Homemade pancake dinner with minced meat - faster than you think. Ruddy pancakes with minced meat, cheese and vegetables

Homemade pancake dinner with minced meat - faster than you think. Ruddy pancakes with minced meat, cheese and vegetables

Draniki are a wonderful example of simple and affordable food that, with minimal diligence and with a few additions, can change almost beyond recognition. One of the favorite ways is to cook them not on their own, but to use meat and vegetable additives. In this way, very satisfying meals are made.

Pancakes with minced meat - the general principles of cooking

• Pancakes are prepared from grated or minced raw potatoes. It is recommended to rub the potatoes with the finest grater, and if you use a meat grinder, then use the smallest grid.

• Crushed potatoes lightly add salt and leave for a while so that he gives away as much juice as possible. Then gently squeeze and mix with eggs and other products recommended in the recipe.

• Stuffing is used as a filling and put in pancakes during frying or wrapped in already finished products. When baking in pots meat mass peredelivat potato tortillas. Mince can be any: pork, beef or chicken. It is used both in raw and fried. Roasted or salted mushrooms, hard cheeses or browned onions are often added to the meat mass. It is necessarily salted and seasoned to your taste with spices.

• Pancakes with minced meat can be fried in a frying pan or baked in the oven on a baking sheet or in small tins. Often, first cook the usual pancakes in the pan. Then they stuff the stuffing with minced meat and bake it in a small roasting pan, in a specially prepared pot.

Pancakes with minced meat - “Belarusian sorcerers”


• seven medium-sized potatoes;

• 150 gr. homemade stuffing (pork, beef);

• two tablespoons of flour;

• half a teaspoon of hops-suneli;

• dried, chopped basil - 0.5 tsp;

• half a head of white onions.

Cooking Method:

1. Put minced meat in a small deep container and add finely chopped onions to it. You can rub it with a medium grater.

2. Add to the mass of hops-suneli, add basil and half a spoonful of salt. Mix everything as it should and set aside. 3. Using the finest grater, chop the potatoes, immediately pour two eggs into it. Pour over the flour, a quarter spoonful of fine salt and mix well.

4. In a thick-walled skillet, heat the refined oil. Spoon the potato mass with a spoon, put the small oval tortillas in the butter and lightly press them down with a spoon.

5. On the cakes, immediately put a little stuffing, and on it again the potato mass. Meat should be completely covered with potatoes.

6. As soon as the bottom of the products is well browned, turn them over to the other side and fry them as well.

Pancakes with minced meat and cheese in the oven, in molds


• 900 gr. raw potatoes;

• 200 gr. any stuffing;

• one egg;

• cheese, “Dutch” sorts, or a mixture of any hard cheeses - 120 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop raw potatoes on a fine grater, and wring them slightly with hands, put them on a sieve.

2. After waiting a quarter of an hour, put the grated potatoes in a bowl and add the fine cheese crumb to it.

3. Salt lightly and here break the egg, mix. Add, if desired, some spices “For potato dishes”,

4. Minced meat too, season with pepper or spices, salt and knead well.

5. Smear muffins for baking muffins with vegetable oil and place a little spoonful of minced meat on the bottom of their prepared potatoes, then re-cover it with potatoes.

6. Arrange the filled tins over a large baking sheet and cover everything with a large sheet of foil at once. Place the oven in the oven at 180 degrees for a quarter of an hour.

7. Remove the almost ready dish, remove the foil and return to the oven for another 10 minutes.

8. Remove the hot pancakes from the molds and immediately serve to the table with sour cream.

Fried pancakes with minced poultry and salted mushrooms - “Russian burrito”


• nine raw potatoes;

• 200 grams chicken fillet;

• one egg;

• hard “Russian” cheese - 100 gr .;

• two bulbs;

• tablespoon sour cream 15% fat;

• 200 gr. salty gruzdey or Ryzhikov.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop the chicken with a heavy knife to the state of minced meat, chop the onion head in small slices. Rinse with cold water, milk, dry them and chop in the same way as onions. 2. On a small fire in vegetable oil slightly save the chopped onion. Once the slices are soft, add the mushrooms and minced meat. Stir, bring the filling to readiness under the lid. Stir in the cooled mixture with the grated cheese.

3. Using a blender, mash the remaining onion, chopped into medium-sized slices.

4. Mix the onion puree with potatoes grated in a large grater and mix everything with sour cream. Sour cream can be not added, but then the potato mass will darken, and the pancakes will not turn out golden. Pepper to your taste, add salt and soak for about six minutes.

