook squash caviar. Honestly, I am always surprised by this name. Chutney or vegetable sauce is more suitable for a set of ground stewed vegetables, but you can’t go anywhere - tradition.

Incredibly simple and convenient way to cook squash caviar - pre-bake vegetables without salt and spices, only with olive oil, and then chop them and season. There are several advantages to this recipe for squash caviar. First, about 40 minutes of free time, while vegetables are baked in the oven, and secondly, during baking, the moisture evaporates and the caviar turns thick, with a rich taste.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

The ingredients for the squash caviar in the recipe are listed in pieces, I think it's easier. To one zucchini, medium size, add all of these vegetables, and you get 1 liter jar of vegetable caviar. In the absence of the oven, you can use a slow cooker or microwave, moreover, vegetables can be baked on coals, wrapped in foil!

  • Time: 60 minutes

Ingredients for cooking 1 liter squash caviar from baked vegetables:

1 squash weighing about 800 g;

2-3 carrots;

2 onions;

2 red bell peppers;

2 hot green peppers;

3 tomatoes;

1 head of garlic;

10 g ground paprika;

5 g of turmeric;

40 ml of olive oil;

salt, sugar;

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

Cooking squash caviar from baked vegetables

In order for the caviar to turn out bright orange and thick, we need the most colorful vegetables in the garden. Carrots, red peppers and ripe tomatoes will give the desired color, taste and texture to vegetable delicacy!

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

All vegetables, except carrots, cut the same pieces. Cut the carrot into circles about 0.5 cm thick so that it is cooked at the same time with all the ingredients. From the zucchini cut off the green skin. I remember from childhood that if you mix green and red it turns brown, and orange caviar still looks more appetizing! But if your zucchini is yellow, you can not clean it.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

Distribute the vegetables evenly in a deep pan. Pour them with olive oil and mix well with your hands so that the oil covers the slices of vegetables on all sides. It is better to place the tomatoes in slices upwards, so the juice will not flow out of them during baking.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Baking tray placed on the middle shelf. Bake vegetables for 40 minutes, sometimes stir.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

Add salt and sugar to squash caviar. Grind baked vegetables in any convenient way, I do it with an immersion blender. Sugar must be added, it will remove the acidity and emphasize the taste of sweet vegetables.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

Add turmeric and ground paprika, put the eggs into the pan, boil for 2-3 minutes. If you are not going to store zucchini caviar for a long time, then you can simply add ground paprika, turmeric and spread caviar in jars.

Squash caviar from baked vegetables

For long-term storage of squash caviar from baked vegetables, we sterilize the jars and place the finished products in them. For storage in the refrigerator, this is enough, but if the banks stand in a regular cabinet, then they need to be sterilized for 10 minutes.

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