Canape for children - fun fireworks on the table! Recipes for miniature canapes sandwiches for children: sweet and salty

Canape for children - fun fireworks on the table! Recipes for miniature canapes sandwiches for children: sweet and salty

Canape - bright and fun snacks, which are increasingly seen on the children's table.

In addition to an attractive appearance, they are distinguished by original flavor combinations, ease of use and, of course, ease of preparation.

Canapes for children can be made from a variety of products and at the lowest cost indulge your favorite child with original sandwiches.

Canapes for children - general cooking principles

Salted (snack) canapés are prepared in addition to the main dishes. Products can be strung on a skewer, toothpick, wooden skewer. Or just keep in small piles without fastening. It all depends on the type of ingredients and the method of cutting.

What is used for salted canapes for children:

• sausage and meat products;

• fish and seafood;

• vegetables, greens;

• eggs and cheeses;

• bread products.

Sweet canapes always combine skewers, since most recipes use fruits that are quite wet and slippery. Without attachment they can not hold each other.

What is used for sweet canapes:

• fruits and berries;

• cheeses;

• marmalade, marshmallows;

• chocolate;

• Cookies, sweets and other ready-made sweets.

Served miniature sandwiches on separate plates. Snack canapés can be served with greens, there is no need to decorate anything, since they themselves are bright and expressive. Sweet sandwiches, if desired, can be sprinkled with chocolate or coconut chips, powdered with powdered sugar.

Recipe 1: Canapé for children “Ships” with red fish

To make canapes for children in the form of a ship, you will need pieces of salted red fish: pink salmon, salmon, trout. As well as a good cheese that does not crumble and bends easily.


• 5 pieces of loaf;

• 30 grams of butter;

• 5 pieces of salted fish;

• 5 triangular pieces of cheese;

• 5 skewers or toothpicks.


1. Take the pieces of loaf and cut off the four sides so as to obtain an elongated rhombus. That is, in the form of boats. 2. We grease bread with butter, it needs to be softened in advance to make it neat.

3. Cut out the fish slices, similar to the shape of the loaf and put it on the boat.

4. Pierce a piece of cheese in two places with a toothpick (or skewer) and stick a sharp end in the center of the boat. Done!

Similarly, you can make ships with ham or sausage, add fresh cucumbers, greens and other ingredients.

Recipe 2: Cannabis for children “Amanita”

For this variant of miniature sandwiches, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes will be needed. Funny mushrooms can also be used to decorate salads and other dishes on the children's table.


• 5 quail eggs;

• 5 cherry tomatoes;

• 1 cucumber;

• lettuce leaves;

• a little mayonnaise or sour cream.


1. Boil quail eggs 4 minutes after boiling. Cool and free from the shells.

2. Cucumber cut into 5 circles of 1 centimeter. For each put a small piece of lettuce leaf, which will imitate the grass under the mushroom.

3. Put an egg on a toothpick, piercing it along.

4. We stick in cucumber circles.

5. We wash the cherry tomatoes, dry them and cut a circle, 3 millimeters thick, together with the attachment point of the stem. It will turn out a mushroom cap with an even cut.

6. Put a tomato on a toothpick on top of an egg.

7. Put on a hat the points of sour cream or mayonnaise. Of course, it is more convenient to use a paper bag. But since the cap is small and mayonnaise quite a bit, then you can simply dip the toothpick and apply dots.

Recipe 3: Apple Fireworks Canapé

The option is very beautiful design of small fruit canapes for children. As a base you need a big apple. But you can also take a small melon or any other fruit of a round shape.


• an Apple;

• 15 grapes, you can different colors;

• 15 strawberries;

• 2 Kiwis;

• 15 pieces of marshmallow or regular marshmallow.


1. Kiwi gently cleaned and cut into circles of 1-1.5 centimeters, then each into four sectors.

2. The rest of the berries are simply washed and dried. 3. In an apple, cut the lower part of about a centimeter so that the fruit is securely on the plate. And immediately send it back.

4. We collect canapes. To do this, put on a toothpick marshmallow. If you use a regular marshmallow, then cut into large cubes.

5. Then comes a piece of kiwi, then a strawberry and at the end of the grapes.

6. We stick the resulting sweet skewer into an apple and collect all the other berries. Also send to the apple. And in a few minutes a bright firework will appear on the table.

Recipe 4: Canapes for children “Tomato” with cheese

Need small tomatoes cherry. It’s better to make such sandwiches with skewers, it turns out more beautiful than with toothpicks. Instead of basil, you can take any other herbs: lettuce, parsley, mint.


