Soup from canned beans with cheese, apples, stew, fish. Recipes for homemade canned bean soup

Soup from canned beans with cheese, apples, stew, fish. Recipes for homemade canned bean soup

Bean soups are nourishing and tasty, and the use of canned beans is not only a way to save time, although this is important.

It is canned beans that give it a specific “rich” flavor, which cannot be described in words.

If you compare the duration of cooking, then, using canned food, and instead of fresh meat using stew, you spend no more effort than an omelette.

Canned Bean Soup - General Cooking Principles

• Canned bean soups are cooked in broths cooked from various types of meat and poultry. For the preparation of dietary bean soup using vegetable broth. Quick, tasty and rich soup of canned beans can be cooked with stew.

• Beans take both white and red, and from a tomato soup canned in tomato cook no less tasty tomato soup, in which you do not need to separately add tomato puree or fresh tomatoes.

• In addition to beans, vegetables such as carrots, onions, and celery are added to such soups. Of them cook fry, or add, arbitrarily chopped raw. Potatoes can not be used.

• Lavrushka, black pepper or ground pepper or peppers are used as seasonings and spices. In “Austurian Fabad” they lay “a bunch of garni” - spiced together in a small bundle of threads.

• Also, chopped or roasted garlic and fresh herbs are added to flavor the soup.

“Asturian Fabad” Canned Bean Soup


• 400 grams (one can) of white beans;

• one liter of chicken broth;

• Bulgarian fresh or frozen peppers - 1 pepper, or 3 tables. spoons of sliced ​​ice cream;

• three small cloves of garlic;

• 350 grams of boiled ham;

• 50 ml of purified olive oil;

• six medium pieces of white bread;

• 20 grams of natural butter;

• two tables. tablespoons chopped parsley;

• “a bunch of garni” (a bunch of fresh spices: Lavrushka, celery, parsley and cumin). Cooking Method:

1. Peel the onions and garlic, and remove the seed box from the sweet pepper.

2. Slice onion and sweet pepper in small slices and fry in heated olive oil in a frying pan until soft.

3. Add diced ham, chopped garlic, cook all together for four minutes.

4. Transfer the beans from the jar to the pan, pour the whole gravy there, add the chicken broth, a “bunch” of spices and boil for 5-6 minutes after boiling.

5. Take out from the pan about a glass of beans, mash it with a spoon or tolkushka in mashed potatoes and lower back.

6. Put the onion and pepper in a pan from the pan, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil over medium heat and cook for another six minutes.

7. Remove the “bouquet of garni” from the soup, pour the ready soup from canned beans into plates and serve, putting in each piece of toasted white bread and sprinkling with greens.

“African” soup of canned beans with apples


• 600 ml of light broth from poultry;

• two heads of white bitter onions;

• 230 grams of red beans (canned);

• one large green apple, sour;

• three tablespoons of natural 72% butter;

• 75 ml of fat (preferably homemade) cream;

• one table. a spoonful of wheat flour;

• one third teaspoon of curry;

• white pepper, ground, salt to your liking.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil, or if there is already ready - bring the chicken broth to a boil, dip the beans into it and cook for ten minutes. Cool slightly, whisk the soup with an immersion blender.

2. In butter until transparent, fry the onions, add the diced apple cut into medium-sized cubes, and simmer for seven minutes.

3. Sprinkle the contents of the pan with flour, curry and, mixing well, set aside to cool.

4. Put the apple stew with onions in a saucepan with the soup, bring to a boil and hold for ten minutes on minimal heat.

5. At your discretion, add pepper, fine salt and season the soup with cream.

Fast nourishing soup of canned beans with stew


• 0.5 liter can of colored beans;

• one small head of “sharp” onions;

• five potatoes;

• one carrot;

• one, 0.5 l can of beef stew;

• Lavrushka - 1 leaf;

• 4 black peas.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the peeled onion in a pan with three liters of cold filtered water and boil.

2. In boiling water, place the potatoes cut in medium slices, bay leaf, peppercorns and carrots chopped into thin ringlets. Too thick carrots easier to cut into strips.

3. When the vegetables are only half ready, transfer the beans to the pan, along with all the liquid, add the stew and cook until ready.

Canned Bean Soup - “Peasant”


• half chicken carcass;

• canned colored beans - one can;

• large onion;

• carrot - one, medium size;

• five small potatoes;

• two tables. spoons of finely chopped dill;

• table salt;

• one leaf of laurel.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop the chicken into large pieces, cover with two liters of filtered water and boil the broth, adding a little salt.

2. Crumble smaller carrots with onions, and cut the potatoes into medium-sized slices or diced.

3. Dip the chopped vegetables in the broth to the almost ready chicken meat and cook with a low boil until the potatoes are ready.

