Salad with cucumber and carrots - freshness in each spoon. The best recipes for salads with cucumber and carrots: simple, dietary

Salad with cucumber and carrots - freshness in each spoon. The best recipes for salads with cucumber and carrots: simple, dietary

Sometimes you want to make something light and healthy at the same time.

Especially in spring, when rich winter salads and snacks become boring, and I want more vegetables and greens.

Yes, and prepare for the beach season does not hurt.

Salads with cucumber and carrots are exactly what you need.

Salad with cucumber and carrots - the basic principles of cooking

Today, fresh cucumbers can be bought all year round, so this snack can be prepared not only in spring, but also in winter.

As a rule, fresh carrots are used in this salad. It is cleaned, well washed and large tinder. For grinding use the same special grater for Korean salads.

Cucumbers are washed, wiped with a towel and cut into thin halves or bars.

Sour cream, olive oil, mayonnaise or sauces are used as dressing.

In a salad with cucumber and carrots add a lot of greens. This can be parsley, basil, chives or dill. Finely chopped garlic will add spice to the salad.

A salad with cucumber and carrots is prepared with eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and other vegetables. And, of course, what a salad without spices and spices.

All ingredients are crushed and mixed, seasoned with olive oil, sour cream or another recipe.

Recipe 1. Simple salad with cucumber and carrots


two cucumbers;

a bunch of fresh greens;

one large carrot;

pinch of hops-suneli;

four eggs;

a pinch of ground black pepper;

sour cream - 80 g;

a pinch of salt.

Method of preparation

1. Take a large carrot and peel it from the rind and tops. Wash well under running water and grate for Korean salads. If you do not have one, you can do it on a regular basis.

2. Wash the fresh cucumber, cut the ends on both sides and cut into thin halves. If you use a slightly over-ripe vegetable, remove the seeds, otherwise they will spoil the taste of the salad.

3. Boil eggs for ten minutes. Completely cool them, free from the shell and cut into cubes.

4. In deep dishes combine all the ingredients. Rinse a bunch of greens under the tap, lightly dry and finely crumble. Add to salad. 5. Season sour cream with hops-suneli, salt and ground pepper. Season the salad with it and mix gently. Arrange the salad in portions and serve as an addition to the main dish.

Recipe 2. Korean salad with cucumber and carrots


two cucumbers;

10 g sesame seeds;

large carrot;

2 g of red hot pepper;

80 ml of soy sauce;

red onion;

50 ml of rice vinegar:

2 cloves of garlic;

5 g sugar;

10 ml sesame oil.

Method of preparation

1. Clean and shred the red onion head with thin half-rings. Peeled chives are minced as small as possible.

2. In a deep bowl, mix rice vinegar with sesame oil, sugar and soy sauce. Season with red hot peppers and add chopped garlic. All thoroughly mixed.

3. We clean the rind from carrots, wash it well and three on a Korean grater.

4. Fresh my cucumbers, peel and grind on a Korean grater.

5. Put all the vegetables in a salad bowl, pour over the prepared sauce and gently mix so that the cucumbers retain their shape. Sprinkle with sesame seeds on top of the salad and serve as a snack.

Recipe 3. Salad with cucumber and carrots “Fitness”


50 ml of olive oil;

30 ml of soy sauce;

200 g cucumbers;

30 ml of lemon sauce;

1 pinch of black pepper powder;

3 g sugar;

25 g of peeled sunflower seeds;

2 g red ground pepper;

1 g of salt;

2 cloves of garlic;

150 g carrots.

Method of preparation

1. In a deep bowl, combine olive oil with soybean oil and lemon juice. Mix and season with black and red pepper, sugar and salt.

2. Garlic cloves are cleaned and passed through the garlic press directly into the dressing. Once again, mix everything until smooth.

3. Put a dry frying pan on the stove and heat it well. Pour sunflower seeds into it and fry them, stirring constantly for about two minutes.

4. Peel carrots, wash them and cut them with very thin strips with a special knife for cleaning vegetables.

5. Rinse cucumbers and wipe with a napkin. Using the same knife cut into thin slices. 6. Put carrot and cucumber in a salad bowl, pour with dressing and mix. Sprinkle with toasted sunflower seeds and serve immediately.

Recipe 4. Salad with cucumber, carrots and cottage cheese


two long greenhouse cucumbers;

pinch of ground black pepper;

large carrots;

100 g soft cottage cheese;

3 g of salt;

100 g sour cream;

1 clove of garlic.

Method of preparation

1. Wash cucumbers, wipe with a towel and coarsely rub. Chopped cucumbers salt and mix well. Leave for an hour. Stir a couple of times. Then transfer the cucumber mass to a sieve to make the whole juice stack. Then carefully squeeze the cucumbers.

2. Peel carrots, wash and coarsely grate. Free the chives from the husk and skip through the garlic press.

3. Combine all vegetables in a deep bowl, add cottage cheese and mix well. Infuse salad for about 20 minutes. Then shift it to a salad bowl, decorate with greens and serve as a snack.

Recipe 5. Salad with cucumber, carrot and radish


250 g of radish;

3 g of salt;

3 fresh cucumbers;

200 ml of sour cream;

1 medium carrot;

1 bunch of fresh greens;

1 bunch of green onions.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry all vegetables well. Clean radishes from tails and tops. Cut the vegetable into thin strips. Cucumbers cut from two sides, cut along in half and finely crumble across.

2. Peel and grate carrots. Shred a bunch of green onions into pieces, two centimeters long. Bunch parsley finely crumble.

3. Put chopped vegetables and greens in a salad bowl, lightly salt and season with sour cream. Stir and serve as an addition to the main dishes.

Recipe 6. Salad with cucumber, carrot and zucchini


half a large zucchini;

iceberg lettuce;

large carrots;

fresh cucumber


three-quarters cup of sunflower seeds;

sesame seeds - 30 g;

ground ginger - 3 g;

green spinach, parsley and basil - a handful;

garlic - clove;

lemon juice - 5 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the iceberg lettuce and chop into long thin strips. Wash cucumber, wipe with a napkin and cut into thin bars. Peel zucchini and carrot and grate for Korean salads. 2. Soak the seeds in water for three hours. All ingredients for the sauce, except for sesame, folded into a blender container and beat until smooth. Pour half a glass of water and mix.

3. All vegetables and salad mix. Put the sauce in a gravy boat, sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve separately.

Recipe 7. Salad with cucumber, carrot and tuna


a can of tuna fish in its own juice;


two cucumbers;

two eggs;

two carrots;

two potatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Boil the peeled potatoes, cool them and rub them with small chips. Put the potatoes on a platter and smear with mayonnaise.

2. Boiled eggs completely cool and peel off the shell. Crush them just like potatoes. Spread them evenly over potatoes and smear with mayonnaise.

3. Boil carrots, cool completely and peel. Grate the vegetable and lay on the eggs, smear the carrot layer with mayonnaise.

4. Open a can of tuna and knead the contents with a fork. Spread the fish evenly on the carrot.

5. Wash fresh cucumbers, wipe and crumble in thin bars. Put the cucumbers on the fish. Leave the salad soak for half an hour. Serve a la carte.

Salad with cucumber and carrots - tips and tricks

  • Take young root vegetables for salads. They are juicier and more tender.
  • If you doubt that the cucumber skin will not taste bitter, clean it off.
  • Instead of sour cream, you can use natural yogurt or kefir for dressing.
  • Salt the salad at the very end so that the cucumbers do not flow.
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