• 3 tomatoes;

• 6 pieces of cheese;

• 6 pieces of bread;

• 6 basil leaves;

• spoon of soft cheese.


1. We cut out rectangles of the same size from bread and cheese.

2. We grease bread with soft cheese, put cheese on it.

3. Tomatoes are cut lengthwise into two parts and put each on a slice on the brynza.

4. We pierce the washed and dried leaf of basil with a skewer, we advance to the handle.

5. We stick the skewer into the center of the sandwich, fix all the layers.

Recipe 5: Exotic Kids Canape

Variant of very juicy canapes for children, which are collected from fruit. According to the recipe are pineapple rings, I mean canned. But you can use the fresh fruit, likewise sliced.


• 1 banana;

• 1 nectarine;

• 4 rings of pineapple.


1. Cut the banana into 8 parts. Immediately set on a plate.

2. Nectarine divide in half, remove the bone, then each half into another 4 parts.

3. Cut pineapple rings in half and immediately put on a skewer. It is possible in the form of the letter "C", punctures in two places. Or pierce in the center, making an inverted arc.

4. Next, put on a piece of nectarine and stick it in a banana base. Exotic canapes are ready!

Recipe 6: Strawberry Chocolate Canapés

The recipe is very tasty and beautiful canapes that are very simple and easy to make. Besides strawberries, other berries can be planted on skewers, but with it it turns out to be the most delicious. The number of products is arbitrary. Ingredients

• Strawberry;

• white or dark chocolate;

• toothpicks.


1. Choose smooth and beautiful berries of the same size. My, dry.

2. Break the chocolate pieces, put in a bowl, melt in a water bath.

3. Now you can just put a strawberry on a toothpick, dip it in chocolate and let it cool. Or do a little differently.

4. String 3-4 strawberries on each toothpick. We lay in a row, under them we lay paper.

5. Take a bowl of chocolate in one hand (wear a glove so as not to burn yourself), dip the spoon with your second hand and start drawing zigzags over the strawberries with a flowing stream. Repeat several times, decorate the berries.

6. Give the chocolate to harden, then turn the canapes on the other side and also draw chocolate.

Recipe 7: Marmeladka Canape for Children

A wonderful variant of useful sweets, for which we will use marmalade. You can take a single-color or multi-layered, square or figured, in general, what can be found.


• marmalade;

• orange;

• biscuit or other soft cookies.


1. Orange washed, wiped and, not clearing, cut into circles, and then into 4 parts.

2. Put on a slice of orange slice, then marmalade, again an orange.

3. We stick our product in soft cookies and it's done! Instead of a soft cookie, you can also use banana, marshmallow, marshmallow, pieces of other fruits for the base.

Recipe 8: Canape for children “Air Marshmallow”

For this option canape will need any marshmallows, but better without glaze. Taste does not matter.


• 5 marshmallows (halves);

• 1 Kiwi;

• 1 banana;

• 5 prunes stuff.


1. Cut the banana in thick circles of 1.5-2 centimeters.

2. Kiwi peel and cut into 5 circles. The most extreme parts can be removed to make the pieces smoother.

3. Prune simply wash and dry. If it is too dry, you can soak it in warm water.

4. Lay on a plate of marshmallows tubercle up.

5. Put a circle of kiwi.

6. Top a circle of banana. 7. Then prunes, pierce the construction with a skewer and ready!

Recipe 9: Canape for children “Vegetable boats”

Another option canapes for children in the form of ships, but without bread. Tomatoes are used as a base.


• 2 tomatoes;

• 1 cucumber;

• a piece of sweet pepper;

• some grated cheese.


1. Cut each tomato into 4 parts. Remove all the insides to get a boat.

2. Put some grated cheese in each boat. Similarly, you can put greens, chopped sausage or chopped sausage. Choose any content, but put a little bit.

3. Cut the cucumber into thin slices. Need extended ovals. Each pierce in two places, imitating the sail. We stick in the center of the ship.

4. Cut triangles from a piece of sweet pepper, put them on the tip of a toothpick and the flag is ready!

Canape for children - useful tips and tricks

• Canapes are made only from fresh produce and immediately before serving. Otherwise, fruits and vegetables will flow, cheese and sausages will dry out.

• What to make canapes for children? Cook only from those foods that suit your child. Also consider its age, since not all products are allowed to give to small children. Especially careful to be with processed cheeses, mayonnaise, ketchup, sausages. Dyes can cause an allergic reaction, and vinegar and spices are indigestion.

• Remember that small children should not be given salted fish. And if you do decide to make a sandwich with her, then it should be good salted and benign.

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