What to cook from minced meat besides cutlets - we are looking for granny notebooks. Cooking minced meat - muffins, rolls, kebabs

What to cook from minced meat besides cutlets - we are looking for granny notebooks. Cooking minced meat - muffins, rolls, kebabs

Minced, or minced meat is perfectly stored frozen.

This is perhaps the most common semi-finished product and products made from it can be prepared a lot.

The most popular are cutlets, meatballs, dumplings, but this is not all.

Many dishes of minced meat belong to the national cuisines of the peoples of our country.

It is used as a filling for various pies and pies, and classic meatballs can be served in an original way.

Meat dishes are easier to digest, which is why they are so popular in diets. Yes, and kids, lazy chew, do not give up meat, if it is made from minced meat and serve original. There are in the selection and such recipes.

Minced Meat - General Cooking Principles

• Minced meat is a very convenient semi-finished product. The main feature of the product is that all dishes based on it are cooked much faster than from natural, even cut into pieces of meat.

• In addition to cutlets, you can make stuffed cabbage rolls, lasagna, stuffed pepper, make chops and much more from ground beef.

• We offer you to cook unusual, hearty snacks from minced meat. For this you need a stove and oven. From kitchen accessories - a meat grinder or blender, a grater with different cells, a cutting board. Several small containers. If necessary, saucepan and pan (thick-walled or non-stick coating).

• Stuffing prepared from fresh or chilled meat, you can buy ready.

• Meat before scrolling in the meat grinder must be washed and cleaned of thick films and tendons.

• Twisted meat must be salted and flavored with ground black pepper. After that, it is well mixed until uniform. Even it is possible to slightly beat off the mass on the bowl so that it is well sealed.

• After that act according to the recipe. To make the finished products juicy and crisp, you can add raw or spiced onions to the minced meat. Bread soaked in milk or water or boiled rice.

• Cooked snack dishes, according to recipes, can be served not only on the daily table. With their originality they will decorate any festive feast.

What to cook from minced meat besides meatballs - “Lyulya-kebab” with tomato sauce


• beef - 250 gr .;

• 300 gr. pork;

• 250 gr. fresh bacon;

• Four feathers of green onions.

To sauce:

• 700 gr. ripe tomatoes;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1/3 small chili pepper;

• tablespoon of sunflower oil.

• a bunch of dill, two tomatoes, plus one for decoration.

Cooking Method:

1. Green onions, beef, pork, wash well and dry.

2. Fresh lard and meat cut into small pieces and chop with a meat grinder with the finest grate. You can kill the meat blender.

3. Finely chop green onion feathers and send to the meat. Add salt, pepper with pepper and knead well. You can add a little nutmeg powder to your taste. Be sure to beat off the mass on the table or chopping board.

4. Hugging a large spoon, shape the sausages with wet hands.

5. Each such sausage string on a wooden skewer soaked in water (for an hour). Take a pyramid-shaped grater and insert skewers with sausages into its holes.

6. Warm up the oven to 200 degrees and put a grater with blanks in it. Bake until done.

7. Cut the washed tomatoes into pieces. Remove the stem and chop the flesh with a blender. If not, turn the tomatoes in a meat grinder. Before chopping, be sure to remove the peel from tomatoes.

8. Cut the chili pepper into small pieces, chop the garlic finely. Lightly fry the garlic with pepper in vegetable oil.

9. Add chopped tomatoes, salt and simmer another 10 minutes.

10. Put the ready-made “kebab” on the dish. Garnish with dill sprigs and tomato rings. Serve cooked tomato sauce separately in a saucepan.

What to cook from minced meat besides meatballs - “Meat muffins” stuffed with quail eggs


• 600 grams of mixed pork and beef mince;

• one large onion;

• small carrot;

• quail eggs - 6 pieces;

• 100 grams of hard or semi-hard cheese;

• fresh greens;

• refined sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse and wash the peeled vegetables under the tap. Grate carrots on a medium grater, finely chop the onion. 2. In a skillet with a thick bottom pour 1.5-2 table. spoons of butter and brown onions on it.

3. Add the chopped carrot and simmer, stirring for 6 minutes.

4. Transfer the vegetables to the minced meat. Pepper, add fine salt and mix.

5. Salt some water a little, put quail eggs in it and boil it. Cool it with cold water. Clean the shells, rinse and wipe dry.

6. Half fill the mass with silicone baking molds for muffins. In each, put one quail egg. And again, put the stuffing on them so that it completely covers the eggs.

7. Bake meat muffins at 180 degrees in the oven for 40 minutes.

8. 8 minutes before readiness sprinkle the muffins with grated cheese and finely chopped greens.

What to cook from minced chicken except meatballs - the original snack “Quail legs”


• 500 gr. fresh minced chicken;

• two onions;

• five small teeth of garlic.

In the dough:

• flour - 350 grams;

• sour cream 20% - 200 grams;

• 200 ml - mayonnaise.


• one chicken egg (raw);

• salty pastry straw - two small packs;

• breadcrumbs.

Cooking Method:

1. Onion together with minced meat twist in a meat grinder. Add crushed garlic, salt and pepper to taste and mix well.

2. Mix sour cream with mayonnaise. Add sifted sieve flour and knead the dough, as in the dumplings.

3. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin into a large, thin layer. Using a glass, squeeze out the circles and place one straw in the center of each. Its edges should be evenly protrude on both sides of the circle.

