Zucchini for the winter - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked canned zucchini.

Zucchini for the winter - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked canned zucchini.

Preserving food for the winter is quite troublesome, so few modern housewives are ready to give this business a portion of their free time. In the meantime, any vegetables and fruits, even in pickled form, are a storehouse of nutrients, without which our body is very difficult to cope with the onslaught of winter cold. Therefore, dear hostesses, do not be lazy and make sweet, spicy and salty preparations for the winter, so that in the coming cold months you will provide your family with not only tasty, but also healthy supplies. Moreover, there are many products that do not require too much effort during processing, but the minutes spent will certainly more than pay for themselves. One such vegetable is zucchini - inexpensive, wholesome and incredibly quick to prepare.

Zucchini for the winter - general principles and methods of cooking

Zucchini is the same pumpkin, but in a slightly different shape. In addition, unlike other members of the pumpkin family, these vegetables have a more tender flesh and thin skin that is easily cleaned from the flesh. Any salads from zucchini for the winter are prepared very quickly and are surprisingly juicy and light.

As a rule, zucchini is not stored for a long time, so there are a lot of recipes for salads, caviar, jam, and pickled zucchini, which allow you to enjoy vegetables in the winter.

Squashes are a source of easily digestible fiber, sugars, fatty acids, and microelements and vitamins so necessary for our heart. Light vegetables, having a calorie slightly more than 20 kcal per 100 grams. product, fully capable of enriching our diet with iron, phosphorus, vitamins PP, E, A, C, group B. Zucchini dishes help eliminate edema, body congestion, they are very useful for people with heart and vascular disease, as well as with arthritis, kidney disease, liver and hypertension. Usually zucchini harvested immediately after ripening, that is, in late summer or early autumn. Zucchini blanks can be prepared in a variety of ways, as well as with the addition of a wide variety of products. Before cooking caviar, for example, vegetables can be crushed and roasted, or, grinding in a blender, - to extinguish, until the mass is homogeneous.

No less tasty recipes are zucchini salads and pickled vegetables, which preserve all the taste properties of fresh fruits. By the way, the marinade will fit perfectly and cucumber: put in a jar of spices, herbs, garlic, pepper-peas and pour over all the brine. However, it all depends on individual preference - make zucchini sharp, sour, sweet or salty.

Squashes for the winter - food preparation

Squids for blanks better to use young - not too long, not too thick. The exception is squash caviar - for its preparation, you can use the "old" vegetables. So, young zucchini has a more delicate structure and very thin skin, therefore, having determined the recipe, it is enough to wash them in running water and act according to the recipe. “Old” zucchini has a coarser pulp structure, large seeds and thick skin. Therefore, before any of them cook, it is necessary to remove the skin and all the internal seeds.

Squash for the winter - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Spicy zucchini salad for the winter

A refreshing snack is sure to appeal to all lovers of spicy food. Squash for cooking salad is better to use young, and salt is not iodized (this is a mandatory rule).


- 4 kg zucchini

- two table. lie salt

- one table. lie Sahara

- 3-4 large carrots

- 3-4 heads of garlic

- Vinegar 9% (1 cup)

- two glasses of vegetable oil

- seasoning for carrots in Korean (1 pack) Method of preparation:

1. Peel zucchini (if the vegetables are “old”, remove the seeds) and cut them into cubes. Carrots are also cleaned and grated. Chopped vegetables mix in deep dishes.

2. Now we are going to make brine preparation for zucchini salad. To do this, peel the garlic, grind it with garlic press, put it in a bowl. Add oil, nine-percent vinegar, salt, seasoning and sugar. All thoroughly mix and pour pickle zucchini with carrots. Mix vegetables with a wooden spattered pickle.

3. Leave the marrows marinate for three to four hours. Important: in any case, do not use aluminum dishes for these purposes, since the oxidation of the metal provokes the release of harmful substances. For the preparation of sour-hot salads it is better to use an enamel pan, but without chips.

