Soup with beans and meat: how to cook a delicious bean soup? Simple recipes for soup with beans and meat

Soup with beans and meat: how to cook a delicious bean soup? Simple recipes for soup with beans and meat

Why is soup the first dish?

It is not by chance that food based on broths in the human diet is ranked first.

First, all the ingredients of the first (read: main) dishes in the cooking process saturate the water with valuable nutrients.

The resulting broth, being a nutrient fluid, is easily absorbed by the body and, moreover, contributes to the rapid dissolution and digestion of solid food, and also quickly creates a feeling of satiety with less congestion of the stomach with heavy food.

It is remarkable that the recipes of soups in world cuisine are huge and this assortment is regularly updated, thanks to the creativity of professionals and simple housewives.

Often, the recipe for a new soup appears only in connection with the random coincidence of two factors: the presence of a certain set of products and a creative mood that can change, for example, any recipe for a soup with beans and meat to be completely unrecognizable even in the hands of one hostess, within the same kitchen, not to mention that the same soup, with absolutely accurate recipe, each housewife will turn out to be unique in its own way.

Soup with beans and meat - the basic technological principles

Let's try to make out some features of cooking soup with beans based on meat broths. And let's start with the beans. The complexity of this valuable and nourishing grain is quite a long cooking. Of course, you can immediately resort to an alternative method of cooking soups with beans, and use ready-made, canned beans, bought for the occasion in the supermarket. This will, if necessary, significantly save time on preparing a delicious and full-fledged meal, but you probably shouldn’t completely refuse to cook beans yourself: remember the preservatives that are certainly used by the food industry.

Beans have two drawbacks: it boils for too long and in some people causes discomfort during digestion, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. The cause of this problem is insoluble fiber and complex sugars, which absorb all unwanted elements and toxins with the liquid, getting into the human digestive system. Therefore, despite the unpleasant sensations caused by the use of beans, it still benefits, being a kind of “intestinal scrub”. True, it is not recommended to be included in the diet for some chronic diseases of the digestive organs during periods of exacerbation. In other cases, the beans - a valuable dietary product. So you have to be patient and, despite the difficulties of the preparatory stage of preparation, include it in your diet as often as possible.

Besides the preliminary and very long soaking, there are no other effective ways to soften the beans. A little bit to speed up this process will help the acidic environment. When soaking, add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar to the water. Change the water frequently, even if the container is in the refrigerator. This will help to partially dissolve the substances that cause flatulence. In the process of cooking, also change the water, bringing the beans to a boil. Cook it in an open dish so that the grains do not darken.

There are more than two hundred varieties of cultivated beans. From this variety, you can, of course, choose any, at your discretion, but at the same time keep in mind that white beans are cooked one and a half times faster, especially - small.

For vegetarians, this product is a source of protein, but, nevertheless, it must be understood that no vegetable protein can fully replace animal proteins that supply gluten to the human body and give energy. Proteins of animal origin in their chemical composition are more close to the biochemical processes of the human body. Therefore, bean proteins are good, but it is better if meat food is added to them, at least - meat broth.

Soup with beans and meat - perfect.

Recipe 1. Soup with beans and meat, with croutons


1.2 L meat broth

Onions, onion 120 g

Parsley root 50 g

Red carrots 100 g

Greens 75 g

Potatoes 250 g (net)

Salt 2 g

Canned beans, natural 280 g

Garlic 20g

Oil (for toasts) 150 ml

Bread 400 g



Slice the bread. After warming up the refined oil, fry the bread slices and put them on a napkin.

The roots of parsley and carrot, washed and peeled, chop and put in a pan in 100 ml of broth. Peel and chop the onion, add to the pan and simmer until transparent. Cut the peeled potatoes into cubes and cook in meat broth. Combine both prepared parts of the soup in a blender and perebeyte. Put the vegetable puree back into the pan. Open the jar of beans, rinse it and immerse in mashed potatoes. Boil until boiling over low heat. Turn off, season the soup with chopped herbs and garlic, add spices and salt, if desired.

Recipe 2. Soup with beans and meat, with tomato dressing


Pork pulp, low-fat 700 g

Tomatoes 400 g

Hot peppers - 50 g and sweet - 100 g

Onions - 120 g

Fat (for passaging) 50 g


Provencal herbs - 20 g

Bay leaf, a mixture of peppers (ground)

Beans (grain) 300 g


Carrots 90g


Blanch the tomatoes, and when cool, wipe, removing the skin and grains. Chopped onions and carrots chop and fry with the addition of flour. In grated vegetables, add the grated tomatoes and 50 - 100 ml of broth from the pan. Simmer until thickened, and then smash vegetables with a blender.

