Salad with champignons and ham - classics of festive tables. Recipes for salads with mushrooms and ham: light and nutritious

Salad with champignons and ham - classics of festive tables. Recipes for salads with mushrooms and ham: light and nutritious

Ham and champignons are great ingredients that blend beautifully, both with each other and with many other products: cheeses, tomatoes, peppers, and others. On the basis of these two products you can prepare a lot of delicious and hearty dishes. Especially tasty and interesting is obtained from mushrooms and ham all kinds of salads.

Salad with champignons and ham - the general principles of cooking

In general, all salads, where the ham ingredient is the meat ingredient, are prepared quite quickly, it does not need to be cooked, fried or some other thermal preparation is carried out, it is enough to remove the ham from the shell and chop it. And the champignons themselves do not require long processing, it is enough to fry them or boil them slightly. Marinated champignons are also often used in salads - here you just need to drain the marinade.

Fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers, sweet peppers, onions, are simply washed and cut. And such as potatoes, carrots - pre-boiled, which also takes a little time, and then chopped.

Most often salads are dressed with mayonnaise, but such alternative dressing is suitable for ham and mushrooms, as mustard sauce made from Dijon mustard, olive oil, vinegar (mainly balsamic or grape), salt, and ground pepper.

Salads with champignons and ham can be decorated with greens, nuts, olives, olives or whole marinated mushrooms. Puff salads can be sprinkled with egg yolk, giving the dish a special brightness.

Recipe 1. Salad with champignons and ham

Ham can be both beef and chicken. Tomatoes should be strong and fleshy, watery varieties will spoil the presentable look of the dish.


• 240 grams of ham;

• 280 grams of champignons (fresh);

• three eggs;

• two small bulbs;

• two tomatoes;

• 230 grams of mayonnaise;

• ground pepper, salt;

• vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the mushrooms, boil for 4-6 minutes in lightly salted boiling water. We take out the mushrooms on a plate using skimmers, cool, cut into small pieces. 2. Bulbs clean and chop small cubes.

3. Fry the onions until soft, add the mushrooms, continue to fry until the liquid is completely evaporated and the acquisition of a golden hue.

4. Ham cut into small cubes.

5. Boiled hard-boiled eggs are rubbed on a large segment of the grater.

6. Wash tomatoes, cut into small pieces.

7. Mix in a bowl mushrooms, fried with onions, with ham, eggs, tomatoes, add salt, black pepper and mayonnaise. Mix well.

Recipe 2. Salad with mushrooms and ham, and cherry tomatoes

In general, tomatoes are perfectly combined with mushrooms and meat products. Cherry give the dish a special spicy, slightly sweetish taste typical of this variety. This salad will be a great appetizer before the main hot dish.


• 130 grams of ham;

• 240 grams of champignons;

• five small bulbs;

• 300 grams of cherry;

• 30 ml of wine vinegar;

• salt pepper;

• 25 ml of olive oil;

• 35 grams of chili sauce;

• some leaves of green salad;

• parsley leaves, basil.

Method of preparation:

1. Mix in a deep plate vinegar with olive oil and sauce, add pepper and salt to taste.

2. Wash the mushrooms, cut into slices. Fill the prepared champignons with vinegar marinade, leave for 20-30 minutes at room temperature.

3. Cut the remaining ingredients: onion into thin half-rings, ham into strips, and cut tomatoes into four.

4. Wash lettuce leaves and greens, dry them and tear them into medium sized pieces.

5. Mix in a cherry bowl with ham, pickled mushrooms and greens.

6. We spread the finished salad in a portion of the ice-cream pan.

Recipe 3. Salad with champignons and ham, and beans

The salad is very satisfying, it can even be used instead of the main course. No less good is a salad with canned white beans.


• 150 grams of ham;

• 130 grams of pickled champignons;

• 320 grams of green beans;

• red onion;

• two tomatoes;

• two potatoes;

• pinch of dried basil;

• 15 grams of balsamic vinegar;

• spices, salt;

• 50 grams of mayonnaise;

• 20 ml of olive oil;

• 100 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the onion into quarters into rings, fry until golden. 2. We spread the sliced ​​ham to the fried onion, fry, stirring, literally a couple of minutes.

3. Fry the green beans in another pan for ten minutes.

4. Boil potatoes, cut into small bars.

5. Tomatoes cut into cubes.

6. Cut the cheese into small slices.

7. Mix mayonnaise with balsamic vinegar, salt and spices.

8. In the salad bowl lay out all the prepared ingredients: ham with onions, beans, tomatoes, potatoes.

9. Add marinated mushrooms, basil, mayonnaise sauce and cheese slices.

10. We mix.

Recipe 4. Layered salad with mushrooms and ham with nuts

Puff salads look especially interesting and colorful on the table. You can decorate this dish not only with pine nuts, but also, for example, with chopped roasted walnuts or cashews, hazelnuts. Focus on your taste preferences.


