Provide potato protection!

Gardeners know that during the growing season potatoes are attacked by pests and are affected by diseases. Of the pests, the main danger is the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. Potatoes seriously affected by the beetle and its larvae (especially in the early stages of development) will produce a much smaller crop (up to 70%!) Than the genetic potential of the variety allows. And in areas contaminated with wireworms, up to 90% of large and medium tubers can be damaged!

Provide potato protection!

Such potatoes are not only worse stored, but also very annoying and distressing housewives, when cleaning them, sometimes half of the tuber goes into the trash. Due to diseases caused by soil fungi pathogens (rhizoctoniosis, scab), potatoes can also lose up to a third of the crop, and losses during storage increase several times! Traditionally, several drugs are used (separately from the wireworm, separate from the beetle, separately from diseases). But this is inconvenient, it takes considerable time, and a summer day, as you know, feeds a year.

Company Your farm offers its solution - Klubnashchit! It is an insecticide-fungicidal preparation for the treatment of tubers before planting, which protects potatoes from wireworms, from the Colorado potato beetle, and from a complex of diseases. The tuber is effective, tests in different soil and climatic zones have confirmed that the damage to the crop by wireworms is reduced many times (!) develops more healthy and form greater yield.

Provide potato protection! Provide potato protection! Provide potato protection!

The bleach is easy to use and saves your time! For example, a 60 ml bottle is sufficient for preplant treatment of 60 kg of tubers (this is enough for about 2 hundredths!) Another advantage of “Tuber shield” is that with this method of application there is no risk of the drug falling on crops growing alongside berries, bushes), playgrounds, etc. - that in the conditions of a small dacha or garden plot, of course, important.

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