A simple and complex dish - a salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms. Cooking salad: Korean carrots, mushrooms ... what else?

A simple and complex dish - a salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms. Cooking salad: Korean carrots, mushrooms ... what else?

Carrot salads are varied. Salad is a cold dish, which for a long time was customary to serve as a snack.

In Russian cuisine of the pre-Peter the Great, the salad was a single-component vegetable dish. Under the influence of French cuisine, salad preparation technology has become more complicated. Actually, the word “salad” has French roots, so primacy in the evolution of this dish can rightly be awarded to French cooks, if only for one invention of mayonnaise, without which our housewives rarely manage in preparing salads.

Now salads are an extensive cooking section. Professionals from all over the world are trying to systematize salads, dividing recipes by cooking methods, by the set of ingredients that make up a cold dish, their design and presentation. But recipes in all corners of the world “grow like mushrooms after rain every day.”

Speaking of mushrooms! They are still the most favorite ingredient in Russian cuisine. Fried, salted, marinated mushrooms are part of many salads, "born" in our kitchen at the turn of the last two centuries.

Strangely enough, but after the appearance of mayonnaise on our tables, Korean-style carrots also “became leaders”. What influenced the new culinary preferences of Russians, with an Asian bias: friendly feelings for Koreans, economic difficulties of the perestroika period, which led to the emergence of a series of new and cheap vegetable dishes? It is difficult to answer this question yet, but the new “salad” opening is being successfully introduced in the kitchens of elite cafes, and even more - in the warm atmosphere of a home-made feast.

It turns out that a salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms has many different options, and all of them are very interesting.

Korean carrot and mushroom salad - basic cooking principles

In explanatory dictionaries, as well as in some textbooks on cooking, it is said that the essence of salad preparation is its cutting. In part, we can agree with this definition, but in cooking, food is cut for the preparation of other dishes, such as borscht, stewed vegetables. If it was just cutting the ingredients, then it would be too easy for a salad. The complexity of cooking begins with a preliminary stage - with the selection of ingredients for its preparation, not including washing, cleaning, boiling or roasting various components.

Cutting is just the easiest technological part of salad preparation, although she also needs to pay attention. Professionals have long noticed that the taste of a dish depends on the shape and size of the cut. It is hard to disagree with this statement. For example, tomatoes, cut into small cubes, in a salad will look like mashed potatoes, and large cubes of potatoes will be badly combined with small pieces of chicken fillet. There are plenty of such examples.

There are three basic “formulas” of salad that will help anyone, even a novice hostess, prepare a salad of any complexity, literally, from any products that are found in the kitchen.

1. To make the dish perfect, balance four flavors: sweet, bitter, salty and sour.

2. To let the salad not be too dry, or too juicy, pay attention to the selection of products. For example, for a salad of potatoes, eggs and cucumbers, it is necessary to determine the correct proportion of ingredients: eggs and potatoes “in uniform” contain less liquid than cucumbers. So, you need to take twice as many cucumbers. The ratio of potatoes, eggs and cucumbers will be 1: 1: 2. Greens and spices are not taken into account. If you like to add a large amount of dressing to salads, then you should include “dry” components in the salad in a larger volume. 3. It is true that the appetite comes with eating, and this contributes to the design of the dish. Salad is one of the few dishes, which can include not only tasty, but also bright, multi-colored products, which with their appearance will stir up the appetite at the table and a good mood for the whole day.

But to the above, of course, it is necessary to add that salads can be prepared only from the freshest ingredients. It is also important that the components of the dish are combined not only in taste, but also do not create a dissonance, which can adversely affect digestion.

For example, it is necessary to add acid to proteins and carbohydrates, which will promote their better breakdown in the stomach. Therefore, meat should be consumed with vegetables in which vitamin C is present. Or, conversely, fresh cream with vegetables should not be combined in one dish, as this can cause a serious breakdown.

1. Meat salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms


Green onions 50g

Lemon juice 30 ml

Chop, fried (pork) 360 g

Marinated champignons 200 g

Korean carrot 120 g

Apples, sweet and sour (net) 150 g


Soy sauce

Vegetable oil





Onions and peeled apples (without peel) cut into strips. In a separate bowl with chilled boiled water, add lemon juice and put apples and onions for 10-15 minutes, then drain the water.

Cut the cut into portions of 120 g, repel and fry without breading until tender. Season with salt and pepper. Chops also cut into thin strips.

Cut mushrooms into thin slices.

Combine the ingredients in a deep bowl, mix, add Korean carrot and prepare the dressing. Water the salad with it before serving.

