Sandy lemon pie - no one has yet been able to resist! Recipes sandy lemon pies for home tea

Sandy lemon pie - no one has yet been able to resist! Recipes sandy lemon pies for home tea

Lemon Pie - the insane aroma starts from the name alone.

This sour citrus is valued for him.

Lemon pies are cooked in a variety of ways: open, closed, with or without fillings, puff pastry, sponge cake or yeast dough.

There are lots of options!

But sandy pies with lemon are especially tasty and fragrant.

Sandwich Lemon Pie - General Cooking Principles

Sand dough is rarely bought in the store, as it is very easy and simple to do at home. Yes, and a set of products is always available. The basis of the dough is fat (butter, margarine), sugar and flour. Sometimes they put other ingredients: sour cream, eggs, rippers, cottage cheese. Usually, all ingredients are simply mixed, ground and combined with flour. The dough is cooled or used immediately.

Lemons can be used whole or only peel is taken. Some pies need juice, which is very easily extracted from citrus even without special tools. If the recipe does not indicate the weight of the fruit, but pieces, then medium-sized citruses are selected.

Recipe 1: Terkin Lemon Sand Cake

Recipe amazing lemon sandwich with fresh citrus filling. We choose for preparation juicy fruits with a thin skin.


• 0.45 kg of flour;

• 2 glasses of sugar;

• 2 citrus;

• 1 tsp. baking powder;

• 2 eggs;

• 0.2 kg margarine.


1. Pound margarine and a glass of sugar in a bowl to a creamy state. Beat optional. Melting margarine to a liquid state is also not necessary, just gently soften the product at room temperature.

2. Add one protein and whole egg to margarine. Stir. Yolk while removing the side.

3. Add the margarine flour, sifted together with baking powder. Knead dough. 4. Pinch off the fourth part and roll up two buns. We remove for half an hour in the freezer, but for now prepare the filling.

5. Wash the lemons and grate. In the process, throwing seeds. Skin must not be removed. Add the remaining glass of sugar, stir.

6. We take out a large ball of dough from the freezer and roll it out. We shift in a round shape, making the sides 2 centimeters.

7. Spread the filling evenly.

8. We get the remaining ball of dough and three on top of the pie on a fine grater.

9. Bake at 180 ° C for half an hour. Cool completely and then take out of the form.

Recipe 2: Sandy Lemon Cake “Fairy Tale” with meringue

A special feature of this shortbread lemon pie is the fabulous look. It is very beautiful and deliciously delicious. Cooking requires a certain amount of time, but the result is worth it.


• 2 yolks;

• 150 grams of flour;

• 110 grams of margarine;

• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 40 grams of sugar.


• 2 lemons;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 300 ml of water;

• 3 tablespoons of starch;

• 4 yolks;

• 2 spoons of plum oil.

For a meringue hat, use the 6 remaining proteins and 7 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Make the usual shortbread dough. To do this, beat the margarine with sugar, add the yolks and flour mixed with cocoa. If you want to get more lush. Basis, then you can add a pinch of baking baking powder. We clean in the freezer.

2. Stuffing - lemon Kurd. For its preparation, we remove the zest from a single citrus and grind it. Squeeze the juice of two lemons. Combine all the ingredients listed in the recipe: butter, water, juice and zest, add flour with starch and yolks. All whisk whisk and cook until thickening of the cream.

3. For a layer of meringue, whip chilled proteins and prescription sugar (you can powder).

4. Making a cake. To do this, lay out the dough base with sides and bake for 15 minutes at 180.

5. Pour hot Kurd into a hot base, and squirrels whipped with sugar on top. 6. Put another 15 minutes to bake. Done! Cool the cake and cut it into portions.

Recipe 3: Lemon Sand Cake on Sour Cream

Of course, in addition to sour cream in this sandy lemon pie there are mi fats. You can use margarine or butter. But with a fat content of at least 70%.


• 0.25 kg margarine;

• 1 cup sour cream;

• 3.5 cups flour;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• 2 lemons;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Cut margarine into slices and leave at room temperature for an hour.

2. Add sugar, salt and beat for ten minutes with a mixer. Mass will become brighter and more magnificent.

3. Gradually introduce sour cream, do not allow the mixture to exfoliate. The temperature of the products should be the same.

4. It remains to pour flour with a ripper and quickly stir. Divide the dough into 3 parts and ship to cool. One part should be a little more than the rest.

5. Wash the lemons with a brush and cut into slices, take out all the seeds. Then we put in the blender and puree. You can twist in a meat grinder, but in this case there will be small pieces.

6. We get the largest part of the dough and roll out a thin cake. Put in shape, make small bumpers.

7. Spread half the lemon puree, smear.

8. Roll out the second piece of dough and transfer it to the form. And again smear the filling. Spread the remaining lemon puree.

9. Roll out the last dough and shift it to the cake. We pinch the edges of the sides and flat cakes together.

10. Make some holes on the top and send the cake to bake. It takes about half an hour at 200 ° C.

Recipe 4: Sandy Lemon Quick Cake

Recipe for an unusual cake with a juicy filling, which is very quickly made and poured on the dough in liquid form.


