Children's snacks for the brightest and fun feast! The best recipes for appetizers Birthday and other holidays

Children's snacks for the brightest and fun feast! The best recipes for appetizers Birthday and other holidays

Children's table for a birthday or other holidays should be bright, cheerful, beautiful. That is why its design is approached with particular trepidation. You need to prepare a menu in advance and buy everything you need. It is advisable not to focus on complex hot dishes, it is better to prepare several different snacks. Children love them so much!

Children's snacks - the general principles of cooking

The basic principle of preparing children's dishes is maximum safety. All products must be fresh. If the children are small, it is advisable to refrain from sausages, chips, candies and other confectionery products with a large number of dyes, substitutes, preservatives. Do not forget that children can not mushrooms, and in any form. They can cause great harm to the immature organism.

What to cook snacks:

· Meat, poultry, fish;

· Vegetables;

· Cheese and other dairy products, eggs.

On the children's table, you can put sweet snacks. They are made from fruits, dried fruits, berries, cookies, candy, marmalade, marshmallow. A huge amount of options. But do not forget that dairy products are very capricious in storage, quickly sour, so it is advisable to cook a children's dish before use and not to keep it in a warm room for a long time.

Snack for Children's Birthday “Traffic Light”

Very bright and festive option for children's birthday snacks. It will be a real decoration of the table, but it is very easy to prepare. The chicken is used as a base. You can take a turkey or other meat.


· 2 chicken legs with thigh;

· 120 g sour cream;

· 1 large tomato;

· 4 tbsp. l corn;

· 4 tbsp. l green peas;

· Salt;

· 3 eggs.


1. Put the chicken legs in the pan, add water, boil until soft and cool. Remove all bones.

2. Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel.

3. Grind chicken with eggs. You can simply chop or twist through a meat grinder with large cells. Pate is not necessary, let them be pieces. 4. Add sour cream and salt to the chicken. If sour cream is liquid, then put less. Stir well.

5. Put the cooked chicken on a flat dish in the form of a rectangle. It will be a traffic light.

6. Cut the tomato into four parts, remove all liquid insides with seeds. Cut the flesh into small cubes.

7. Put a tomato circle at the traffic light. It will be red.

8. Now lay out the yellow color of canned corn. You can also use yellow pepper for this color.

9. Green color will be peas. But you can use sliced ​​cucumber.

10. The traffic light is ready! He does not need additional decoration, but he tolerates various changes. Under the main layer with chicken, you can put chopped prunes, grate cheese, make a layer of chopped cabbage.

Children's snack "Mushrooms"

A variant of very beautiful mushrooms that can be made for each guest, set on a common plate and even used to decorate other dishes. For children's snacks boiled eggs are used. For coloring you need tea. But you can use different dyes or beet juice.


· Eggs;

· Tea brew;

· greenery.


1. Brew cool black tea, a glass of boiling water about a spoon of tea leaves. Strain so that the tea leaves do not float, otherwise spots will appear on the mushrooms.

2. Boil hard boiled eggs. The quantity is arbitrary. It is possible to use quail eggs for this snack, you get miniature and very beautiful mushrooms. Cool in cold water.

3. Carefully peel all eggs from the shell so as not to damage the protein.

4. Put the egg on the board and carefully cut off the third part, which will be a cap. The yolk that got into it, you need to remove, get a notch.

5. Put the caps of mushrooms in the tea, wait until they turn brown.

6. Put greens on a plate, put large parts of eggs cut down, these will be the legs of mushrooms.

7. Put brown hats on top. Mushrooms are ready!

Snack for children's birthday “Snowballs”

The beauty of this snack is that it consists of the most natural and healthy products. For rolling snowballs you need hard cheese.


· 250 g of cottage cheese;

· 10-12 pieces of hazelnuts or other nuts;

· Salt;

· Some sour cream;

· 80-90 grams of cheese;

· 3-4 sprigs of dill.


1. Cottage cheese needs to be ground through a sieve so that the mass becomes tender. Children do not like the astringency inherent in the product.

2. Add to the cottage cheese salt, chopped dill or other greens. If the children are not small, then you can squeeze a small clove of garlic, it will turn out even more tasty.