2. Vegetable salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms


Chinese cabbage 250 g

Carrots, in Korean 200 g Marinated mushrooms 150g

Boiled beans 300 g

Red lettuce (fleshy) 100 g

Mayonnaise (thin, 30%)

Greens, chopped (to taste)


For the salad, cabbage and peeled peppers chop the straw. Chop the greens, cut the mushrooms into slices. Combine the ingredients, mix and season with mayonnaise. This salad is also suitable dressing of wine or apple cider vinegar, combined with vegetable oil and spices.

3. Salad with Korean carrots and “mushrooms” - “Forest Glade”


Eggs, quail 12 pcs.

Carrots (in Korean) 200 g

Cucumbers, fresh 150 g

Sesame, fried 50 g

Cherry 400 g. 6 pcs.

Fresh greens (parsley, basil)

Mayonnaise or oil-vinegar dressing


Cucumbers cut into plates. Boil eggs, peel. Tomatoes cut in half. Put platter of cucumbers on the dish. Korean carrot divided into 12 bunches, and each of them roll a ring. Put on top of cucumbers. Put peeled eggs in the middle of the carrot rings. Put the halves of the tomatoes on top of the eggs. Decorate with greens, sesame nuts and mayonnaise.

4. Warm salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms


Onion, 200 g

French fries 400 g

Korean carrots 150 g

Fried champignons 500 g

Beef liver 300 g

Canned red beans 250 g

Eggs, chickens. 5 pieces.

Mayonnaise 100g

2-3 garlic cloves

Vegetable oil (for frying)


Dill, salad (for registration)



Peel onions and chop the straw. Fry in vegetable oil. Remove excess fat.

Boil mushrooms, cut into cubes. Also fry in butter, seasoned with spices.

Wash potatoes, peel, cut into strips, fry in deep fat. Put on a napkin, season with spices.

Cut the prepared liver into plates, fry until done and cut the fried pieces into strips. Before the end of frying, add crushed garlic, pepper, salt to the pan. Transfer to a napkin and let the oil drain. Fold the beans, rinse, allow to drain.

From Korean carrot, remove excess marinade.

Combine all the ingredients of the salad and mix. Place a flat dish with lettuce leaves, lay out a cold dish in a slide.

In mayonnaise add 50 ml of lemon juice, fresh zest, chopped garlic and pepper. Stir the cooked dressing and serve to the salad in a saucepan.

5. Meat salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms. Cocktail Salad

Products for 6 servings:

Smoked Chicken Breast 360 g

Cucumber 300 g

Carrots, in Korean 300 g

Corn 240g

Champignons (fresh) 900 g

Eggs 6 pcs.

Hard cheese 120 g

Suluguni, smoked 240 g

Mayonnaise (to taste)

Greens 100 g


Select large champignons (3 pieces per serving), separate the legs and remove the plates from the caps. Cook the marinade and keep the mushrooms in it for at least 48 hours. Mushroom legs cut into cubes, and fresh cucumbers - straws, the same length with Korean carrots.

Chicken breast and suluguni divided into thin fibers. The length of the threads of meat and cheese should be the same with carrots and cucumbers.

Eggs and cheese (hard), grate, stir and season with mayonnaise. Stuff with mushrooms with this mass.

Spread prepared ingredients in layers (40-60 g each) in high glass ice-cream bowls, seasoning them with mayonnaise.

The sequence of layers:

chicken meat,





mushroom legs,

chopped greens

stuffed mushrooms.

6. Salad with Korean carrots and mushrooms “Eurasia”


Olives, pitted 180 g

Cheese (or “Feta”) 350 g

Carrots (Korean salad) 240 g

Avocado 3 pcs.

Pepper, red (sweet) 240 g (net)

Green Peas (Frozen or Fresh) 180 g

Basil, red 50 g (leaves)

Parsley (fresh leaves) 70 g

For dressing: spices, vegetable oil, lemon juice


Cut the olives into thin rings, across the berries. Rennet cheese, avocado and pepper - in large cubes. Mix all the ingredients with carrots in Korean, fill with cooked sauce and spread in a salad bowl. We decorate with fresh parsley and red basil leaves.

Korean carrot and mushroom salad - tips and tricks

  • Nutritionists rightly argue that sour cream is more useful than mayonnaise, it is better absorbed by the body, without adding extra pounds, which then have to be thrown off by exhausting workouts. But sour cream does not always harmoniously fit into the composition of the salad. To make it taste like mayonnaise, make sour cream sauce:
  • 100 g sour cream, 2 boiled yolks, 1 tsp. mustard To the main sauce, depending on the composition of the ingredients in the salad, you can add salt, pepper, garlic, chopped greens.
  • Boiled meat or fish, prepared for salad, after cooking is not in a hurry to get out of the broth. Wait 10-15 minutes for the fillet to become juicy and delicate in taste.
  • To remove the specific smell of fish, hold it in lemon juice before processing. Lemon juice will also prevent fish from boiling over. Lemon juice perfectly cope with the pungent smell of onions used in salads.

Lemon juice recipes are another topic.

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