Baked pumpkin with apples - like it! Baked pumpkin recipes with apples and oranges, dried fruits, rice and meringue

Baked pumpkin with apples - like it! Baked pumpkin recipes with apples and oranges, dried fruits, rice and meringue

Pumpkin - orange beauty, which is found in a variety of dishes from soups to desserts and winter preparations. Especially it turns out delicious in baked form. Yes, if also with an apple! Beauty!

Baked pumpkin with apples - general principles of cooking

Pumpkin can be baked in slices or whole. In the second embodiment, the vegetable is usually stuffed, after removing the seeds with loose pulp. The pieces are baked in the form or on a baking sheet, foil can be used.

Apples for baking need to use only solid. Soft, overripe and friable fruits will quickly turn into porridge, spoil the dish.

What else can add:

• spices;

• dried fruits;

• fresh berries and fruits;

• cereals;

• cottage cheese.

For taste, added sugar or honey, lemon juice or diluted acid. Baked pumpkin with apples usually in the oven. the duration depends on many factors: the degree of maturity of the fruit and humidity, additional ingredients, fillings used. Check you need a pumpkin, for this pieces of pulp pierced with a toothpick or a match.

Baked pumpkin with apples and raisins

A gorgeous dessert made from simple and healthy products. Be sure to use natural honey, nuts and seeds can be used any.


• 0.8 kg of pumpkin;

• 2 spoons of honey;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon;

• 3 apples;

• 0.5 cup sour cream;

• a handful of raisins;

• 50 g plums. oils;

• breadcrumbs.


1. With a piece of butter we grease the form in which we will bake the dish. Sprinkle with crackers. You can take the usual semolina.

2. Put the rest of the oil in the pan, melt.

3. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, place it in a frying pan and cook on low heat for about seven minutes. Turn off.

4. Cut the apples into slices, sort out the raisins, wash them.

5. We chop nuts. You can use sunflower or pumpkin seeds, sesame. We let the dish that is in the house. 6. Put a layer of pumpkin in the form, sprinkle with raisins.

7. Lay the apple pieces on top of the pieces.

8. Cooking pouring honey and sour cream, stir them thoroughly. If the honey is thick, then melt it before.

9. Add cinnamon and prepared nuts to the pot.

10. Evenly cover the layer of apples with cooked sauce.

11. Put the dish in the heated at 240C ° oven. Baking at high temperature for about 20 minutes until a beautiful crust appears on the apples.

Ordinary Baked Pumpkin with Apples and Sugar

The recipe for a simple baked pumpkin with apples, which can be done in five minutes and cooked in the oven. Sugar can be used white, but brown sand is better suited for baking.


• 400 g pumpkin;

• 3 apples;

• 100 ml of water;

• 5-6 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Heat the water on the stove, add sugar, stir, set aside, let the grains dissolve.

2. We clean the pumpkin, cut it into arbitrary cubes, put it in the first layer in any greased form.

3. We clean the apples, cut them in the same cubes, put the pieces on top of the pumpkin.

4. We pour all this with sugar dissolved in water.

5. Put in the oven, bake the pumpkin with apples for about 25-30 minutes. If the pieces are small, it may take less time. The stove is heated to 200 ° C.

Baked pumpkin with whole apples

A whole pumpkin, baked with apples in the oven, looks spectacular on the table and will be its main decoration. You can add any dried fruits and nuts to the filling. Here is a rough version.


• pumpkin up to 1.5 kg;

• 3 apples of the Golden variety;

• 30 g of oil;

• 80 g sour cream;

• 2 spoons of nuts;

• 0.5 cups of raisins;

• pinch of cinnamon;

• A spoon of sugar (adjustable to taste).


1. At the washed pumpkin the top, 2-3 cm high is cut off. It will be a lid. Take out all the pulp with seeds.

2. Heat the butter in a pan, put the sliced ​​apples into the pan, fry on high heat to evaporate the juice. Cool it down.

3. Mix the apples with washed raisins, nuts, cinnamon. 4. Put the stuffing inside the pumpkin.

5. Sour cream should be mixed with a spoonful of sugar.

6. Pour the filling over the top.

7. Close the pumpkin lid, set on a baking sheet or in a suitable form.

8. Send to an oven heated to 200 degrees, bake the pumpkin until cooked pulp. It will take about an hour. You do not need to grease the crust, it will become ruddy and shiny without it.

Baked pumpkin with slices of apples

Another simplest way to cook a baked dish, for which you will need a piece of foil and any sugar.


• 300 g pumpkin;

• 2-3 apples;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 1 tsp. oils;

• Cinnamon optional.


1. If the foil is thin, then use in 2 layers. We form a piece of trough with small sides up to two centimeters. They will keep the juice shed.