3. Add a little sour cream to the curd mixture. It is important not to overdo it. It should be a cool mass.

4. We rub cheese very small. Pour a spoon to the curd, leave the rest for sprinkling.

5. Cottage cheese is well stirred, then divided into 10-12 parts, sculpt small balls with a nut inside. You can not thrust hazelnuts, and other species or replace a piece of prunes, chicken, dried apricots, red fish.

6. Roll the balls into grated cheese, put on a plate. Snowballs are ready!

Children's Caterpillar snack

A very simple and quick recipe for sweet baby snacks for birthday and other holidays. Choose strong berries that do not hesitate and do not flow.


· Grapes;

· Strawberry;

· 1-2 prunes.


1. Strung on a toothpick or a small skewer of grapes.

2. At the end, stick the strawberry tip out. It will be a caterpillar head. Well, or snakes. By the way, strawberry leaves can not be removed, let it remain a collar.

3. Cut the prunes into small pieces.

4. Gently make small holes in the strawberries with a knife, stick in the prunes and eyes are ready!

5. Lay the caterpillars on lettuce leaves or each guest on a plate.

Appetizer for children's birthday “Hedgehog”

Option fruit children's snacks. For cooking you will need one big pear and any other berries and fruits. It is better if they are of different colors, then the hedgehog will be very bright. There is absolutely the same kind of salty snack. It is made from pieces of vegetables, olives and cheese. Ingredients

· Pear;

· Berries;

· fruits.


1. Cut a piece of pear so that it fits well on the plate and does not swing.

2. Cut the fruit into cubes. Wash berries, dry.

3. Strung pieces of fruit and berries on toothpicks. It is better to follow a certain sequence, and end with a round berry, for example, grapes.

4. Stick stuffed toothpicks into the thickened part of the pear, leaving the narrowed area open, it will be a muzzle with a spout.

5. Make a hedgehog eyes out of a carnation. Bright snack is ready!

Snack for children's birthday “Ships”

You can cook cheese on bread with sausage or ham, but here is another option. The peculiarity of this snack for children's birthday is the use of eggs as a base. They have a number of advantages: they are small, half is a real boat, children eat eggs better than dry bread.


· 3 eggs;

· 50 g boiled chicken or ham;

· 6 triangular pieces of cheese;

· 1 tbsp. l sour cream;

· Salt, greens.


1. Boil hard-boiled eggs. Cool well in cold water, gently release from the shell, cut along each one to make two boats.

2. Remove the yolks, grate or just knead well.

3. Chop the chicken. You can use ham or dairy sausage, add the product to the yolks.

4. Add a little sour cream and salt, stir. It should make a thick mass.

5. Fill the halves of eggs with cooked stuffing. You can make a small slide.

6. Stick a toothpick.

7. Put a flag on a toothpick from a triangular piece of cheese. But you can use a slice of ham as you like.

8. Launch ships sailing on a plate with greens.

Children's snack “Carrot”

Original salad for children's table. You can cook one big carrot or lay out a few small ones. It is desirable to boil the products in advance and cool well. Salad also need to give a couple of hours to insist.

Ingredients · 250 g boiled chicken fillet;

· 2 boiled carrots;

· 3 eggs (boil);

· 180 g sour cream;

· 100 grams of cheese;

· 150 g of potatoes (boil);

· Spices, greens.


1. Peel the boiled potatoes, grate and lay as a first layer on a flat pot. Level, give carrot shape. That is an oval with a pointed tip.

2. Mix sour cream with spices, salt and grease the potato layer.

3. Cut the boiled chicken and lay on the potatoes, this layer does not need to be greased.

4. Eggs and cheese grate in a bowl. Add to them the remaining sour cream, stir well and put the mass on the chicken. Smooth well, continuing to shape carrots.

5. We finish the salad with boiled carrots, peeled and grated. Align the shape, at the thick end put a bunch of dill or other herbs and ready!

Baby Snacks - Tips and Tricks

· If you need to paint some products, then do not rush to add chemistry. It is better to use natural products. The juice of beets, carrots, spinach, red cabbage perfectly copes with its task and is completely safe for health.

· It is not necessary to add mayonnaise, fat sour cream to children's salads and snacks. It is better to choose the most light sauces that do not complicate the work of the digestive system. Ideal yogurts, healthy vegetable oils.

· Smoked meats and sausages - not the best product for the children's table. In your favorite dishes you can replace them with boiled, baked poultry, meat, or choose high-quality ham.

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