Blueberry pie - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook blueberry pie.

Blueberry pie - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook blueberry pie.

Blueberry pie - general principles and methods of cooking

Russian table has always been famous for its abundance. And you will not find such magnificent pies like ours in the whole world! The list of traditional Russian dishes includes cakes of various shapes and textures. The variety of fillings is also surprising: fish, meat, vegetable, fruit, potato and, of course, berry. After all, no wonder the Russian proverb says: "You can wrap everything in a pie." In our today's article we will wrap blueberries in it.

Blueberry has a lot of advantages, it is delicious and incredibly useful. It has long been proven that bilberry fruits are a biogenic stimulant: they cleanse the body of toxins, significantly reduce blood sugar levels and have a positive effect on the visual system. Therefore, blueberry pies, which retain almost all the useful properties of fresh berries, are a great way not only to follow a healthy lifestyle, but also to improve your health in any way.

Good products with priceless fruits, cooked on the principle of "cheesecake", which, in addition to blueberries, contain unsalted cream cheese or fat cottage cheese and are almost entirely made up of filling.

Blueberry cakes are made closed, half-closed (trellised) or open, large or small, rectangular, triangular or round, and regardless of the shape they choose, they will always delight the sweet tooth with an original taste and aromatic smell. As for the dough, practically anyone will suit the blueberry pie: be it yeast or shortbread, or fresh, or puff - there are no strict criteria.

The only thing that needs to be remembered is that the berries on the sides must be surrounded by dough, the so-called "bumpers." With the addition of sugar, it is also not necessary to overdo it, because it provokes the release of juice. The best alternative to sugar in this situation is icing sugar, which is sprinkled on open pies a few minutes before being cooked.

Blueberry Pie - Food Preparation

If you decide to bake a juicy blueberry pie, naturally, you should first buy it, clean it from unnecessary particles, chopsticks, sort out thoroughly, rinse it in cold running water, and then pour it over the boiling water and dry it in a colander until the waste water drains. By the way, frozen berry cakes are no less tasty and fragrant. The main thing is to prepare them correctly: we lower the frozen fruits into a colander and leave them there until they are completely thawed. So we will keep the form, and let the excess juice flow.

In addition, for the dough, we most likely need eggs, butter, icing sugar, vanilla, baking powder (or soda) and the main ingredient is the highest-grade flour, which must be sifted without fail.

Blueberry pie - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Summer Summer Blueberry Pie

Summer berries, especially blueberries - is a storehouse of vitamins and useful elements. So why not seize the moment and not use them with maximum health benefits! You can, for example, bake a delicious, light blueberry pie, which we gave the name “Summer”.


- 50 gr. butter

- half a cup of powdered sugar

- two eggs

- vanilla to taste

- one and a half cup of finely ground flour

- baking powder 1.5 tea beds.

- a pinch of salt

- a glass of milk (fat content 3.2%)

- one and a half cup blueberries

Cooking method:

1. Whip the butter until the air mass, pour powder in it, not stopping whipping until the sugar dissolves. Next, add the eggs to the mixture and continue to beat at a low speed mixer, and finally add vanilla. All mix and divide into two parts.

2. In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Pour the flour into half the creamy egg mixture, mix and pour in a glass of milk. Grind into a homogeneous mass and lay out the remaining half of the egg mixture in the dough. We get sponge dough. It should be very tender after baking. 3. Lubricate the form and pour the dough into it, and evenly distribute the berries from above. Sent to the oven for forty minutes and bake at 200 degrees, preheating the oven. Pull the finished cake out of the oven, after cooling, remove it from the mold and sprinkle with powdered sugar and garnish with blueberry fruits, serve to the table.

Recipe 2: American Blueberry Pie

For lovers of American cuisine, we present a recipe for an amazing cake made from a mixture of two berries - blueberries and cherries.


- 180 gr. flour

- a pinch of salt

- 15 gr. sugar (for dough)

- butter 110 gr. (for the test)

- 3 tbsp. spoons of water

- five glasses of pitted cherries

- lemon juice three table. l

- one stack. sugar (for filling)

- one stack. blueberries

- 50 gr. corn starch

- two tsp of oil (for the filling)

Cooking method:

1. Mix the flour, sugar and salt, add the softened butter and three spoons of water. All mix and start a soft dough. Then we roll it into a solid ball and, wrapping with cling film, we put it in the fridge for an hour.

2. After an hour, take out the dough and roll it out. Then we lubricate the round shape with oil and lay out the layer in it. Carefully cut off the edges of our form. Cut out the asterisks and a few strips for decorating the cake from the remains of the dough, put the figures aside for a while.

3. In one bowl, mix the flesh of the cherry with two tablespoons of lemon juice, in the other - blueberries with the remaining spoon of lemon juice. Separately, mix the starch with sugar and distribute it into berries (1 cup per cherry, the rest for blueberries).