4. Place a small piece of meat on the straw and pinch the edges of the dough over it. Cut each piece in half.

5. Dip each “leg” in an egg whipped with a whisk. Dip well in breadcrumbs and fry until cooked in roasted vegetable oil. In breadcrumbs from crackers you can put a little finely grated cheese.

6. After frying, put the “legs” on a disposable towel or napkin to remove the remaining fat.

7. After that, place the items on a serving plate and, garnished with sliced ​​vegetables and greens, serve.

What to cook from minced meat besides meatballs - meat roll “Tenderness”


• hard “Russian” cheese - 400 gr .;

• minced meat - 600 gr .;

• chicken eggs - 7 pcs .;

• large onion;

• 250 grams of low-fat mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

1. Whisk 6 eggs and mix them well with mayonnaise. This is very finely grate cheese. To your taste, add salt, pepper a little, stir well until smooth and whisk slightly.

2. Cover the roaster with parchment, pour the egg mixture on it. Smooth the surface with a spoon and bake until you get a light brown crust. Place in the oven, heating it to 180 degrees.

3. Mix the minced meat with the onion twisted in the meat grinder or ground on the middle grater. Add the remaining egg, quite a bit of pepper, table salt and mix everything until smooth.

4. Quickly grease the hot cheese layer with the meat mass and roll it all up quickly as well. Put on linen gloves to avoid getting burned.

5. Cover the roll with foil and place the baking sheet in a preheated oven.

6. Bake at 180 degrees, 40 minutes.

7. The finished roll is still warm cut into pieces. Serve chilled.

What to make from minced meat besides meatballs - snack meatballs in potato dough


• 250 gr. ground beef (any);

• boiled rice - 150 gr .;

• onions - a small head;

• a tablespoon of chili sauce;

• 25 gr. vegetable oil;

• quarter Chin. spoons of red (hot) pepper;

• 100 grams of non-spicy semi-hard cheese;

• raw chicken egg;

• a pound of potatoes;

• two glasses of flour;

• 200 gr. “Peasant” oil;

• a teaspoon of ripper.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled potatoes into slices, cover with cold drinking water and boil until ready. After boiling add some salt to the water.

2. Mashed potatoes or hot potatoes through a meat grinder. The grid in this case should be the smallest. Smash into a slightly cooled egg mash, add flour with a ripper. Add melted butter and stir well.

3. Pour in 200 ml of boiled cool water and knead the homogeneous dough. Wrap the foil and put in half an hour in the cold. 4. In a thick-walled pan, heat the vegetable fat (sunflower oil). Spread in butter chopped onions to amber. Replenish minced meat and fry until done, kneading the meat with a fork so that no lumps are created.

5. Add hot chili sauce, spice it with spices. Combine roasted minced meat with rice and mix well until smooth.

6. Divide the dough into small pieces. Lightly press and form the cakes. Take the silicone molds of the right size and place the potato cakes in them. Do this so that the edges hang down a little.

7. Top with a small ball of meat mass and slightly collect the edges of the potato dough. A small hole should remain in the center.

8. Sprinkle the products with cheese chips and bake at 190 degrees for a quarter of an hour.

What to cook from minced meat except meatballs - “Meatloaf” with liver and tongue


• 300 gr. young veal;

• pork - 200 gr .;

• Fresh beef liver - 150 gr .;

• 200 gr. boiled tongue;

• two eggs;

• half a cup of pasteurized milk;

• 50 gr. white stale loaf;

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• crushed black pepper, cumin.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat melted butter in a pan. Add sliced ​​beef liver and fry, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes.

2. Cut the tongue into small, centimeter cubes.

3. Soak hard bread in milk. Slightly squeeze the milk and chop the meat grinder, along with the pork and beef. Season with cumin, salt. Privetch, pour in the milk, the rest of the steeping loaf, and mix the stuffing.

4. Put tongue, fried liver, chopped dill in the stuffing and mix well again.

5. Form a loaf from the obtained meat mass and place it on a baking sheet greased with any fat. In several places, pierce the roll with a fork.

6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the meatloaf in it for 50 minutes. Chill.

What to prepare from mincemeat except meatballs - “Balls”, balls of minced meat in puff pastry


• 600 grams of minced meat;

• frozen puff pastry - 550 grams;

• clove of garlic;

• 150 grams of hard or semi-hard cheese; • small onion, bulb;

• three raw yolks.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix minced meat with finely chopped onions. Add garlic-crushed garlic, sprinkle the minced meat to your taste with spices. Lightly salt and mix well with your hand.

2. Dampen your hands in water and form balls of the desired size from the meat mass. Inside each place a small cube of cheese.

3. Roll out the puff pastry to 0.3 cm and cut it into very narrow strips.

4. Wrap stuffing from minced meat with strips of puff pastry so that they look like balls of thread.

5. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, dip each “ball” in the whipped yolks and transfer to the brazier.

6. Bake “balls” by heating the oven at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

The tricks of cooking minced meat - useful tips

• Moisten hands in water before mincing to form the stuffing. Meat will not stick to hands, and the product will turn out more accurately.

• Do not rush to roll the puff pastry until it is completely thawed and softened. Otherwise, it will be hard to work with him.

• Spread minced meat on a cake baked with cheese should be very fast. Otherwise, the cake quickly hardens, and roll roll will not work.

• Do not fry too vegetables that are added to the stuffing, they are needed for juiciness. If you fry them, the dish will turn out dry.

• In minced meat made from lean meat for juiciness, you can add fresh minced meat twisted in a meat grinder, and a long loaf soaked in milk or water will add softness.

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