Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos and step by step description

Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos and step by step description

Any holiday table is traditionally decorated with various snacks in the form of sandwiches and small canapes with various fillings. The way of serving and decorating sandwiches is more dependent on the hostess's fantasy. Particular attention is paid to sandwiches, which are served on the birthday table, they create a mood and affect the overall look of the table.

Children's birthday is no exception. Practically all the mothers, on the eve of the holiday, are puzzled over what to cook so that the “baby” feast looks festive and fun, and especially pleased the birthday man. There are a lot of recipes for festive sandwiches, they are all very quickly prepared and differ mainly only in the way of decoration. After all, much depends on the decor of appetizers, a beautiful decoration will diversify any table and awaken your appetite, and cheerfully decorated sandwiches with sausage or red fish will delight the little birthday man and his guests.

There are a lot of types of birthday sandwiches, you can make simple sandwiches on bread and butter, hot sandwiches baked in the oven or microwave oven, sandwiches on toasted bread, in the form of canapés and many other variations. Appetizer can combine a variety of toppings: it is sausage with cheese, red caviar, red fish, meat pate, sprats, tomatoes with cheese, and even more exotic - fruit fillings. There are closed and open sandwiches, in closed sandwiches - the filling is located between two pieces of bread and looks more like a sandwich, the open ones are more familiar to us, the filling is located on top of the bread and is decorated in various ways.

Sandwiches are appreciated not only for being quickly prepared, but also for being an excellent source of energy. Most of them do not require heat treatment, they are stored and used for a long time not only to decorate a festive table, but also as a breakfast or short snack on the road or at work. Despite the ease of preparation, many are looking for recipes for making original sandwiches on the Internet, trying to find a more “fresh" and interesting option. We are pleased to help you with this, we present to your attention a recipe for making funny sandwiches with red fish, with an unusual design, and detailed step-by-step photos.

In the photo: products necessary for making birthday sandwiches:

Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos and step by step description
  • Ingredients:
  • Baton - 6-7 pieces
  • Trout slices - 1 pack
  • Butter - 50 grams
  • Cherry Tomatoes - 6-7 pieces
  • Olives - 6 pieces
  • Parsley - for decorating

Step-by-step recipe for making birthday sandwiches (with photo):

Baton cut into pieces, each piece is divided in half. Lubricate them with a thin layer of butter, spread on a dish.

Spread slices of red fish on top.

Let's decorate snacks. Carefully wash the greens, open the leaves and spread over the fish.

Washed cherry tomatoes cut in halves and lay out one for each sandwich.

Cut the olives into quarters and place them one by one next to the tomatoes. These will be the heads of our ladybirds.

Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos and step by step description

Final stage: we draw mayonnaise small dots on the surface of tomatoes; for contrast, we can make “dots” of the pieces of olives.

Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos and step by step description

That's it, an uncomplicated and very elegant snack is ready!

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