2. We transfer the trough in the form or on a baking sheet. You can do it right on the form, so as not to lose the size.

3. Lubricate the foil with oil.

4. Cut pumpkin in long slices, up to one centimeter thick.

5. Cut apples into large chunks. The skin should not be removed, the core of the seeds are removed immediately.

6. We spread on a greased foil slices of pumpkin and apples in a single layer. Alternate in any order.

7. Mix sugar with cinnamon. Or use only sand. A beautiful crust on the pumpkin is formed from brown sugar. But you can use white sand.

8. Sprinkle the laid pieces with sugar, send the dish to be baked.

9. At a temperature of 200 it will take twenty minutes, but look at the readiness of your dish.

Baked pumpkin with meringue apples

The recipe for a very tender dessert under an air cloud of meringue. You can take a little more pumpkin or apples, but the total amount of products should not change.


• 2 egg whites;

• some lemon juice (you can take diluted acid)

• 0.2 kg apples;

• pumpkin 0.3 kg;

• 50 grams of raisins;

• a couple of tablespoons of nuts;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;

• 20 g of oil;

• 0.5 cups of powder (you can sugar).


1. A mold with a diameter of about 20 cm should be lubricated with a piece of oil. 2. Fill the raisins with hot water, let it swell a little.

3. Turn on the 180 oven.

4. Cut the apples into 8 pieces, remove the middle.

5. Pumpkin need to cut about the same slices, which turned out apples. Spread it all together in the form, pour lemon juice.

6. Remove the soaked raisins from the water and also add to the form.

7. Sprinkle with cinnamon, bake for a quarter of an hour.

8. Chop the nuts.

9. During this time, you need to cook nut meringue. Beat the chilled squirrels to a dense foam.

10. Gradually add powdered sugar. You can also use sand, but it will take longer to beat, until all the grains have dissolved.

11. Add nuts, stir.

12. Remove the mold from the oven. Spread the meringues over the apples with the pumpkin, flatten with a spoon.

13. Place again in the oven, turning down the temperature to 150 degrees. Cook dessert for another half hour. Cool it down.

Baked pumpkin with apples, rice and dried fruits

Another recipe for baked pumpkin with whole apples. For this dish it is better to use long rice.


• 1 small pumpkin up to 1 kg;

• 100 grams of rice;

• 2 apples;

• a large handful of dried fruit;

• 100 ml of cream;

• cinnamon.


1. Rice is boiled until cooked, all water is drained.

2. Apples are peeled, diced, sent to rice.

3. Dried fruits need to be washed. Raisin is laid entirely, dried apricots with prunes and other large fruits can be cut.

4. Mix dried fruits with boiled rice and apples. You can fill the cinnamon stuffing.

5. At the washed pumpkin the lid is cut from the side of the tail, the pulp is selected.

6. Put the stuffing inside the pumpkin, pour a small amount of cream. Similarly, you can use sour cream.

7. Close the lid, bake until the pulp is soft in the oven. If the crust is thin, expose 200 degrees. If there is a lot of pulp, then you can make the temperature a little lower than 180-190.

Baked pumpkin with apples, orange and lemon

A variant of a very fragrant dessert of baked pumpkin with citrus and apples. Take one small orange, it will be enough for this amount of pumpkin. Ingredients

• 2 apples;

• 1 orange;

• 0.5 lemon;

• pumpkin 0.4 kg;

• 5 Art. l Sahara.


1. Peeled pumpkin and apples are cut into the same cubes about one centimeter, mixed, stacked in shape.

2. The pulp of orange and lemon is also cut, but very finely.

3. Spread the citrus pieces over the pumpkin and apple.

4. Sprinkle sugar on top.

5. Cover with foil, bake at moderate temperature for 20 minutes.

6. We take out, mix with a spatula, cook without foil for another 15 minutes until the pumpkin is soft. We evaporate part of the juice.

7. Remove the dish finally, mix, so that all the pieces are covered with syrup. At this stage, you can sprinkle the dessert with liqueur, sprinkle with cinnamon, cool.

Baked Apple Pumpkin - Tips and Tricks

• A pumpkin will cook for a long time if the sour juice of apples falls on it. Therefore, you can first bring the vegetable to half-ready, then add apples to it.

• Leftover baked pumpkin with apples can be used as a base for pancakes. It is necessary to grind everything carefully, add an egg, a little semolina or flour. If you put cottage cheese, you get wonderful cheesecakes: bright and fragrant. In its pure form, the baked dish can be used as a filling for patties, pancakes, rolls.

• Citruses - the perfect supplement for pumpkin dishes. They neutralize the flavor of the vegetable, turn the dish into a real dessert. It is not necessary to use fruits in full; in most recipes, you can only get along with zest.

• Both pumpkin and apples are perfectly combined with meat. Therefore, they can be used not only for desserts, but also for main courses.

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