Why cheesecakes do not work: burn, fall apart, tasteless

Why cheesecakes do not work: burn, fall apart, tasteless

Cheese cakes are considered the most popular curd dish. They are prepared according to different recipes, add berries and dried fruits, vanilla, cocoa and other ingredients. It turns out very tasty, but not always. Why cheesecakes are falling apart, burning and generally far from ideal? Let's try to figure it out!

Why cheesecakes are falling apart

It so happens that the mass for cheesecakes is kneaded strictly according to the recipe, all proportions are observed, products are added through the scales, but when they hit the pan, cheesecakes simply fall apart. Fluid may leak from them, problems with turning to the other side appear. The most common problem is cottage cheese. Now a lot of products with thickeners and vegetable components in the composition. When heated, they just melt. Only cottage cheese is suitable for cheesecakes, it is advisable to take not the fattest product, 5-12% is enough.

Other reasons:

  1. The pan with the fat is not warmed up. As a result, butter begins to penetrate into the curd cakes, they soften, break up.
  2. A lot of sugar. Another problem. It is undesirable to introduce a large amount of sand into the mass. It also melts, liquefies when heated.
  3. No eggs. There are many options for cheesecakes without eggs, and they are excellent at work. If the cheese is not very good quality or weak in consistency, then the testicle is still better to add.
  4. No or little flour, semolina. In pursuit of dietary meals, many housewives are trying to reduce the calorie content of cheesecakes due to dry ingredients. As a result, the mass disintegrates when heated.
  5. Bad breading. Syrniki taken in something roll. Usually it is flour. In addition to the beautiful crust, it fastens the mass, makes the product stronger.

If the first cheese cakes fall apart in a skillet, then one more egg can be added to the remaining mass and more flour is added. Of course, the taste will change, but some products can be saved.

Tip! If you do not want to add a lot of white flour or semolina, then you can replace them with ground oatmeal, buckwheat or rice flour, add a little bran, which also takes moisture well.

Why cheese cakes burn in the pan

Another problem that can be encountered is that the cheesecakes quickly burn, but they do not have time to cook inside.

Here is one of three reasons:

  1. A lot of sugar. The crust forms too quickly, starts to burn. It is more reasonable to make not very sweet cheesecakes, but serve them with jam, condensed milk and other similar products.
  2. The oil is overheated. It is necessary to lay cheesecakes in a hot frying pan, but not boiling fat. Otherwise, too fast products are roasted outside, but do not have time to bake inside.
  3. Bad pan. Modern pans with a thin bottom are unevenly heated, and not only cheesecakes work poorly in them. From above, a ruddy crust is formed, but inside the curd remains cold, it does not set.

On average, ordinary curd cheesecakes are cooked for three or four minutes on each side. It is necessary to lay them on a well-heated pan, and then slightly remove the fire. Sometimes after turning over to the second side, the pan is covered. If the cheesecake is fried quickly, you can do so.

Why cheesecakes are not tasty

Sour cottage cheese is one of the reasons that cheesecakes are not very tasty. No need to try to dispose of stale product in this way. It is more reasonable to make a casserole, in which you can add a lot of other ingredients (pasta, rice, fruit). They dilute the taste, disguise. Even a large amount of sugar cottage cheese acid in cheesecakes will not interrupt.

Also, the unpleasant taste of cottage cheese may appear due to soda. No need to pour "by eye". Since recipes usually speak about grams, quantity matters. If the cottage cheese is not sour at all, then the soda will not react, the unpleasant taste will remain.

What to add for good taste:

  1. Salt. Mandatory ingredient. Just one pinch will significantly improve the taste of cheesecakes. It is advisable to use fine salt.
  2. Sugar. Affects the taste, but also contributes to the appearance of a pretty crust. Sugar cheesecakes are gray without sugar, they are not fried. Sometimes honey is added instead, but it depends on the recipe.
  3. Dried fruits, fruits, nuts. They also give great taste, like cocoa powder, chocolate. But there may be a problem - cheesecakes will start to burn or stick. It is advisable to add such ingredients in a small amount or lay exclusively inside each cheesecake.
  4. Vanilla, cinnamon. These additives affect the overall perception of the dish, cheesecakes with them are much more appetizing and tastier.

The oil in which they were prepared also affects the taste. It is advisable to use refined products. Tasty cheese cakes in butter, but it is prone to burning. You can mix it with vegetable fat, it will work out perfectly.

Should soda be added to cheesecakes?

This is a moot point. Soda can be added to cottage cheese, many do it, but in this case it is laid just before frying. Stand mass with soda should not, otherwise the curd will begin to melt.

You can use baking powder instead of soda. It also adds pomp, softness, just have to increase the number. If you cook without soda, it is better to use semolina instead of flour or with it. Cheesecakes will be softer and more magnificent, they will not be forgotten, they will be pleased with tenderness.

A few little secrets

  • If the mass for cheesecakes is falling apart in a frying pan or they do not work at all, then it is better to spread the curd in silicone molds, cook in the oven.
  • If the curd is very dry, then it must be rubbed through a sieve. Grainy types for cooking cheesecakes are not suitable.
  • Dry cottage cheese is desirable to soften a little. To do this, add sour cream or cream to it. If there is nothing like that, then you can throw a spoonful of mayonnaise.
  • Form cheese cakes preferably with wet hands. Then they will turn out smooth, even, of the same form.

The big piece and mouth rejoices, but it makes more sense to make miniature cheesecakes. They roast faster, turn over easier, it is easier to assemble portions of different sizes from them.

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