Canapes with cheese - an impeccable snack for any celebration. The best recipes for canapes with cheese: simple and unusual

Canapes with cheese - an impeccable snack for any celebration. The best recipes for canapes with cheese: simple and unusual

Canapes are delicious, bright, miniature snacks perfect for adults and children’s meals.

The number of different recipes is amazing. Canapes are meat, fish, sweet, spicy.

Canapes with cheese are the most popular of all types of this mini-dish due to three factors:

• availability of various types of cheeses;

• ease of cooking;

• the perfect combination of cheese with any product.

Canapes with cheese - the general principles of cooking

Usually, the ingredients for canapés are cut into small pieces of various shapes. They are made square, round, triangular and even figured.

The basis for the canape can be bread, crackers, toast, toast. It is also permissible to make canapes without these components.

You can take absolutely any ingredient for making canapes with cheese, this product combines all the products: meat, sausages, fish, vegetables, fruits, olives, greens.

Canapes with cheese are served laid out on a large flat dish, garnished with salad leaves and greens as desired.

Recipe 1. Canapé with cheese and ham “Zigzag”

Tasty, festive snack suitable for children's table, and for an adult party. Bright colors, an unusual form - canapes with cheese look great on the table and attract their attention.


• two medium cucumbers;

• 100 g of hard cheese (Dutch);

• 100 g Maasdam cheese;

• cherry tomatoes - by the number of canapés;

• 200 g of ham.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the ham into long, thin stripes 1.5 cm wide, 2-3 mm thick, about 10 cm long.

2. Cut two types of cheese into medium sized cubes.

3. Remove the peel from the cucumbers and cut them into thin circles.

4. Cherry washed, dried, carefully cut the stem without damaging the fruit itself.

5. We pierce one end of the ham with a skewer, we put on a tomato, skirt the ham with the cherry and again we pin it on the skewer, we put on the Maasdam, we garnish the cheese with ham.

6. We plant a cucumber circle, fix the second end of the ham and insert the skewer with the set ingredients into a piece of Dutch cheese.

Recipe 2. Canap with “Boat” cheese

This recipe is extraordinarily simple to perform, and the canapes are so delightfully beautiful that they even have pity. And most importantly, for their preparation do not need complex products, usually all the components are in the fridge of each hostess. Ingredients:

• thick white bread;

• butter;

• boiled sausage;

• cream cheese plates;

• parsley leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the bread into thin slices (1 cm).

2. Cut the sausage into slices of the same thickness as the bread.

3. Cut the cheese plates in half.

4. Rinse the parsley leaves and shake.

5. Cut a sharp knife from sausage mugs and slices of boat bread, cut off the corners of the cheese.

6. Lubricate the bread base with butter, lay out a piece of sausage and parsley, stick a skewer in the middle of the design.

7. Strung a plate of cheese in the form of a sail on a skewer.

Recipe 3. Feta Canapé

Canapes taste like Greek salad. Snack is light and low-calorie with a savory and unusual taste, which will appeal to all lovers of delicious healthy food.


• 10 pieces of feta cheese;

• 10 cherry tomatoes;

• Bell pepper;

• 10 slices of white bread;

• one small cucumber;

• half a sheet of chili;

• leaves of basil and parsley;

• a clove of garlic;

• olive oil;

• lettuce leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind greens, chili and garlic, lay out in a deep plate, pour olive oil.

2. Put the feta cheese in the marinade. Gently mix the contents of the plate so that the cheese is completely submerged in the marinade.

3. Slices of bread are fried in a minimal amount of olive oil on both sides to a pleasant pale golden color. Cold bread sprinkle with marinade, which is cheese.

4. Wash vegetables, if necessary, peel and chop them: pepper in squares, cucumber with the thinnest oblique circles.

5. We stick a skewer into the bread, we string the cucumber, after having assembled it into an accordion.

6. Pickle a pickled cheese cube on top of a cucumber, finish with a cherry tomato.

7. We spread on the washed and dried lettuce leaves.

Recipe 4. Canape with cheese and smoked chicken

Snack is common for its beauty, original taste and aroma. Canapes can be given any desired shape. Smoked chicken combines all cheeses of hard and semi-hard varieties.


