Zucchini caviar for the winter through a meat grinder - a gentle "overseas" snack. The best recipes of zucchini caviar for the winter through the meat grinder

Zucchini caviar for the winter through a meat grinder - a gentle

Caviar caviar is a favorite appetizer, the recipe of which in every family is passed down from generation to generation.

This is a nutritious meal with a high content of minerals and vitamins. Due to the low calorie content, caviar is often introduced into the diet with dietary nutrition.

Today, there are many recipes for zucchini caviar for the winter through a meat grinder. In the article you will find the best cooking options for this snack.

Zucchini caviar for the winter through a meat grinder - the basic principles of cooking

For caviar squash, it is recommended to use young vegetables of small size with thin peel and undeveloped seeds. Such zucchini simply wash. You do not need to cut off the peel and remove the seeds, but if you have “old” vegetables, you need to peel them and choose fibers with seeds.

Squash caviar is cooked fairly quickly. It is enough to twist all the vegetables through a meat grinder, place in a deep cauldron and simmer until tender. Through the meat grinder pass both raw vegetables, and previously fried or baked in an oven.

Zucchini is combined with almost all the spices and vegetables, which allows you to cook different versions of this snack. Cooking caviar is possible not only in the cauldron, but also in the oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Recipe 1. Zucchini caviar for the winter through a meat grinder according to GOST


zucchini - one and a half kilograms;


two small bulbs;

black and allspice - by gram;

small carrot;

table salt - 10 g;

refined vegetable oil - 125 ml;

sugar - 5 g;

vinegar 9% - 30 ml;

tomato paste - 75 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the young zucchini under the tap, dip it with napkins and, without cutting off the peel, cut the vegetable into cubes.

2. Peel the remaining vegetables. Grind carrots on a medium grater. Crumble the bulbs into small cubes.

3. Put zucchini in a deep frying pan with heated oil and fry them until golden, then add onions and carrots. Continue to fry, stirring constantly, for about ten minutes. 4. Rinse greens and dry on a towel. Twist the cooled vegetables with herbs through the meat grinder.

5. Put the resulting mass in a thick-walled pot, season with salt, spices and sugar. Add tomato paste. Stir and put the pan on the fire. Simmer the eggs for 20 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent the dish from burning. Then pour in the vinegar and tar for another five minutes.

6. Prepare hot caviar in sterile dry glass jars. Immediately tighten the tin lids. Turn and cover the blanket. Leave the preservation in this position for a day.

Recipe 2. Squash caviar for the winter through a meat grinder at home


kg of ripe tomatoes;

30 ml of acetic acid;

kg zucchini;

5 g ground black pepper;

700 g carrots;

half a liter of vegetable oil;

500 g sweet red pepper;

60 g of salt;

ten heads of turnip onions;

40 g sugar;

100 g tomato paste

Method of preparation

1. Ripe my tomatoes and drop for a few seconds in boiling water. Then take out and immediately put under a stream of cold water. Carefully remove the thin skin.

2. My squash and cut off the peel. Washed peppers free from seeds and peduncles.

3. Onions and carrots peel clean. All vegetables cut into small pieces. We twist everything through the meat grinder.

4. The resulting mass is placed in a wide aluminum pan. We put it on fire and bring to a boil. We pour in the oil, we twist the fire and boil for about an hour, stirring from time to time, so that the mass does not burn.

5. Season everything with salt, pepper and sugar. Put chopped tomatoes in a mass and mix. Cook for another 20 minutes. Then pour in the vinegar, stir and immediately lay out on the prepared dry glass container, first sterilizing it. We roll up with boiled tin lids, overturn, wrap with a blanket and leave it for a day until it is completely cooled.

Recipe 3. Squash caviar for the winter through a meat grinder in the sleeve


pod of red sweet pepper;

zucchini - 800 g;

table salt;

bow - three heads;

freshly ground black pepper; olive oil - 75 ml;

two small carrots;

vinegar 9% - 30 ml;

three large fleshy tomatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Wash tomatoes and zucchini. Pepper free from the stem and clean the seeds. Peel carrots and bulbs. All vegetables cut into circles.

2. Tie the baking sleeve on one side. Pour a spoonful of olive oil into it and rub it so that it is evenly distributed along the walls of the sleeve.

3. Put the chopped vegetables in the sleeve, pour another couple of spoons of olive oil. Season the vegetables with pepper and salt. Tie up the sleeve on the other side and shake it so that the seasonings and oil are distributed to the vegetables.

4. Lay out the sleeve in deep shape. From above make several punctures that through it steam left. Put the vegetables in the sleeve in the oven for an hour. Bake at 180C. After the allotted time, remove the baking sheet from the oven, carefully rip the sleeve. Vegetables cool and chop them through a meat grinder.

