Planting tomato seedlings correctly

A gardener should always remember that a plant provided with a sufficient amount of water, light, heat and batteries, is much less sick. High-quality soil preparation is one of the components of a high tomato crop. Preparation of soil for planting tomato, it is desirable to start in the fall.

Planting tomato seedlings correctly

Soil preparation for tomatoes

Under digging make 6-9 kg / m 2 peat substrates Our summer cottage “Garden soil”, Our summer cottage “Vegetable bed”, 4 seasons “ Yield bed ”, 45-60 g / m 2 superphosphate and 35-45 g / m 2 potassium sulfate. In contrast to manure, peat substrates do not contain an excess of nitrogen, improve the structure of the soil, contribute to survival.

If fertilizers have not been applied since autumn, then they are applied in the spring during the digging of the soil, while at the same time adding 25-35 g / m 2 nitrogen fertilizers (urea). It is possible to make complex mineral fertilizers (diammofosk , azofosk) at the rate of 30-40 g / m 2. The soil is prepared in advance to spend 2-3 shallow loosening to combat weed emergence.

Planting tomato seedlings correctly Planting tomato seedlings correctly

Preparation of seedlings for planting

Two weeks before planting, tomatoes begin to actively prepare it for planting. Plants are brought to the open air for hardening. Two days before planting, the seedlings are watered abundantly, after which the watering is stopped, otherwise the seedlings will be very fragile. If seedlings are potless, do otherwise. Watering is then carried out immediately before the excavation of seedlings from the pots. Linger with the transplanting of tomato seedlings is not worth it, because it can stretch.

The last watering of tomato seedlings before planting is combined with fertilizing with a high content of phosphorus and potassium, for example, fertilizer 4 seasons “Universal”, or 10 g of urea, 40 g of superphosphate and 80 g potassium sulfate.

Planting tomato seedlings

Planting tomato seedlings correctly

When planting seedlings in a greenhouse, it is necessary to tension the trellis in advance and throw splits in order not to damage the plants. The distance between tomato plants can vary significantly depending on the type of growth. Tall and medium-sized tomatoes are planted at a distance of 50-70 cm between rows, and 30-50 cm between plants in a row.

After the well has been formed, it is necessary to shed first with water, at least 5 liters per well, then with 1% solution of pharmamodus (300 ml per well), and after two days shed “Trichocine”, 6 g / 10 l at 100-150 ml / well, in order to prevent root rot. A day later, you can start planting seedlings.

By the time of planting, depending on the type of growth, tomato seedlings should be 35-55 days old, 6-9 well-formed leaves and a visible first inflorescence with the first flowers ready to open. Tomato seedlings are planted flush with soil level. If the seedlings are stretched, then it is planted under an inclination and immediately tied up. After planting, watering is carried out, up to 30 l per 1 m 2 with the addition of liquid organic fertilizer Our dacha “Universal humate” 1/2 cap per 1 liter of water to stimulate the growth of the root system and increase survival rate.

Care for seedlings in the open field

This watering is enough to provide the plants with moisture at the time of survival, even if the street is dry. After irrigation, soil mulching with peat substrates for vegetable crops is carried out (Our summer cottage “Vegetable bed”, 4 seasons “Yield bed” universal peat substrates (Our summer cottage “Garden earth”, 4 seasons “Universal”) or neutralized high peat.

A week after transplanting, the garter is started.

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