Teriyaki noodles with noodles is a simple dish in oriental style. Cooking matchless noodles with teriyaki sauce at home

Teriyaki noodles with noodles is a simple dish in oriental style. Cooking matchless noodles with teriyaki sauce at home

Teriyaki is a cult sauce, the pride of Japanese cuisine, with a subtle sweet taste and light, unobtrusive sourness. The sauce perfectly complements meat, seafood, fish, poultry, harmoniously emphasizes the taste of vegetable dishes.

There is no time for a complex dinner, but at the same time you want to try something tasty? Prepare noodles, supplement them with seafood, pork, mushrooms, chicken or vegetables. Add a little Teriyaki sauce and get a completely new, unique dish.

Teriyaki noodles with general sauce

• There is nothing difficult in preparing a dish, most of the time is spent on preparing its main components. The sauce does not need to be prepared separately, it can be purchased at the supermarket, but with a special desire, you can make it yourself. The technology itself is simple, and the components are available, in our selection there is a recipe for homemade Teriyaki sauce, ideal for the dish we have chosen.

• For cooking, you will need a saucepan in which we will cook noodles, a colander for drying and a wok pan. If there is no such vessel, you can use a deep and necessarily wide thick-walled frying pan.

• What type of noodles will depend only on your own preferences. Rice, buckwheat or common wheat noodles - you can take any. Cooking technology will not change, since the noodles are prepared separately.

• The pan will be needed for roasting vegetables and other components, as well as for further heating of noodles already connected to them.

Recipe for Homemade Teriyaki Noodle Sauce


• finely ground ginger - 1 tsp;

• sugar - 50 g .;

• garlic;

• a tablespoon of honey;

• teaspoon of frozen oil;

• Spoon quality wine vinegar;

• starch - 3 tsp;

• half a cup of dark soy sauce;

Cooking Method:

1. Combine all the liquid components of the sauce, add sugar and honey, mix thoroughly, pour in the starch and break all the lumps.

2. Add ginger and grated garlic very finely. Place the container with the sauce on the stove. Bringing to a boil, boil the Teriyaki sauce over low heat for five minutes. 3. Hot, pour the sauce into a tight-fitting container. After complete cooling, put in storage in the refrigerator.

Noodles with Teriyaki Sauce, Vegetables, and Chicken


• egg noodles - 300 gr .;

• a pound of chicken fillet;

• two sweet peppers;

• bitter onion head;

• three tablespoons of teriyaki sauce;

• garlic;

• sesame seed - 2 tbsp. l .;

• two spoons of soy, dark sauce;

• a piece of ginger root;

• refined oil;

• young onion feathers.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the fillet with cool water. Drain chicken with a towel and cut into small strips, centimeter thickness.

2. Prepare the vegetables. Free the pepper from the seeds, cut the flesh into short strips. Cut the garlic in small pieces, cut the onion into small-sized slices, chop the ginger into thin slices.

3. On a strong fire, put a wide pan, pour sesame into it. While stirring, fry the seed for one and a half minutes, until the color changes, and then place it in a bowl.

4. Pour quite a bit of oil into the hot pan. Warm up slightly, put garlic and ginger in it. Stirring, cook just a minute, and spread chicken in the pan.

5. Fry the fillet pieces until lightly browning and put sweet pepper to it. Stir systematically and cook for another four minutes.

6. Add the soy concentrate and ready Teriyaki sauce, sprinkle with the previously roasted sesame seed and mix thoroughly.

7. Put boiled noodles, boiled, dried in a colander, in a frying pan. Mixing with the other components, warm up for about a minute and turn it off.

Teriyaki noodles with asparagus beans


• pods, frozen beans -100 gr.;

• 400 gr. wheat noodles;

• one Bulgarian pepper;

• small carrot;

• half white leek stem;

• 0.25 cup of soy concentrate (sauce);

• high-quality sunflower oil - 40 ml;

• large sesame;

• 30 ml of Teriyaki sauce - purchased or homemade.

Cooking Method:

1. Vegetables are cleaned, washed with water and cut into small strips.

2. Put frozen beans in a colander, rinse with cool water and dry. 3. Pour into a deep frying pan, heat the butter well and quickly drop the beans into it. Stirring, fry on moderate heat for three minutes.

4. Add the carrot to the beans, cook it until softened. Then put the pepper and onions, add soy sauce. After frying vegetables for three minutes, add Teriyaki. Simmer on a minimum of two minutes of heating.

5. To the ready hot vegetables lay out the noodles boiled in lightly salted water. Mix, warm up well.

6. When serving, sprinkle the dish laid out on a plate with sesame seed.

Teriyaki noodles with shrimp


• packaging ready sauce Teriyaki;

• 150 gr. noodle;

• one carrot;

• onion head;

• 200 gr. peeled shrimp;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• Bulgarian pepper - one peppercorn.