5. After that, strain the juice released from the potatoes and mix the potatoes with a loose egg.

6. At medium temperature, heat the pan with vegetable fat poured into it. Put the potato mass in it in a large circle, almost in the whole pan. Gently level and fry on both sides. Do not fry. As soon as the bottom grabs - turn over and lightly fry the other side.

7. Place the mushroom stuffing on the half of the finished cake and wrap the free part of the product on it. Fry both sides until golden brown. Cover the pan with a lid to get a more beautiful crust.

Hearty pancakes with minced meat and cheese in the oven


• pork and beef, minced meat - 100 gr .;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• cheese, “Kostroma” varieties - 100 gr., Or any other, non-sharp;

• one large egg;

• one small onion;

• sour cream, medium fat - 1 tbsp. l .;

• five large potatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the peeled potatoes with a meat grinder and mix with the onions, grated on a large grater.

2. Enter the sour cream, break the egg, add flour and add some finely ground salt. To your taste, pepper or lightly season the mixture with your favorite spices, stir with a spoon.

3. Put the minced meat in the pan and pour in a little vegetable oil. With medium heat fry minced meat until tender.

4. Pour some oil into a clean, thick-walled pan; it is better to take refined oil. Put it on a moderate heat and heat it well. 5. Put a spoonful of grated potatoes in the form of small oval cakes in the hot oil, hooking with a spoon, and lightly press them to the pan. Then, with a teaspoon, put a little fried minced meat on the flatbreads, and on top again the potato mass. Fry under the lid on both sides.

6. When all the pancakes are ready, transfer them to an oiled brazier with small sides and pour some beef broth or drinking water into it.

7. Top with all the chopped chopped cheese and put in the oven. Cooking time at 200 degrees, 7 minutes. The cheese should melt well, but not crust.

Quick dinner of pancakes with minced meat in pots


• a pound of potatoes;

• 100 gr. sour cream 20% fat;

• onions - 1 head;

• minced pork minced - 300 gr .;

• garlic;

• flour - 50 g .;

• one egg;

• refined oil;

• not sharp hard cheese - 200-250 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix potatoes, chopped with a fine grater, with coarsely grated onions, and garlic crushed on a press. Add a raw egg, a little salt, ground pepper and mix everything thoroughly. When the potato mass is absolutely homogeneous, put it in a well-heated vegetable oil with a spoon, in the form of small circles and fry them to ruddy on both sides.

2. Season with minced spices and lightly salt it.

3. Put three ready flatbreads in greased clay pots. Put on them one spoon of minced meat and sour cream for the same amount and again put three pancakes, and mincemeat and sour cream on them.

4. Place the filled pots on the grill in the preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes.

5. Remove and put grated cheese in equal quantities in each pot and return to the oven.

6. As soon as the cheese starts to leak - serve.

Pancakes with minced meat in sour cream pouring under cheese


• 5 large potatoes;

• two raw eggs;

• four spoons of flour;

• 300 gr. meat, medium fat;

• 200 gr. small champignons;

• cheese, varieties “Russian” - 300 gr .;

• half a cup of pasteurized milk;

• 450 gr. fat cream

Cooking Method: 1. Mix the grated potatoes with eggs and flour. Beat the eggs into the mixture, season with ground pepper, lightly salt and mix well.

2. Spreading grated potatoes with a spoon in a hot oil, fry thin flat cakes, the size of a palm.

3. As soon as they are all ready, cover with a thick, clean rag and set aside for a while.

4. Cut the washed mushrooms into medium-sized slices, chop the onion into small pieces and divide it in two. Fry the first part with mushrooms and the other with minced meat, then combine and salt.

5. Slice the cheese into thin slices, but not all, about half.

6. Wrap the pancake in a pancake, in the middle of which place a piece of cheese. Place the items tightly in a small roaster and fill them with sour cream whipped with milk and flour.

7. Coarsely rub the cheese over the top and place for a quarter of an hour in the oven, which is preheated to 200 degrees in advance.

Pancakes with minced meat - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Potato dough will be thicker if the chopped potatoes are lightly pressed and left on the sieve for a quarter of an hour so that all the liquid remains.

• In most recipes, it is advised to add flour as a thickener for grated potatoes, but it is still better to replace it with potato starch. The crust of the cakes in this case will be more crisp and fried.

• To keep the potato “dough” dark, after squeezing the potatoes, immediately combine them with milk or sour cream.

• Fry the pancakes only in a well-heated oil, the scones laid out in cold fat will spread.

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