• 400 grams of ham;

• two potatoes;

• carrot;

• small bow;

• 140 grams of champignons;

• mayonnaise;

• 30-50 grams of peeled pine nuts;

• fresh dill;

• two eggs;

• olive oil.

Method of preparation:

1. Boil potatoes and carrots, then cool and cut into small cubes.

2. Rinse the champignons, cut into plates and fry, slightly salted, with shredded onion.

3. Boiled hard-boiled eggs are grated.

4. Ham cut into cubes.

5. We spread the ingredients in layers, smearing each layer with a small amount of mayonnaise.

6. At the bottom of the dish we put first the potatoes, then the eggs with the fried mushrooms, then the carrot and the ham.

7. We put on the top layer of lettuce mayonnaise mesh, decorate with dill leaves and pine nuts.

Recipe 5. Salad with champignons and ham and cheese

A salad with pickled champignons and cucumbers is a little spicy, but very tasty. Salt it is not necessary.


• 0.5 kg of ham;

• three eggs;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• three pickled cucumbers;

• 300 g marinated champignons;

• mayonnaise;

• parsley leaves;

• three potatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the potatoes, cut into cubes.

2. Cut the ham, boiled eggs and cucumbers with the same cubes.

3. We rub cheese on a large grater.

4. Wash parsley leaves and tear hands into several pieces. 5. Lay out the components of the salad layers: potatoes, pickled cucumbers, ham, eggs, cheese.

6. Each layer, including the top one, is smeared with mayonnaise.

7. Decorate the salad with pickled champignons, imitating the forest glade (we put the mushrooms in the salad with the cap up), between the mushrooms lay out the parsley leaves.

Recipe 6. Salad with champignons and ham, and eggplants

The salad is very rich, perfect for a festive table, and for a family dinner.


• 320 grams of pickled champignons;

• two eggplants;

• a pound of ham;

• 130 grams of cheese;

• bow;

• mayonnaise;

• greenery;

• salt.

Method of preparation:

1. We wash the eggplants, cut them into small bars, add some salt and put them aside for 20 minutes.

2. Finely chop the onion.

3. Cut ham into cubes.

4. We rub cheese.

5. Grind greens.

6. Fry the onion until golden, add the eggplants washed from the salt, fry until the last ingredient is ready.

7. Mix all prepared ingredients in a large bowl, add marinated champignons, season with mayonnaise.

Recipe 7. Salad with mushrooms and ham, and green peas

Green peas give the dish not only bright flavoring notes, but also juiciness. Also canned green peas can be replaced with fresh peas, the taste will not be so bright, but the dish from this will be no less tasty.


• 250 grams of ham;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 220 grams of canned peas;

• 200 grams of fresh champignons;

• 50 grams of mayonnaise;

• salt;

• 100 grams of sour cream.

Method of preparation:

1. Boil in boiling water for two or three minutes, the mushrooms, cut into plates. Drain the water, we dry the champignons themselves, putting them in a colander.

2. Ham and cheese cut into strips.

3. Mix sour cream with mayonnaise.

4. Combine all the ingredients in one large bowl, add the peas and salt, season with sour cream sauce.

Recipe 8. Salad with champignons and canaped ham

Amazingly delicious and hearty canapes will be a great addition to the festive table. Fast, tasty, unusual - these are the epithets suitable for this cold snack.


• ham;

• marinated small champignons; • pitted olives;

• hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the ham and cheese into cubes, cubes or slices, as you like. The shape of the cut in this case is not important.

2. Remove the mushrooms from the marinade, cut in half.

3. Olives also get out of the jar and cut into two parts.

4. We put on the toothpick or canape stick all the prepared ingredients in any sequence.

Salad with mushrooms and ham - tips and tricks

• Regardless of which mushrooms are used in the salad: pickled or fresh, it is best to buy small champignons. In the salad, they look neat and interesting. But, if the recipe implies small cuts, then the size of the mushrooms does not matter.

• Salad with champignons and ham for a festive table can be laid out on green lettuce leaves. To keep their appearance for a long time, they should be placed in cold water for an hour.

• Since mushrooms are food, after all, it is heavy, it is not recommended to add this product to a salad above the specified rate.

• Puff salads before serving must always be kept in the refrigerator.

• Puff salads look beautiful and original when laid out using a special form-ring.

• If there are fried ingredients in the salad, for example, mushrooms, onions, eggplants, it is best to first put them in a sieve so that the glass has extra oil, otherwise the salad will be too fat.

• It is possible to season salads not only with mayonnaise, but also with sour cream, classic yogurt, only in this case the main thing is that the marinated and salted ingredients are not included in the salad.

• Fresh vegetables, crackers are best placed in the salad just before serving, so that they do not drip.

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