“Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests

Many experienced growers will say with confidence: to get a rich harvest of potatoes, you need not just good planting material, but well-prepared planting material. The lack of proper pre-sowing treatment can negate all subsequent cultivation efforts. Timely feeding, watering, disease and weed control, weeding and hilling will be powerless if the planting material has not been properly prepared and has been infected.

“Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests

Diseases of potatoes

Black scab, or rizoktonioz - a dangerous disease that affects potato tubers. The causative agent of the disease can live in the ground and on tubers for several years, without showing anything. But under the current favorable conditions - high humidity and cold - the disease will be felt. Young sprouts of potato, barely appearing, will begin to wither for no apparent reason. But even if the plant does not die, in the future it will lag behind in growth, losing nutrients. And to collect a good harvest from such bushes will not work.

Another danger that often lurks the potato tubers - all sorts of rot and, in particular, fusarium. This disease is also transmitted through the soil and often slows the growth of the bushes, or even causes them to shrink. Productivity at fusarium drops significantly. But tubers may look quite healthy for the time being. After two or three months of storage, the affected tubers dry out, infecting healthy potatoes nearby. If time does not notice and prevent the spread of the disease, you can lose the entire harvest of potatoes harvested.

“Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests

Pests of potatoes

Perhaps the most terrible enemy of potato planting is the Colorado potato beetle. This “beautiful” striped insect in a short period of time is able to completely devour the leaves, leaving only the shoots and depriving the tubers of good nutrition, and therefore growth. Defeating this pest is difficult, and often impossible, since it has already adapted itself to many insecticides. And it is not always possible to carefully process the plantings, especially if the size of the plantation is significant.

Wireworm is another scourge of potato planting. It can only be found at harvest time, when you can clearly see the numerous passages and holes in the tubers. The larvae of the beetle beetle, namely, we call them the wireworm, are studied rather poorly, like the beetle itself, therefore, and the result is not guaranteed.

“Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests “Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests “Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests

Prevention of sowing potatoes against diseases and pests

For the prevention of diseases and pests, potato tubers before planting experienced gardeners process the tubers in three and sometimes in four steps. First, stimulate germination of eyes, using growth promoters. It is then treated for various diseases. Then, sow the soil with a nutrient solution and spray the tubers and, finally, treat the insecticide against pests. The process is long and, as a rule, not all stages are carried out, and something has to be sacrificed.

But modern science does not stand still, and today there is a way to prepare for planting potato tubers, spending a minimum amount of time and effort.

“Taboo TRIO” - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests

“Taboo TRIO” - triple protection of potatoes

All the problems described above can be solved with the help of preventive treatment of planting material with just one treater. Firm "August" offers a modern solution the drug "Taboo TRIO", which acts in three directions at once:

  • suppresses the causative agents of soil diseases for up to 12 weeks;
  • protects from the Colorado potato beetle up to 45 days
  • from the wireworm for the whole season;
  • boosts immunity and contributes to higher yields due to increased tuber production and growth;
  • increases stress tolerance to environmental changes.

The use of the “Taboo TRIO” is also attractive from an economic point of view - buying one drug instead of three, you save money.

How to use “TRIO Taboo”?

The “Taboo TRIO” package contains 3 ampoules, which in turn need to be diluted in 500 ml of water. After thorough mixing, the solution is poured into a spray bottle and the tubers are sprayed. You no longer have to process your potatoes three times with different preparations - Taboo Trio will do everything in one go!

“Taboo TRIO” is a combination of 3 active ingredients: 500 g / l of imidacloprid, 75 g / l of fludioxonil, 500 mg / l of colloidal silver. One package is designed for processing 50 kg of potato tubers.

When using “Taboo TRIO”, the pre-sowing preparation of potatoes will consist of only two actions - the selection of seed material, since it is very important to select the best-quality and healthy tubers for planting and their treatment with the preparation solution.

Have a good harvest!

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