Recipe of squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter. Squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter: in the oven, aerogrill, slow cooker

Recipe of squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter. Squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter: in the oven, aerogrill, slow cooker

Squash caviar is a simple, very affordable and at the same time demanded dish.

Suitable for all kinds of side dishes, used for making sandwiches, as an independent product.

The recipe differs little, but the ingenuity of our housewives allowed us to create technologies for preparing these canned goods in various kitchen appliances - from the classic Russian stove to the aerogrill.

Squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter - general principles of cooking

To get high-quality canned squash from caviar with tomatoes, you should not only strictly observe the proportions of ingredients indicated in the recipe, but also follow certain rules and guidelines for the preservation of the product.

Vegetable harvesting and caviar cooking process:

• To prepare caviar from zucchini, freshly harvested or non-durable vegetables are selected. Sluggish, putrid fruits are not recommended for use, even if damaged areas can be removed.

• Courgettes are rinsed under cold water with a scourer or brush. It is good to use for these purposes a new clean sponge for washing dishes. Cut the ends and cut off the skin, cut along into pieces, and then perform the cutting specified in the recipe. The tender peel of young zucchini can not be removed, the more mature should choose the seeds.

• Carrots, onions are washed under running water, cleaned and rinsed again.

• After washing, the stalks are removed from the peppers, the seed box is removed, and then the remains of the seeds are washed off under the tap.

• Greens are sorted, removing damaged, wilted twigs, wash, shake off excess water and dry, spreading out on a towel.

• Salt and sugar are usually poured in a small amount, stirred, if necessary, the desired component is poured.

• Long stewing caviar, makes it tastier and thicker.

Preparation of cans, lids:

• For seaming it is recommended to use glass jars of half-liter volume or liter. Capacities can be not only new, it is possible to use banks from under last year's roll-in. The main thing is that the dishes should be without visible cracks and scratches on the neck. Cracked jars can burst when laying out and sterilizing the finished product. Shcherbinki will not allow hermetically close the jar and it will “explode”. • Metal lacquered lids with rubber seals are considered to be the most suitable for preservation for the winter. “Twist-off” covers are becoming popular today, but under such covers special threaded cans are needed.

• Banks and covers should be washed and degreased well before use. It is not recommended to use degreasing chemicals for washing, it is enough to wash the containers and lids with baking soda or household 72% soap in hot water, and rinse well, removing detergent residues.

• It is recommended to pack caviar in sterile jars, and filled containers should be pasteurized, while half a liter is heated approximately 20-25 minutes, liter forty minutes, not bringing the boiling point of water to 100 degrees. Optimally - 90 degrees.

• Covers before boiling are boiled for ten minutes, dried and only after that are used.

• It is possible to close the cooked caviar with boiled nylon caps. The disadvantage of such a billet is that you have to store the jars at a low temperature in the refrigerator, and the shelf life is much less.

Roasted squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter


• Fruits of courgettes of table variety, or zucchini - 3 kg;

• Ripe tomatoes - 2 kg;

• Lettuce white onions - 1 kg;

• Sweet middle-sized carrots - 1 kg;

• Refined sunflower, or olive oil;

• At the discretion of sugar and salt, preferably large, garden;

• Black pepper hand grinding.


1. Young, not having time to perezret zucchini cut into half rings, medium and small - into rings.

2. Shred carrots, lettuce and tomatoes cut into cubes.

3. Pieces of zucchini, lightly fry on both sides in refined oil.

4. Onions, carrots and fry separately to amber color.

5. Saute the tomatoes until softened and peeled.

6. Chop the fried vegetables in a meat grinder with a sparse mesh.

7. The resulting vegetable mixture to move in a wide bowl with a thick bottom. 8. Salt, pepper and boil.

9. With a low boil evaporate excess liquid. This procedure takes about forty minutes, depending on the density you want to get caviar.