Bean grain, having sustained 6-7 hours in cold water, wash and throw in boiling water. As soon as the water boils, drain it, transfer the beans to another pot of boiling water and continue to cook. After 20 minutes, put in the pan the washed pork pulp, cut into large cubes and cook until the beans and meat are ready. Before you boil the meat, do not forget to remove the foam.

Add grated tomato dressing to the soup along with spices, pepper and chopped greens, and bring it to a boil. The finished soup must be steeped for 20-25 minutes before serving.

Recipe 3. Soup with beans and meat in vegetable broth


Chicken stew 0.5 l

Canned beans in tomato sauce 400 g

Frozen vegetable mixture (carrots, asparagus, cauliflower) 300 g

Shallot 150 g

Peeled potatoes 250 g

Water 2 l

Spices, chopped greens


Very fast soup: it will help out when there is little time, and, moreover, it is an excellent marching option that will make a worthy competition to soups with preservatives, in sachets.

Peeled and washed potatoes cut into cubes 1x1x1 cm, so that it is cooked faster. Choose a soft and fast-boiling variety to shorten the cooking time. Dip the prepared potatoes in hot water and let simmer for about five minutes, then send all the ingredients to the pan at once, except for frozen vegetables and chopped fresh greens. Simmer over all the components of the soup for another 3-4 minutes, and pour the rest of the ingredients. If necessary, bring the soup to taste with spices.

Recipe 4. Soup with beans and meat in pots, Georgian-style


Mutton (or beef) 900 g

String beans (asparagus) 150 g

Eggplant 120g (net)

Potatoes 800 g (net)

Meat broth 1.1 l

Tomatoes (pasta) 75 g

Garlic 15g

Onions 100g

Cilantro 60g

Carrots 140g

Hops suneli 30 g

Basil, red 70 g

Red pepper, hot

Sour cream and slices of tomatoes (for serving)


Prepare the broth, boiling it from the bones, after trimming the meat. All peeled and prepared ingredients split equally into 6 pots of 450 ml. For each serving, place 4-5 pieces of meat. Add the spices and salt to the broth, mix, dissolve them, and then pour the broth into the pots to cover all the ingredients inside. Chopped cilantro greens, slices of tomatoes and sour cream prepare for decorating the soup: they must be added to the portion of the pots when serving.

Put the pots on the pan, covered with lids, and send to boil in a preheated oven for at least an hour and a half. Thick soup should stew.

Please note: the ingredients for the chanakhi must be cut into large pieces.

Recipe 5. Soup with beans and meat: pickle with mushrooms


Salty milk mushrooms 200 g

Potatoes 300 g

Boiled beans 250 g

1.4 L meat broth

“Salami” 350 g

Onions 150g

Smoked lard 180g

Carrots 100 g

Greens, spices, slices of lemons or lime, olives, sour cream - for serving


In boiled strained broth, place the prepared and chopped potatoes. Wash off the brine of milk mushrooms and cut them into plates. “Salami” cut the same slices as potatoes.

Heat the pan, put the finely chopped pieces of smoked bacon into it and heat the lard, then remove the overcooked pieces. Prepare a dressing of carrots and onions, passe these vegetables on smoked pork fat.

When the potatoes have melted enough, add to it boiled variegated beans, chopped mushrooms and cooked dressing. Boil it all together slowly over the heat for about ten minutes, until all the ingredients combine into one flavor. When serving, add slices of lemon, 3-4 rings of chopped black olives without pits, chopped parsley or other herbs, a spoonful of sour cream in each serving.

Bean and Meat Soup - Tricks and Tips

  • Salting beans is necessary before the end of cooking, when the grains are soft. Do not be afraid that they will fall apart and burst: the outer shell of beans is strong enough. Add salt and boil the beans for about ten minutes.
  • When cooked, the beans increase threefold in volume, and the meat shrinks about two times. This must be taken into account during the preparation of the soup in order to create the necessary consistency.
  • Soups are not recommended to cook for future use, as most of them lose their beneficial properties 2-3 hours after cooling.
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