4. Seven minutes before the end, add the beans without marinade and a small bay leaf.

5. In the finished soup, put about a couple of spoons of chopped dill.

Canned Bean Tomato Soup


• 500 grams of beef, brisket;

• half-liter jar of beans in a tomato;

• potato - 2 tubers;

• a small bitter onion head;

• two carrots;

• table. spoon of sunflower, unrefined oil;

• two branches of dill;

• three sprigs of parsley;

• three bay leaves;

• two peas allspice.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the meat well, fill it with three liters of cold water and set to maximum heat. Bringing to a boil, drain the first water, rinse the meat, again pour the same amount of water and boil. After boiling, boil the meat for an hour and a half, from time to time removing the rising “pitch”. 15 minutes before the end, add the leaves of Lavrushka and allspice peas. Remove the beef from the broth, divide the meat into small pieces and place in the pan again. 2. Fry onions in vegetable oil until tender golden crust forms, add coarse grated carrots and continue frying until softened.

3. In the broth, lower the potatoes, best of all, cut it into centimeter cubes and boil until half cooked and add the spasserovannye onions and carrots.

4. When the potatoes soften, add the canned beans and bring to the boil again.

5. In the boiled soup, lower the finely chopped greens and remove the pan from the stove.

6. Cover tightly with a lid, you can throw a thick, clean cloth over the top and let the tomato soup brew for an hour.

Bean-cheese soup from canned beans


• one can of white beans without a tomato;

• 300 grams of canned red (colored) beans;

• 200 gr. good processed cheese;

• celery - 2 roots;

• two medium carrots;

• head of bitter onions;

• two medium cloves of garlic;

• 200 ml of dry white acidic wine;

• 75 ml of refined olive oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the vegetables, rinse thoroughly under the tap and chop: chop the onion into small pieces, chop carrots and celery into small strips.

2. Fry the onions in a pan in the oil until light transparency, add the carrots with celery and continue frying for another eight minutes.

3. Pour in all dry wine, stir and simmer, constantly stirring on medium heat for ten minutes.

4. Dissolve melted cheese in one and a half liters of boiling water, dip roasted vegetables in cheese broth and boil.

5. After the soup begins to boil, dip the beans, washed and dried in a sieve or colander, in a saucepan and add table salt and pepper at your discretion.

6. Melt the cheese bean soup on the included plate for five minutes.

7. Then add crushed garlic and press, turn off the heat, let the soup brew for a quarter of an hour under the covered lid.

Canned Bean Soup with Smoked Fish


• sweet onion;

• half a head of garlic;

• celery stalk;

• small carrot;

• two tables. spoons of olive or other oils of the highest degree of purification; • liter jar of salted tomatoes;

• 2 tbsp. l Mexican seasoning “Chipotle”;

• two liters of any broth or vegetable broth;

• one and a half cans of canned beans, white;

• 450 grams of smoked cod fillet.

Cooking Method:

1. Dice carrots, onions, celery and save vegetables in refined olive oil. Add finely chopped garlic and fry until softened.

2. Beat in a smooth mashed, chopped canned peeled tomatoes with seasoning “Chipotle”.

3. Mix the pureed tomatoes and the browned vegetables with the broth and quickly bring to the boil. Reduce heat to medium, soak for about five minutes, lower it and cook over low heat for fifteen minutes.

4. From a can of canned pour pouring, lower the beans into the soup and cook until tender.

5. When the beans have completely softened, whip half of the soup into a puree with an immersion mixer and boil it with the main soup.

6. When serving, lay the fish in pieces and sprinkle the dish with finely chopped cilantro.

Lean Canned Bean Soup


• 400 gr. potatoes;

• 300 gr. canned beans (any);

• one and a half onions;

• two large ripe tomatoes;

• small carrot;

• Four sprigs of fresh parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the beans from the jar in a colander, rinse with a thin stream of running water and dry a little.

2. Chop onions and chopped carrot fry at a minimum oil to amber. Add ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces and continue frying. After three minutes, shift the legumes to the vegetables from the colander, stir and simmer for three more minutes.

3. In boiling water (two liters), lower the potatoes cut into large slices. When the potatoes are half cooked, dip the cooked vegetable dressing, ground pepper into the broth, salt a little, take a sample, and bring the soup from the canned beans to readiness.

4. A couple of minutes before the end, put chopped parsley in the soup.

Canned Bean Soup - Tips and Tips

• Potato soup from canned beans with stew will become more fragrant if you add a couple of bouillon cubes when laying legumes, and at the end of cooking put dill into finely chopped soup.

• To balance the taste of the soup, you can use different kinds of meat for cooking broth.

• Boiled canned beans soup cooked in vegetable broth will be more nourishing if, during the cooking process, the bacon is cut into small pieces.

• If canned bean soups, after adding zazharki, simmer on minimal heat, and not cook, they will be much tastier.

• Do not add many seasonings to such soups, use no more than three types of them. In principle, it is generally possible to do with one crushed coriander, it is ideal for dishes from legumes. Add it simultaneously with the laying of beans and in the finished soup, it will not be strongly felt, but will leave a soft, lasting aroma and flavor.

• Many refuse soups and dishes from legumes, for fear of bloating, or other similar troubles. If there are no special medical problems, refuse bread, it is the yeast contained in it that is most often the cause of swelling.

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