Salad "Watermelon Slice" - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad "watermelon slice."


During the cold winter and harsh days, there is a lack of a piece of fresh summer. I want to colorfully furnish not only the rooms, but also a festive table. Offer your family and friends not only delicious, but also summer-style decorated “Watermelon Slice” salad. Such an unexpected and colorful design will cause a storm of enthusiasm and a feeling of summer warmth. Also, this salad will perfectly attract the attention of a small company that does not always agree to use boring and monotonous dishes.

Salad “Watermelon slice. “Preparing Products

So, externally, the salad is made out like a watermelon wedge, that is, it is divided into two zones, green rind and red flesh. Peel can be decorated with greens or fresh cucumbers, and the role of red flesh perfectly performed tomatoes, decorated with pieces of olives. However, perhaps during the cooking process, the hostess herself will have interesting ideas for decorating the “Watermelon slice” salad.

Salad Recipes Watermelon Slice

Recipe 1. Salad “Watermelon slice” of chicken

You can even make such a salad for children's parties. Children will be delighted with the view, and their parents from the taste.

Ingredients Required:

• 400 g - breast;

• 200 g - mushrooms;

• 2 pcs. - tomatoes;

• 1 bunch - green onions;

• 3 pcs. - cucumbers;

• 2 pcs. egg;

• 150 g - cheese;

• 300 g - sour cream;

• 100 g - olives.


So, part of the listed ingredients will be needed to create the shape of the salad, and the other part will go to the design of the watermelon slice.

Boil eggs and breast, but in separate pans. After cooking and cooling the ingredients, cut them into cubes. Mushrooms will need fresh, so we pre-cut them into thin slices and fry together with onions until golden brown in a pan. You can proceed to the main process. We take directly the salad bowl, in which we will issue a watermelon slice. Ingredients are stacked in layers, so immediately create a crescent shape. The first layer is boiled bacon. Meat smeared sour cream. Next are fried mushrooms with onion mixture, these vegetables are also spread with a cream layer. The last are the eggs, which also need to coat with sour cream. Decorate the slice. Cut tomatoes into squares, stripes, whatever. For decoration, it is better to take a dense tomato base, rather than a watery gruel. The flesh of the watermelon is formed from a tomato, and the sides are decorated with cucumbers, which are pre-cut into strips. It remains to create seeds, for this we use olives. Lightly sprinkle grated cheese.

Recipe 2. Salad “Watermelon Slice” with Mushrooms

Ingredients Required:

• 200 g - ham;

• 250 g - champignons;

• 3 pcs. - egg;

• 100 g - cheese;

• 2 tooth. - garlic;

• 200 ml - mayonnaise;

• for decoration - cucumber, olives, tomatoes.

• 3 tbsp. l - lemon juice.


Salads cooked in any form, in our case this is a watermelon slice, do not accept haste and quick work. Therefore, first we will do cutting and preparation of all components, and after that we will start creating a “watermelon” image.

Onions with mushrooms are cut, it can be strips, plates, as convenient, and lightly fried in a pan. Peel and chop the boiled eggs. Ham also cut into cubes. Also for this dish we need to prepare a light and simple sauce. All that is required is to mix the mayonnaise with the pressured garlic, chop the dill finely and stir vigorously. Products are sliced, the sauce is ready. You can decorate.

Tomatoes and cucumbers cut at its discretion. Semicircularly expose the ingredients in layers, each layer is coated with a light sauce. So, layers: ham, onions with mushrooms; eggs and grated cheese. We decorate. Boca, that is, the green part of the salad, decorated with cucumbers. Be patient and do everything very carefully. Put tomatoes on top. Pay attention, tomatoes are also coated with mayonnaise sauce. Top add olives, performing the role of watermelon seeds. Leave the salad in the fridge for impregnation.

Recipe 3. Salad “Watermelon Slice” with Cheese

If the previous versions were suitable for decorating a festive feast, then we will offer a simpler version that can be quickly prepared for children on ordinary days.

Ingredients Required:

• 3 pcs. - potatoes;

• 200 g - cheese;

• 2 pcs. red bell pepper;

• 1 PC. - tomatoes;

• 2 tbsp. l - olive oil.


Boil potatoes and rub, use a large side grater. Pepper will need to decorate the salad. You can sprinkle potatoes with spices, for example, oregano. Form a slice of watermelon, the first layer of potatoes, then cheese and tomato are rubbed with a thick layer. The cucumber is cut into strips and placed in a common layer on top of the salad, not only on the sides. It remains to chop the Bulgarian pepper and decorate the top finishing red layer.

Salad “Watermelon Slice” - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

The main thing in the “Watermelon slice” salad is not the composition of the ingredients, but the design. We can say that internally a salad can even consist of their seafood or fruit, but externally it should be the image of a watermelon slice. In case of making fruit salad, decorate the dish with green grapes and red pomegranate seeds.

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