Pie with frozen blueberries is a favorite delicacy. A selection of recipes for pies with frozen blueberries from various types of dough

Pie with frozen blueberries is a favorite delicacy. A selection of recipes for pies with frozen blueberries from various types of dough

The beneficial properties of blueberries have been known for a long time.

This is a great bio-stimulator, the berry has a beneficial effect on the immune system and the digestive organs, everyone knows about its benefits for vision.

In addition, it is very tasty.

In season, they eat it fresh, make jam, compotes, cook pastries with it, and freeze them in excess. To enjoy the delicious blueberry desserts in the winter, replenish your supply of vitamins. One of the best options for using frozen blueberries is to use it in the form of a pie filling.

Basic principles for making frozen blueberry pies

The peculiarity of this dessert is that it has a lot of options. Thus, in the form of blueberry pies can be open, with a lattice of dough, closed, jellied. But the main difference is in the test. Good pie made of frozen blueberries and yeast, puff, biscuit, sand, filling dough. Of course, all these cakes are sweet, so sugar and flour are required for their preparation. Depending on the recipe, eggs, dairy products, margarine, soda and others may be added.

Frozen blueberries often do not have to be completely defrosted; you just need to hold it at room temperature, so that it is not a single frozen clod.

Variety lovers mix blueberries with other fruits and berries. As well as spices used cinnamon, vanilla, mint.

Sandy Simple Blueberry Pie Frozen

Gentle crumbly dough, delicious filling, nice top-grid - all this is about blueberry shortcake. The dough is cooked simply, and the cake itself is baked rather quickly.


  • A pack of margarine or butter
  • Two glasses of flour - approximately
  • 1 pound or more blueberries from the freezer
  • Sugar three glasses
  • Starch about three tablespoons
  • Half a cup of cold water.

Method of preparation

  1. Rub lightly melted butter or margarine into the flour. They should not be very soft, but not ice. It should make oil chips.
  2. Add sugar - about a third of the whole norm - and rub it well with your hands. We monitor the state of the crumb: it should be moderately large, not stick together in one lump. If this happens, add a little flour.
  3. Add water and knead the dough. Wrap in polyethylene and send in half an hour in the refrigerator.
  4. Give the berries a little thawed, mix with sugar and starch.
  5. Quarter dough separated, set aside.
  6. The rest is rolled out and put on a baking sheet, forming the sides.
  7. On the dough, lay out the berry filling.
  8. Roll out the remaining piece of dough, cut into strips, decorate the cake on top.
  9. Send an oven to the middle heat for half an hour, watch out for readiness.
  10. From this amount, a rather large cake is obtained. If the shape is small, you can reduce the number of ingredients or prepare two products.

Overseas Recipe: American Pie with Frozen Blueberries

In American films, often in cafes or roadside food outlets, heroes ask for blueberry pie. It's time to get acquainted with this overseas dish. In fact, it is very tasty and fairly easy to prepare.


  • A glass of sifted flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • A glass with a slide of sugar
  • 120 grams of butter or margarine
  • A pair of spoons of cold water
  • A pair of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 pound of frozen blueberries
  • A pair of spoons of starch, in the original - corn
  • A piece of butter for decoration.

Method of preparation

  1. From flour, a spoonful of sugar, salt, softened margarine and water, quickly knead the soft dough. It should not stick and spread, but it is not necessary to knead too tight. Wrap the film and put in the cold.
  2. After an hour or two, we roll out the layer, put it in the form, cut off the excess at the edges - they will be useful to us.
  3. Give berries to melt and pour them with lemon juice. We pour out sugar, we mix.
  4. Put the stuffing on top of the dough. Level the top, grease with melted butter.
  5. To resemble a real American dessert, cut out the stars and stripes from the remains of the dough, decorate the top.
  6. The cake is first baked for about half an hour at a fairly high temperature. Then it is covered with foil and made ready for another fifteen minutes.
  7. Tradition - to serve such an ice cream cake like our ice cream.

Sour cream pie filled with frozen blueberries

Pouring from sour cream and eggs is used in the cake, which was called Tsvetaevsky - it is baked with apples. However, with blueberry filling it turns out great. Sour cream plus sweet blueberries - a wonderful combination of taste and tenderness. And this is a wonderful magic color of the filling!


  • Flour - glass, maybe more
  • Half a pack of butter or margarine
  • Approximately two glasses of sugar - for dough, filling and pouring
  • One and a half glasses of sour cream - in dough and pouring
  • Three eggs - in dough and pouring
  • Half a spoon of soda
  • A tablespoon of semolina
  • Approximately 200 grams of blueberries from the freezer

Method of preparation

  1. Half a cup of sugar, rub the softened butter or margarine into a homogeneous mass with a spoon.
  2. Add a glass of sour cream and soda, stir to react well.
  3. Pour two of the three eggs into the mixture, add flour and knead the dough.
  4. Shape greased with butter, sprinkle with semolina, spread out the dough, forming a side.
  5. Mix the berry with about a glass of sugar, put it on the dough.
  6. Beat the remaining sour cream, sugar and egg slightly. Pour the mixture of berries, send in the oven.
  7. At an average temperature, hold for half an hour or a little longer.
  8. Allow to cool at least to a warm state and serve.

