What spices and seasonings are needed for cottage cheese dishes, and what should not be added?

What spices and seasonings are needed for cottage cheese dishes, and what should not be added?

Who does not like cottage cheese, he simply does not know how to cook it correctly. By itself, the product often does not cause delight, it requires additives. Spices and spices can not only change the taste, but also give a huge scope for culinary creativity. What can be added to curd dishes?

What spices to add to cottage cheese with garlic

Cottage cheese, salt and garlic - a trio of Hungarian cuisine. Although, now it is found in various parts of the world. Sharp curd mixture is used for stuffing Bulgarian pepper and tomatoes, rolls of pita, pancakes. This is a great spread for bread and toast. If you use a low-fat cottage cheese, the paste diversifies the diet of a boring diet.

How to fill cottage cheese with garlic:

  • red, black pepper;
  • sweet paprika;
  • nutmeg;
  • olive herbs;
  • coriander.

And be sure to add greens. In classic recipes, this is fresh dill. But no one forces to follow these rules. Parsley, basil, oregano, mint will also perfectly fit into the curd mass, it is important to only chop them finely. Large leaves and twigs are best left to decorate sandwiches and stuffed dishes.

By the way, nuts, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds will be an excellent additive for cottage cheese in such dishes. It is advisable to fry the kernels in a pan or dry them in the oven.

What spices to add to cottage cheese cheese

Cooking homemade cheese is a whole science. But now we will not master it. There are many different recipes on the Internet, everything can be easily found. Most often, cheese is made from cottage cheese with soda. It is easy, almost always possible. But what to add to taste?

What seasonings are suitable:

  • Black pepper. It is better to grind it into a fine powder, then the cheese will have a very pleasant and fragrant flavor.
  • Lovage. This plant is not familiar to everyone, but is often used in cooking. In taste and aroma, its leaves resemble mushrooms. By the way, many manufacturers use it and not only cheese.
  • Nutmeg. Perfectly emphasizes the taste of cottage cheese, but it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, you can spoil everything. Per pound of cottage cheese is enough one pinch.
  • Parsley, dill, basil and other herbs. Any variety can be added to the cheese. It is advisable to use dried herbs. Fresh greens can affect the shelf life of curd cheese.
  • Turmeric. If you want to give the cheese not only a pleasant taste, but also an attractive yellow color, then you cannot do without this spice. You can also pour a little sweet ground paprika.

In addition to spices, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and other products are often added to cheese. It must be remembered that they all affect not only the taste. Some additives accelerate the deterioration of the product, the cheese will need to be used in a short time.

By the way, garlic fits perfectly not only in cottage cheese, but also in cheese from it. You can safely add, but better in dried and ground form.

How to fill dumplings with cottage cheese

Classic and lazy dumplings are cooked with cottage cheese. They can be sweet, in which case you can read about supplements just below. But also salty vareniki are very popular among the people. What can you add to taste?

Spices for dumplings with curd:

  • black pepper, fragrant;
  • dill;
  • paprika;
  • Provencal herbs;
  • nutmeg.

In addition to spices, you can add chopped garlic, lightly fried onions, and sometimes potatoes or cheese. All this affects the taste, changes the dish.

How to fill sweet curd dishes

Cottage cheese with salt is tasty, but it is very difficult to refuse healthy protein desserts. Casseroles, cheese cakes, pancakes, cottage cheese cakes raise the level of endorphins in the blood. And if you do not want to use sugar, you can take honey or other substitutes instead. Fortunately, there are many options, as well as interesting recipes. But what to add to cottage cheese, to improve the taste, to make an aromatic dessert from a simple dish?

The best supplements to cottage cheese:

  • Vanillin. Always relevant, inexpensive, pleasant ingredient. Just a little pinch will give the dish an incredible flavor, without spoiling the taste. You can use natural vanillin or vanilla sugar.
  • Cinnamon. For some reason, we do not like it very much, but it fits perfectly into cold curd dishes and pastries, and it is also very useful for the body. Of course, we are talking about real cinnamon.
  • Cocoa. It can be added to hot curd dishes and desserts. It is better to use plain cocoa powder without sugar. It gives good color and pleasant taste.
  • Coconut chips a. Amazing additive that gives a pleasant taste and aroma. It absorbs moisture, swells, perfectly tolerates pastries.
  • Mac. It can be poured dry or soaked, steamed, boiled.
  • Zest. Perfect for any curd dishes. Can be removed from orange, lemon, mandarin and any other citrus.

Some housewives add anise to cottage cheese baking, inject cardamom, ginger, and even allspice. All these seasonings are amateur and not for every dish. If in doubt, it is better not to add.

By the way, in addition to spices and spices, dried fruit perfectly fits into curd dishes. It is not necessary to use the usual raisins or prunes. Now you can easily find dried cherries, cranberries, goji berries.

What should not be added to the curd dishes

Simple cottage cheese is not always tasty, but the product is not perceived even worse under that sauce. In this case, talking about spices. There are several types that should not be added to curd dishes.

What seasonings and spices should not be added:

  • Bay Leaf. Gives bitterness, unpleasant taste. You may feel that the curd started to turn sour.
  • Vinegar. In all dishes and baking, it is advisable to replace it with lemon juice or diluted acid.
  • Carnation. Even though it is often added to pastries, it is not friendly with cottage cheese.
  • Juniper. Very capricious spice, which can not only improve, but also spoil any dish. It is better not to combine it with cottage cheese, it is more reasonable to leave it for marinades.

In principle, any spices that you like and use in your family can be added to the curd. This product loves experiments, and without them it is impossible to be born new dishes and combinations.

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