• 2 spoons of water;

• 250 grams of flour;

• 5 lemons;

• 350 grams of sugar (100 g in dough);

• 1.5 tablespoons of starch;

• 6 eggs (1 per dough); • 180 grams of butter (120 g per dough).


1. Remove the zest and grind. Juice of citrus wring out.

2. Mix 120 grams of butter with 100 grams of sugar and zest, add one egg and two spoons of water. Stir well. Put the flour and make an elastic ball of dough.

3. Fold the dough into shape, making small sides.

4. For the filling, mix the butter with the remaining sugar and starch. Gradually add eggs and lemon juice. It is very important that the mass does not exfoliate. Therefore, the products are kept for an hour at the same temperature.

5. Pour the resulting cream on the sand base.

6. Put the cake to bake. Cook 40 minutes at 200 ° C.

Recipe 5: Sandy Lemon Cake with Crumb

Recipe for many well-known lemon shortbread pie, which is sprinkled with crumbs on top.


• 0.2 kg of oil;

• 3 cups flour;

• 4 yolks;

• salt and soda in 0.3 tsp;

• 1 cup of sugar.

In the filling:

• 2 lemons;

• a glass of sugar.


1. Yolks and sugar are finely ground. Either we take the mixer and whisk, it will be faster.

2. Add the softened butter, do not stop mixing.

3. Now on the table sift 2.5 cups of flour, add salt with soda, you can pay. We make a recess and lay out the prepared mass of yolks with butter.

4. Knead the dough. We remove the sixth part to the side and add the remaining flour to it. Get dry baby.

5. We spread from the main dough the formation with the sides directly into the form.

6. Free the lemons from the bones and twist through a meat grinder, mix with sugar and pour on the cake.

7. Fall asleep previously cooked crumbs and in the stove! Preparing such a cake will be about half an hour, set the temperature to 180-190.

Recipe 6: Sandy Lemon Quiche

Variant of the most delicate cake with sweet cream and citrus aroma. This baking can safely move the cake on the holiday table. Immediately turn on the stove at an average temperature of 180, as the dough is prepared very quickly. Ingredients

• 2 eggs;

• 0.1 kg margarine;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• 1.5 Art. flour;

• 0.5 Art. Sahara.


• 2 lemons;

• 200 ml of milk;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 3 yolks.


1. Whip butter with sugar. Enter raw eggs one by one.

2. Add flour with baking powder and send the dough into the form. We lay out small bumpers and immediately set to bake for 15 minutes.

3. Milk, beat with yolks and sugar. It is not necessary to do this for long, only until the mass is uniform.

4. Lemons are simply ground in any convenient way. We take out sunflower seeds, we leave skins with zest. It is they who will give baking a blessed aroma.

5. We take out the base of the stove and lay crushed lemons on it, then carefully pour the cream and immediately return it to the stove again.

6. We finish the cake for about 8 minutes. Focus on the cream. Mass should be thicker.

7. Remove from the oven and cool well before cutting. For decoration, you can use grated zest topping or lemon wedges.

Recipe 7: Sandy Lemon Cake with Curd

For this cake you need a good and real cottage cheese. Already a sweet mass or a reconstituted product will not work, since in the oven they may behave unpredictably.


• 0.3 kg flour;

• 0.25 kg of sugar (100 per dough);

• 0.4 kg of cottage cheese;

• 0.2 kg of oil;

• 3 tablespoons sour cream;

• egg;

• zest with 1 lemon;

• 1 bag ripper;

• 0.5 lemon pulp.


1. Mix flour with sugar and baking powder.

2. Cut cold butter with chunks and also send to the mixture. We take the usual knife and chop it into a crumb.

3. Add the egg and immediately put the sour cream. Knead dough. Put the elastic ball in the bag and send it in the freezer. Keep in the cold while preparing the filling.

4. Cottage cheese mix with the rest of the sugar and lemon zest. Half a cut of citrus is finely chopped and also sent to the filling. If you like sour, you can lay the whole fruit. We bring to your taste, carefully grind. 5. Take out the cooled dough and pinch off the fourth part of it. From the rest we roll out the cake, send it to the form. We make small bumpers.

6. Spread the curd filling.

7. From the deferred dough, roll out the ribbon and cut strips one centimeter wide. We spread on the cake mesh.

8. Put in the oven and bake for 40 minutes. We put no more than 180 degrees.

Sandy Lemon Pie - Tips and Tricks

• To squeeze out a lot of juice from a lemon, hold citrus for half a minute in hot water. You can also roll the fruit on the table, with an effort on it pushing. But you need to cut right above the bowl, as the juice will pour immediately.

• The easiest way to remove the zest is to use an ordinary fine grater. Just rub the fruit to the white layer on all sides.

• Lemon zest can be prepared for future use. For this, the peeled skin is dried or frozen.

• In any cake recipe, instead of lemon, you can use an orange, grapefruit or other citrus. And the usual pastries will acquire a new taste.

• To decorate a lemon cake, you can use citrus slices or flowers made from dried peel. To do this, a thin skin is cleaned in a spiral, like potatoes. And also fold.

• Do not like sour stuffing? Lemons can always be mixed with any other fruits: apples, oranges, pears, quinces, peaches and even plums. You can use jam or any jam.

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