10. Cooked squash caviar spread on banks and immediately send pasteurized.

11. Roll covers, set aside to cool bottom up.

Squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter “Assorted”


• Tomatoes: Ripe, fleshy varieties - 800 gr .; Brown or green - 800 gr .;

• Small ripe zucchini - two kilograms;

• Kilogram carrots;

• Salad onion - 600 gr .;

• Apple light vinegar - 45 gr .;

• At discretion, sugar and salt;

• Any, odorless, vegetable oil - half a cut glass;

• Bitter pepper varieties “Chile” or “Spark”;

• Black pepper, hand-ground - 1 tsp.


1. Grind all prepared vegetables in a meat grinder.

2. Pour into a large bowl, salt to taste, add sugar.

3. Cook over low heat for about one and a half hours, with constant stirring.

4. Fifteen minutes before the end of the preparation, pour in vinegar, oil, add black pepper, you can season with red pepper to taste.

5. Spread ready-made caviar on the banks and roll up. Turning over the lids, cool.

Squash caviar with tomatoes for the winter in a slow cooker


• Young zucchini - 3 pieces, not very large;

• Sweet meaty pepper - 2 pepper;

• Carrot - 1;

• Onion - 3 onions;

• Pepper-peas, own fresh grinding;

• Coarse salt and unrefined granulated sugar;

• Half a measuring cup of purified vegetable oil.


1. Cut into small, as far as possible, diced all prepared vegetables.

2. Pour vegetable oil into the slow cooker.

3. Exhibit mode "Baking", in time for forty minutes.

4. Pour into a bowl carrots, sweet peppers, onions, close the lid and cook for twenty minutes.

5. Add chopped ripe tomatoes.

6. Salt, add sugar, pepper and mix. Put everything in a separate dish. 7. Change the mode “Baking” to “Stewing” for two hours, cover the sliced ​​zucchini.

8. After the signal, put the zucchini in a mass previously prepared in the slow cooker. Grind to a smooth mash, and pour it back into the bowl.

9. By setting “Baking”, cook until the moisture evaporates completely, until the caviar has a thick consistency.

10. Turn off the multicooker, transfer caviar to the jars.

11. Expose the dishes with pasteurization caviar and roll up the lids.

Caviar from zucchini with tomatoes for the winter in convection oven


• Squash - 800 grams;

• Ripe tomatoes, any grade - 0.5 kilogram;

• Carrot - 300 grams;

• A pair of white onion bulbs;

• Refined sunflower oil;

• Taste - salt and sugar;

• Condiments, spices not hot, not too spicy.

• 9% table vinegar;


1. Sliced ​​onions and carrots into large pieces, browned until golden brown.

2. On the lower grill aerogril decompose zucchini. In the heating mode 250 degrees, bake the vegetable for ten minutes.

3. Report tomatoes to zucchini, bake for another ten minutes.

4. Remove the vegetables and cool slightly.

5. Remove the peeled skin from the cooled tomatoes and zucchini, combine them with the fried root vegetables, grind them in mashed potatoes by any method.

6. Add spices, sugar, add some salt and mix.

7. Lay in sterile jars, cover with lids without rolling. We put in the convection oven.

8. Set the temperature to about 180 degrees for a period of 20 minutes.

9. At the end of the work, immediately after the signal, take out the canned goods, add a little less than a teaspoon of vinegar to each jar and roll the lids.

Caviar from zucchini with tomatoes for the winter “Teschin tongue”


• Zucchini, pulp - 2.5 kilograms;

• Bulgarian pepper - 4 perchins;

• Ripe tomatoes - 400 grams;

• Hot pepper - 1 peppercorn, if possible, select a not very sharp and increase the amount;

• Vinegar 6% - 50 ml .;

• Deodorized sunflower oil - 190 grams;

• Salt;

• Garlic - teeth 1/2 cup faceted. Preparation:

1. Using a processor to grind tomatoes, zucchini pulp, Bulgarian and hot peppers.

2. Pour into a container with a thick bottom, add butter and sugar, salt and mix.

3. Boil until thick. At the end of cooking, add crushed or crushed garlic, vinegar. Stir boil a couple more minutes and remove from heating.

4. Pour into prepared containers and roll up.

Zucchini caviar with tomatoes for the winter in the oven


1. Two medium-sized squash;

2. Four ripe tomatoes;

3. One pepper perchina;

4. One big carrot;

5. Three teeth of garlic;

6. Dried basil, hand-ground black pepper, coarse salt and unrefined sugar;

7. 60 gr. olive or vegetable refined oil.