Chocolate Blueberry Cake with Frozen Berry

This cake can even be called a cake - several layers of chocolate sponge cake soaked in cream and layered with berry filling look great and have a wonderful taste. Frozen berries are very suitable for this dessert.


  • One and a half glass of flour
  • Two glasses of sugar
  • Three eggs
  • A glass of kefir
  • A glass of sour cream or cream
  • Half a teaspoon of soda or baking powder
  • Vanillin several grains
  • 250 grams of blueberries
  • 3-5 tablespoons of cocoa
  • A bar of chocolate - dark or dairy if desired.

Method of preparation

  1. Mix flour, soda or baking powder, cocoa. The amount of cocoa vary as desired.
  2. In another container, beat the eggs and a half servings of sugar until fluffy.
  3. Pour kefir, continuing to beat. It should not be cold.
  4. Gradually pour the flour mixture into the liquid portion, whipping all the time.
  5. Pour into a greased form and send to a heated oven.
  6. Bake at an average temperature of about half an hour.
  7. Cool the sponge cake ready. Cut a long knife or thread into two, and preferably three parts.
  8. While the biscuit is cooling down, make a cream. Beat sour cream or cream with the remaining sugar.
  9. Grind the blueberries - with a spoon or blender - and gently mix with the cream.
  10. Lay down the cooled cakes, put on each other.
  11. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a water bath, pour it over the cake in the form of a pattern or even over the entire surface. Spread chocolate over the sides of the cake.
  12. In the cold, such a dessert should stand for at least a couple of hours, and preferably night, so that the cream soaks the cakes well.

Finnish pie with frozen blueberries

If there is an American blueberry pie, why not be Finnish? And it really exists, very tasty and quite original. It uses cottage cheese. In general, cottage cheese is often combined with fruit and berry filling in pies. But here the trick is that the curd is added to the dough. It turns out great.


  • A glass of flour - 50 grams can be replaced with ground almonds, it will taste better
  • Half a pack of butter or margarine
  • Curd one hundred grams
  • A pinch of salt
  • A glass of sour cream
  • One whole egg and three yolks
  • A glass of sugar
  • Vanillin to taste
  • Around a glass of frozen blueberries.

Method of preparation

  1. Combine flour, almonds, if used, salt, cottage cheese and non-cold butter, grind everything into crumb.
  2. Add the egg and form a smooth, soft dough. It should be tight and not sticky.
  3. Roll the bed and transfer it gently to the mold. Make the bumpers, chop the bottom of the dough often with a fork so as not to rise.
  4. The dough is advised to stand for about fifteen minutes in the freezer and only then continue to collect the cake.
  5. Mix the yolks with sugar, sour cream, vanillin, beat a little.
  6. Pour the mixture into the form with a dough.
  7. Toply distribute evenly melted blueberries, sprinkle with selected juice.
  8. At average temperature, the cake is baked in the oven for about an hour, but it is better to check the readiness of the cake after forty minutes and determine the time of the baking.

Pie with frozen blueberries in a slow cooker

This cake is made on the principle of charlotte, but instead of apples - and you can, along with them - berries are taken. The simplicity of the recipe and the excellent end result made charlotte recipes very popular. With the advent of multi-cookers with baking mode, it has become even easier to cook such pies.


  • Three to five eggs, depending on the size of the form
  • For each egg in the original recipe - a spoonful of flour and sugar
  • If a too-sweet cake is not needed, the amount of sugar can be slightly reduced.
  • Blueberries to taste - about a glass
  • Vanillin.

Method of preparation

  1. Blueberry slightly defrost
  2. Beat eggs first, without anything, at low speed, then gradually add sugar and increase momentum.
  3. When a single mass is obtained, carefully pour the flour in portions, stirring constantly.
  4. Add vanillin, pour the berry and mix again. Pour the dough into a greased form.
  5. It is possible, as in the classic charlotte, to lay out the stuffing on the bottom of the form and pour dough, but the blueberries will be distributed unevenly. You can pour out a portion of the dough, put the berries on top of the dough again.
  6. Place the form in a warm oven.
  7. Bake for half an hour at medium temperature.

Tricks and secrets of making blueberry pie frozen

  • Blueberries are a very juicy berry, and so that the juice does not stand out strongly and does not soak the dough, it is mixed with starch. You can not mix, and pour it under the filling. Also used for this purpose are ground crackers, crumb biscuits.
  • Blueberry berry is sweet, but without a particularly bright taste. It will help to emphasize and enrich the flavor palette by adding lemon, orange and liqueur to the filling of the juice and zest.
  • It is good to serve blueberry pies with sweet milk desserts - cream or sour cream, whipped with sugar, with ice cream.
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