4. While the zucchini marinated, wash the jars and lids. After three or four hours, fill the jars with billet for the winter and sterilize them for about thirty minutes in a large saucepan, filling it with water until the “hangers”. After that, immediately we get them and roll them for the winter. A hot salad is wrapped with a blanket for one day, and after - we remove it in a special place for storing the blanks.

Recipe 2: Zucchini salad for the winter with tomatoes

In this recipe, we will use a mixture of different vegetables: zucchini, Bulgarian pepper of various colors (yellow, red, green), tomatoes and onions. For taste, you can also add carrots and garlic.


- 3 kg zucchini

- 1 kg of peppers

- 1kg of tomatoes

- 150 gr. onions

- 200 gr. grow th. oils

- 200 gr. Sahara

- 80 gr. salt not iodized

- 100 gr. nine per cent vinegar

Method of preparation:

1. Scroll through the meat grinder tomatoes. Pepper cleaned of seeds. Cut it into middle strips. Zucchini peeled from the skin, if necessary - from the seeds (if they are too large) and cut into small cubes. Peel the onion and cut into half rings. 2. Put the tomatoes in an enameled pan, bring them to a boil, then add zucchini, peppers, salt, sugar and vegetable oil to them. Cover the saucepan with the lid and simmer, stirring, the vegetables on low heat for thirty minutes. Next, pour in the vinegar and simmer for another ten minutes (40 minutes in total).

3. Banks are washed, send them to a preheated oven until the moisture evaporates. Do not forget to boil the lid. When the salad is extinguished, we begin to lay it in warm jars, and then roll it up, cool it to room temperature and put it in its usual place for storing the blanks.

Recipe 3: Marinated zucchini for the winter

Zucchini, prepared according to the recipe described, is slightly sour, crispy and very fragrant thanks to the spices in the recipe. The perfect snack to any table!

Ingredients (for three kg of zucchini):

- two liters of water

- 250 gr. 9% vinegar

- a glass of sugar

- three table. lie salt

- 4-5 cloves of garlic

- parsley (or any other greens) to taste

- for decorating onions and carrots (three or four ringlets per jar)

Method of preparation:

1. Squash (young) peel the skin, cut them into rings. Do the same with carrots and onions.

2. Cooking marinade. Dissolve sugar, vinegar and salt in water. Put the liquid mass on the stove, bring everything to a boil. Next, lower the zucchini, close the dishes with a lid. Stew zucchini for three to six minutes, stirring constantly, so that the vegetables are evenly soaked in marinade.

3. Banks are washed, scalded with boiling water, we dry them in the oven. Next on the bottom of the cans lay out the greens, horseradish, garlic, pepper (peas), a few rings of onions and carrots. Then we transfer the marinated zucchini to the banks (together with the marinade) and cork them with boiled lids. We turn over banks, we wrap up with a blanket until cooling, after which squash can be removed underground or a cellar.

Recipe 4: Squash caviar for the winter


- 6 kg zucchini

- 1 kg of onions

- 6 carrots

- a glass of sugar

- a glass of oil

- salt 2 table. lie

- half a liter of tomato paste

- sauce tomato floor liter

Method of preparation:

1. We clean the zucchini and all other vegetables, we twist them through the meat grinder, periodically pouring out the copiously emitting juice.

2. Put the vegetables to stew over medium heat, adding vegetable oil, salt and sugar. After boiling, reduce the heat and boil the caviar for at least two hours. Then add the sauce and pasta, mix and cook for about forty minutes.

2. Banks are processed by the methods described above, we put hot caviar in them and roll them up (lids must be boiled beforehand). Banks turn over, leave to cool for 12-24 hours and remove to a cool place.

Zucchini for the winter - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Zucchini before cooking blanks can be used both fresh and frozen (after thawing) - this does not matter much;

- It is better to use jars for zucchini blanks not too large: ideally, 500 milliliter or one-liter;

- To make squash caviar more tasty, add onion onion, pre-chopped in sunflower oil, previously crushed with a blender or meat grinder.

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