1. Squash, carrot, pepper, onion, garlic cut into small pieces.

2. Place all vegetables in a container prepared for caviar.

3. Add granulated sugar, dried basil, pepper, and add salt to the sample.

4. Turn on the oven. When the temperature of the oven reaches 180 degrees, put the dishes with caviar in it.

5. Bake for about one hour.

6. With this method of preparation, the eggs during the cooking process should be periodically stirred so as not to burn from above.

7. Chopped softened vegetables with a processor or grind through a sieve with small cells.

8. Put back in the oven for fifteen minutes.

9. Hot-add to already prepared jars. Pour 9% vinegar on top, one pound jar of one teaspoon on the floor, one pound per pound.

10. Cover with dry lids, roll up.

Caviar from zucchini with tomatoes for the winter “Mushroom flavor”


• Young tender zucchini, any kind - 1 kg;

• Mushrooms, champignons - 0.5 kg;

• Maximum ripeness tomatoes - 500 gr.;

• Two onions;

• Two large garlic cloves;

• Medium-sized sweet carrot;

• pepper peppermint;

• A tablespoon of tomato puree, or thick non-sharp ketchup; • Salt;

• Juice of half-skinned lemon;

• Sand sugar;

• A mixture of red and black ground peppers;

• Refined vegetable oil;

• Dill, greens - a pair of fluffy twigs.


1. Chop sweet pepper, zucchini, carrot on a large grater.

2. Shred the onion in half rings.

3. Remove the skin from blanched tomatoes.

4. Mushrooms cut into small pieces, and fry until the disappearing liquid in vegetable oil in the pan.

5. Put the mushrooms in a separate bowl.

6. Carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini put on the same pan and simmer for half an hour.

7. You can during the fire to add vegetable oil, if necessary.

8. Fifteen minutes after the stewing, add the deferred mushrooms, tomato puree, chopped garlic, spices and finely chopped dill, pour over lemon juice.

9. Cook for another twenty minutes and remove from heat.

10. Hot-packed caviar is packed in cans and sealed with plastic caps.

11. Store in a basement or refrigerator.

Caviar from squash with tomatoes for the winter “Tsarskaya”


• Zucchini pulp - 4.5 kg;

• “Korean” or onions - 700 gr .;

• Tomatoes of maximum ripeness - 2 kg;

• Pod hot, better than red pepper, small in size;

• A pair of medium heads of garlic;

• Vegetable, necessarily refined, oil - 1/2 glass cup;

• Sugar - 50 gr .;

• 70% vinegar - 10 g .;

• Manually ground pepper-peas - 4-5 pinches.


1. From the blanched tomatoes to remove the skin, chop in any way that allows you to separate the tomato juice from the seeds.

2. Place onions, zucchini pulp and hot peppers, scrolled in a meat grinder, into a deep container.

3. Add evenly vegetable oil, crushed garlic and mayonnaise and put on the included plate.

4. When the vegetable mass boils, reduce the heat to the minimum and continue to simmer for one and a half to two hours, determining for yourself the best thickness.

5. Pour sugar, salt, add half of vinegar, ground pepper and continue quenching for another hour. 6. Pour in the remaining vinegar, stir and heat for 7-8 minutes.

7. We shift the ready-made caviar to the prepared dishes and roll it up with iron lids.

Zucchini caviar with tomatoes for the winter - tricks and tips

• Usually canned food, sealed with capron lids, is not stored for too long. They can mold. To increase the shelf life of preservation, harvested in this way, you can put a layer of clean gauze on the bottom of the lid, put “mustard dough” on top, then another layer of gauze. Seal and close the jar. To prepare the “mustard dough” you need to mix 3 tablespoons of fresh mustard powder with 2 tsp. slightly warm water, the “dough” should be dense. Caps, prepared in this way, were popularly called “mustard corks”.

• In the process of cooking eggs should be periodically mixed so that it does not burn.

• Store the preservation in a dark place at a low temperature, otherwise it will lose color and change its taste.

• The cans rolled up under the covers are cooled with the bottoms upside down, covered with a warm blanket. Turn back only when fully cooled.

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