5. Place the vegetable mass in a deep cauldron. Put it on medium heat and cook for half an hour. At the end, add a spoonful of vinegar, mix. Hot caviar packaged in sterile jars and immediately cork tin lids. Invert the preservation. Leave for a day, wrapped in a blanket so that it is completely cooled.

Recipe 4. Squash caviar for the winter through a meat grinder with mayonnaise


young squash - 2.5 kg;

garlic - four cloves;

kilogram of onions;

black and red ground peppers - 5 g;

sunflower oil - half a cup;

fine salt - 60 g;

sugar - 200 g;

Krasnodar sauce - 250 ml;

mayonnaise 72% - 150 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash young squash, wipe with a paper towel and cut into medium pieces. Peel the onions. Cut each bulb into four pieces. Squash the onions and mince separately.

2. Pour oil into a deep cast iron skillet and heat it. Put onion mass in it. After five minutes, add zucchini twisted in a meat grinder. Cook for about an hour from the moment of boiling, stirring occasionally.

3. Add sugar, Krasnodar sauce and mayonnaise to vegetable mass. Season everything with black pepper and red salt. Reduce heat to low and cook for another hour. 4. Peel the garlic, finely chop and add to the vegetable mixture. Simmer another five minutes. Packing boiled caviar in hot sterile jars, hermetically roll up, turn and cover with a blanket. Leave the preservation for a day until complete cooling. Store caviar in the pantry or cellar.

Recipe 5. Squash caviar for the winter through a meat grinder with apples in a slow cooker


three large apples of autumn varieties;

sunflower oil;

zucchini - kilogram;


three carrots;

fine salt;

garlic - four teeth;


two bulbs;

bunch of greens;

five tomatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and wipe the zucchini with a paper towel. Cut the vegetable into small pieces.

2. Heat the sunflower oil in the pan. Put zucchini in it and fry. Then cool and twist in a meat grinder.

3. Peel carrots. Wash the apples, cut into four parts and remove the core. Pass the carrot and apples through the meat grinder. Add the mixture to the squash mass.

4. Chop the peeled onion in half rings and fry until golden. Cool and twist in a meat grinder. Add to the vegetable mass.

5. Rinse greens, dry on a napkin. Clean the chives. Greens and garlic finely crumble. Spread to the rest of the vegetables.

6. Transfer the resulting mass to a thick-walled pan. Pour in the sunflower oil. Pepper, add sugar and salt. Stir the vegetable mass and put the container on fire.

7. Wash tomatoes, lower for a few seconds in boiling water. Remove and immediately place under a stream of cold water. Peel off. Pulp twist through the meat grinder. Five minutes after the roe boil, add the tomato paste and mix.

8. Spread hot caviar in dry jars. Cover them with lids and place in a wide pan, bedding a towel at the bottom. Pour hot water over the glass case hangers into it. Sterilize on quiet fire for half an hour. Then carefully remove them and immediately tighten tightly. Turn it over, cover it with a blanket and leave it for a day.

Recipe 6. Squash caviar for the winter through a meat grinder in the oven


three young zucchini;

75 ml of vinegar;

three onions;

30 g of salt;

three carrots;

50 g sugar;

Bulgarian pepper - three pods;

120 ml of vegetable oil;

five fleshy tomatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and peel zucchini peel. Cut into pieces and remove the seeds. Put the vegetable in a deep pan.

2. Peel the carrots, cut them lengthwise and spread them over the zucchini.

3. Cut the tails with seeds from the bell peppers. Slice the vegetable into slices and place in a baking sheet.

4. Peel the onions. Wash tomatoes. Chop the vegetables into slices and spread them over the vegetables. Sprinkle the vegetables with sunflower oil. Put the pan in the preheated 200 oven for an hour. Remove the finished vegetables from the oven and cool.

5. Twist the vegetables through the meat grinder. Transfer the vegetable mass to a deep cauldron. Add sugar and salt to it. Mix well. Put on a moderate fire. When the vegetable mass boils, remove the cauldron from the stove, pour in the vinegar, stir and pack the eggs in sterile jars. Hermetically cork tin lids, turn over and leave to cool, wrapped with a blanket.

Squash caviar for the winter through the meat grinder - tips and tricks

Cook the caviar in a deep stainless steel or cast iron bowl.

Do not use enamelware for cooking. In her caviar will always burn.

If the zucchini is ripe, it is necessary to remove the peel and seeds with fibers from them.

Banks for squash caviar must be sterilized.

If you do not have tomatoes, you can replace them with tomato paste or Krasnodar sauce.

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