• 150 grams of cheese;

• 150 g smoked chicken fillet;

• six olives;

• two pickled cucumbers;

• six pieces of bread;

• 30 g of mayonnaise; • greenery.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the chicken into six identical cubes.

2. Cut the cheese into 12 pieces of any interesting shape.

3. Cut off the crust from bread and cut into squares no more than squares of chicken.

4. In pickled cucumbers, cut off the peel and cut the vegetable into slices.

5. We lubricate each piece of bread with mayonnaise, put cheese on top, smoked chicken, cheese again, fix all the ingredients with a skewer.

6. We string olives, decorate with greens.

Recipe 5. Canapé with cheese and bacon

Incredibly delicious and satisfying snack that will look great on a festive table. Fried bacon, cheese and stuffed olives - a great combination, worthy of any celebration.


• 200 g of bacon (without large layers of bacon);

• 180-200 g of cheese;

• Borodino bread;

• a clove of garlic;

• three or four salad leaves;

• spicy stuffed olives.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the bacon into thin strips and fry in a dry frying pan on both sides to a blush and melting excess fat. Optionally, pepper and salt the meat product.

2. Dice the Borodino bread, fry it in the fat melted from bacon.

3. Rub garlic pieces of bread, cut them into the desired form for canapes.

4. Cut the cheese into cubes.

5. We spread on the slices of bread a double-folded piece of roasted bacon, put a cube of cheese on top, a piece of lettuce leaf and stuffed olive.

6. We fix all the ingredients with a skewer.

Recipe 6. Canape with melted cheese

Unusual canapes, which are based on crispy crackers. Original, beautiful and tasty.


• 400 g melted cheese;

• 100 g of hard cheese;

• two eggs;

• two small bulbs;

• salt and pepper to taste;

• 80 g smoked pork;

• greenery;

• crackers.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut hard cheese into thin plates, lay out the plates on the crackers.

2. Pork, onions and boiled hard-boiled eggs cut into small cubes. Grind greens.

3. Mix all chopped ingredients with melted cheese, add salt and ground pepper to taste.

4. Lubricate the crackers with cheese ready cheese mixture.

5. Before serving, cool in the fridge, wrapped in foil or foil, so that the canapes are not wilted.

Recipe 7. Canape with cheese and salmon

The combination of lightly salted salmon and cream cheese will appreciate even the pickiest gourmet. Simple and tasteful.


• White bread;

• cucumber;

• salmon fillet salted;

• spinach;

• cream cheese;

• lemon peel.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut out any figures from bread, fry in a dry pan for 1-2 minutes on both sides.

2. Put the cucumber into thin slices of bread.

3. Put a slice of cheese, onion half rings and a thin layer of salmon on top.

4. Sprinkle fish with tiny chips of lemon zest.

Recipe 8. Canape with cheese and grapes

Different sorts of cheese and grapes make this canape extremely tasty and memorable. This is perhaps the easiest recipe for canapes with cheese.


• 200 g green seedless grapes;

• 200 grams of blue seedless grapes;

• 120 g Camembert cheese;

• 120 g Maasdam cheese;

• 120 g cheese;

• 120 grams of cheese Eden.

Cooking Method:

1. We cut all types of cheeses in any uniform, not too thick form.

2. We string on grapes in random order grapes and cheese.

3. Serve, laid out on a flat dish.

Canape with cheese - tricks and tips

• To cut pieces from ingredients, use a sharp knife.

• So that all the components of the canape are of the same shape, take special molds.

• Multicolored skewers will give the canape an unusual bright look.

• If you buy ham, bacon, and sausage already sliced, then the cooking time for snacks will be less.

• If the bread is pre-lightly fried, the canapes will be tastier and more satisfying.

• Come up with your original combination of products, focusing on the compatibility of other components. Cheese will be equally tasty with any ingredient.

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