Cooking Method:

1. Shrimp immersed frozen in boiling water. Withstand a minute or until complete thawing, and recline on a colander.

2. Clean the onions, carrots, sweet peppers. Cut vegetables into thin, medium-sized straws.

3. Warming up the oil in a thick-walled frying pan, put the onion in it. After frying until golden, add the carrot, cook it with onions until softened, and then put the pepper. Fry vegetables for a couple of minutes.

4. In a separate large pan for about three minutes, fry the shrimp in butter, add Teriyaki and vegetable roast. Mix well, simmer on the minimum heat for two minutes.

5. Add the noodles cooked to readiness, mix thoroughly and heat well.

Rice noodles with teriyaki sauce, shrimps, scrambled eggs and vegetables


• forks of Peking cabbage;

• 200 gr. rice noodle;

• small carrot;

• two garlic cloves;

• onion;

• two large spoons of teriyaki sauce;

• 3 tablespoons of oil - frozen out sunflower or olive;

• two eggs;

• a quarter cup of drinking water;

• soy sauce - 4 tbsp. l .;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• 350 gr. shrimp without shell.

Cooking Method:

1. On an intense fire in a frying pan, warm up a little more than a teaspoon of oil. Pour eggs into a cup, pour them into the frying pan, fry and transfer to a plate. 2. Cut cabbage and carrot into strips, chop onion into half rings.

3. In a pan in olive oil, fry onion half rings with the addition of minced garlic. Put the carrot, skim before golden staining. Then add cabbage to vegetables and cook another two minutes.

4. Fold the vegetables into a bowl, and pour some more butter into the pan and fry the thawed shrimps in it.

5. When the shrimp meat turns red, return the vegetables, sliced ​​egg omelet and boiled rice noodles to the pan.

6. Combine soy sauce with teriyaki and water. Add sugar, stir thoroughly and pour the mixture into the pan. Thoroughly mix, we cook the noodles with Teriyaki sauce over a low heat for two minutes.

Noodles with teriyaki sauce, vegetables and pork


• pork neck - 200 gr .;

• 150 gr. wheat noodles;

• one sweet pepper;

• garlic;

• 70 gr. frozen green beans;

• mid-size carrot;

• 50 ml of teriyaki sauce;

• high-quality vegetable oil;

• sesame seed;

• small young zucchini.

Cooking Method:

1. Pork rinse thoroughly with cool water. We clean the meat from the films, cut into thin strips and lay out in a bowl. Add Teriyaki, add, add two crushed garlic cloves, add a little salt and sprinkle with crushed black pepper. Stir, leave the meat for two hours to marinate.

2. Clean the zucchini, peppers and carrots. Cut vegetables into short and very thin straws.

3. On a low heat, heat the pan, pouring a little oil, put the pork in it. Stir fry until cooked.

4. To the finished meat add all the vegetables, a little chopped into slices of chili, pour Teriyaki. Fry everything together for seven minutes until the carrots soften.

5. Add the previously thawed beans and incubate for another five minutes. Then combine the vegetables with noodles, sprinkle with sesame seeds, mix well.

Noodles with teriyaki sauce, mushrooms and chicken


• buckwheat noodles - 300 gr .;

• 200 gr. chicken breast fillet;

• fresh champignons - 150 gr .; • a small pod of chili;

• olive oil;

• small onion;

• Bell pepper;

• 20 gr. homemade butter;

• soy sauce and teriyaki - 4 tbsp. l .;

• Tabasco sauce.

Cooking Method:

1. Mushrooms cut into strips or plates. Fry the mushrooms until cooked in butter.

2. Chop the onion with the quarters of rings, chop the pulp of sweet pepper into strips. After adding vegetable oil, warm the onions to softness. We put sweet pepper to it, cook it and soften it, but do not allow the skin to keep up with the flesh.

3. In a mixture of vegetable and butter quickly fry the fillet pieces. Add Teriyaki, a little chopped chili pepper and bring the chicken to readiness, reducing the heat.

4. Boil noodles in salted water, put into a colander, rinse, decant all the water.

5. Combine mushrooms, noodles, fried chicken and vegetables in Teriyaki in a pan. Stir, heat over low heat for a couple of minutes, add quite a bit of spicy Tabasco, pour in soy sauce. Once again, we mix everything well, let it stand on the fire for two minutes and set aside from the stove.

Noodles with Teriyaki Sauce - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Boil noodles in parallel with the preparation of additional components. Vegetables, meat and other ingredients must be hot when mixed, and noodles must be well dried.

• Prepare Teriyaki homemade sauce by yourself, put it in storage in the refrigerator and use it not only when cooking noodles. Add a little to any daily dish, and it will play a new way.

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