4. On the form with the dough, spread first evenly cherry filling, and then - blueberry. From above we grease with melted butter and lay out stars with stripes, as if imitating the American flag. We heat up the oven and send the cake into it. We bake at 200 degrees. Within one hour. After 30-40 minutes, cover the cake with foil and again in the oven until tender. Ready American pie served on the table with creamy ice cream.

Recipe 3: Grated Blueberry Pie

What is a closed cake? This is a flour product, in which the whole filling is closed with dough. Such a cake we are with you and we will cook. It will be very tasty: a thin layer of crispy dough and lots of sweet blueberries inside. Worth trying.


For the test:

- two glasses of flour

- 50 gr. Sahara

- a pinch of salt

- 200 gr. butter

- 10 drops of cold water

For filling:

- 900 gr. blueberries

- two art. l topioca or starch

- two table l. flour

- 1 table. l Sahara

- 30 gr. butter

- whipped cream

Cooking method:

1. For the dough, mix all the dry ingredients, chop with soft butter, add water and knead the dough. We divide it into 2 parts (the first is more, the second is a little smaller). Most of the roll in the reservoir and spread on a greased baking sheet.

2. All the dry ingredients for the filling mix. We wash the berry, let it drip off excess moisture. Then mix the blueberries with a mixture of dry ingredients and lay out evenly on a layer of dough. Sprinkle with grated or chopped butter. Roll out the second layer of dough and close the filling with it, pinching well the edges. On the surface of the cake (in the middle) make a small hole for steam.

3. We heat the oven to 180-200 degrees and send the cake into it for 30-45 minutes, adjusting the temperature as necessary. Cool the finished cake and top with whipped cream. If desired, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Recipe 4: Blueberry Cheesecake

The blueberry curd cake made according to this recipe is very tasty, lush and beautiful. The perfect dessert for any holiday. Cottage cheese is used only fat, not dry and not sour, otherwise the product will simply lose in taste.


- 150 gr. butter

- 150 gr. sugar (can be less) - vanilla bag

- one egg (for the test)

- 230 gr. flour

- 2 ch. Lodges. baking powder (if it is not - use soda with lemon juice)

- 600 gr. cottage cheese

- four eggs (for filling)

- 150 gr. sugar (for filling)

- 100 gr. potato starch

- 350 gr. blueberries

- icing sugar

Cooking method:

1. Pound the softened butter with sugar and vanilla, add the egg, mix everything. Pour the flour, mixed with baking powder, and knead not too steep dough. Lubricate the form, lay out the dough, attach the bumpers.

2. Making the stuffing. Separate the yolks and proteins. Yolks rubbed with sugar, curd skipped through a sieve to destroy the grains. Mix yolks and cottage cheese, add starch to the mixture. Next, beat the whites to a fluffy foam and lay them in a curd-yolk mass. Stir broom or spatula without using a mixer. Blueberries together with sugar are ground in a blender. Several fruits are left for decoration.

3. Put the curd mass on the dough and level it, put blueberry puree on top of it and even level it. Heat the oven (180 gr.) And send the cake there. We bake about an hour, after 40 minutes, if the top starts to burn, cover the dessert with foil. Ready cake sprinkle with powder and decorate with blueberries. Cool and serve. Good appetite!

Recipe 5: Chocolate Blueberry Pie


- four eggs

- 150 gr. dark chocolate

- 250 gr. Sahara

- 180 gr. butter

- incomplete glass of orange juice

- 350 gr. flour

- one spoon of cocoa

- baking powder (pinch)

- a pinch of salt

- zest from two oranges and two lemons

- 500 gr. blueberries

Cooking method:

1. Melt butter and chocolate. Beat eggs with sugar, add chocolate, butter, baking powder, salt, grated orange and lemons zest, and orange juice to the mixture. Mix and pour portions of flour. We get the dough, let it brew for fifteen minutes. 2. Next, lubricate the form, lay out the dough in it, and neatly distribute the berries on top. Preheat oven to 175 degrees and send the cake there for 40-60 minutes. Readiness is checked with a match (if it is clean - the cake is ready). Ready dessert leave in the oven (of course, first turn it off) to cool. Then we get it, sprinkle it on top with powder and decorate it at our discretion. Enjoy the delicious chocolate flavor of blueberry pie!

Blueberry tart - tips from experienced chefs

- For extra taste and flavor, cooks I advise you to add a little lemon or orange juice, rum or liqueur to the blueberry filling;

- The amazing taste of blueberry pie emphasizes: whipped cream, ice cream, as well as sour cream, whipped with sugar;

- To avoid excessive leakage of juice under high temperature, add starch to the filling. You can save the situation with the help of egg whites, which grease the dough before laying the berries on it. Moreover, the usual cookie crumb added to blueberries can effectively eliminate this flaw.

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