Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

In late autumn and winter, as well as in early spring, I really want a tasty vegetable salad. These days with nostalgia you remember a young radish just from the garden, ripe juicy tomatoes and crispy cucumbers. Of course, now you can buy fresh vegetables all year round, but is it worth it to be seduced by them in the winter? The greenhouse fruits, though beautiful as in the pictures, are almost tasteless and certainly not as useful as the soil grown in their season!

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Nothing, the time of natural garden gifts will certainly come a little later, but for now the time has come for no less delicious supplies prepared by gardeners since summer: beans, potatoes, all sorts of pickles and pickles. Let's go to the pantry or cellar, get some of these mouth-watering stocks and make a winter salad called “Rustic”: simple, but it tastes great! It combines simple ingredients that are easy to find at any time of the year: potatoes, beans, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers.

A characteristic feature of the salad in a country style is not only the simplicity of its composition, but also the ease of preparation. Boil, cut into large cubes, mix - and no frills! Perhaps that is why he bears such a name.

As you can see, the rustic salad is unpretentious, but, as you will soon make sure personally, it is tasty, like a restaurant dish! Having tried it once, you will write down the recipe in a culinary notebook, from time to time to treat the delicious salad home and guests. It will be an excellent alternative to the traditional winter dish - vinaigrette.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Country salad is a great “go” with a variety of side dishes - rice, pasta, buckwheat. You can not cook burgers or chops: thanks to the beans and mushrooms, even without meat, it turns out tasty and nutritious! Rustic salad is very satisfying - you can eat a portion just with bread, and you get a complete snack.

  • Cooking time: 35 minutes
  • Servings: 4

Ingredients for Country Salad

  • 4-6 small potatoes;
  • half a can of canned beans in their own juice (or 1 cup of boiled beans);
  • half a jar of canned, pickled mushrooms;
  • 2 salted or pickled cucumbers;
  • 3-5 sprigs of parsley.
Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

There are two options for refueling:

  1. Mayonnaise.
  2. Unrefined vegetable oil (sunflower or olive).

Salt and black pepper to your taste.

Method of cooking rustic salad

Well wash the potatoes and boil it in uniform to softness. Fill with cold water to make it easy to clean, let stand for 5-7 minutes, and then peel.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Pickled marinated mushrooms, rinse under running water and dry in a colander.

We also rinse the canned beans and let the water drain. Or, boil dry beans until soft and salt them. A salad with multi-colored beans will look very nice: not only white, but also motley, spotty, beige!

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Salted cucumbers and potatoes cut into cubes of about 1x1 cm, and can be larger.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Combine potatoes, cucumbers, beans and mushrooms in a bowl, add chopped parsley.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Salt, pepper and mix. Pay attention: if you are going to fill with mayonnaise, then salt a little less than you need, since the sauce already contains salt.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Now fill the salad. I tried two options: with mayonnaise and vegetable oil. It turned out tasty in both cases, but the impression is that the oil is still more harmoniously combined with a set of products. Many of the ingredients of rustic salad - mushrooms, cucumbers - their bright taste. Mayonnaise, also having a palpable taste, competes with it, but aromatic not refined oil more harmoniously complements the salad. Try it and you, and then write which option you like best!

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms

Serve the salad, decorating it with sprigs of fresh greens - parsley, celery or arugula.

Rustic salad with pickled mushrooms is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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