Pancake cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pancake cake.

Pancake cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pancake cake.

Pancake Cake - general principles and methods of cooking

Our Russian pancakes, a miracle, how good. Russia has always been famous for its lush pancakes, and Europe, for example, prefers thin dessert pancakes. Sour cream, caviar, salted fish, or fragrant orange oil, fruits and berries, honey, caramel or chocolate - which the hostess did not come up with for centuries to be used as a filling. An excellent replacement for pancakes, when you want something more ambitious, are pancake roulades (rolls), cakes, and, of course, cakes. Pancake cakes and pies are made in all countries of the world.

How are pancake cakes made? Everything is very simple - they fry pancakes and overlay them with stuffing. In Russia, there is a real tradition of pancakes, and not only on Maslenitsa. You can collect a cake of any kind - yeast, fresh, early, sweet, and even buckwheat. Regarding the filling you can fantasize endlessly, it can be meat, liver, mushrooms, sweet fruits, cottage cheese, berry jams and much more. Sometimes gelatin is used in the filling - then the cake is sent to stand in the refrigerator for several hours. In order to make a pancake dish a real cake, there is one secret - they are coated with whipped, like meringue with protein, and sent to the oven.

Pancake Cake - Food Preparation

The main composition of any pancakes - flour, eggs and milk. The main thing is that the dough is combined with the filling - for example, sweet pancakes are stuffed with a sweet filling (cottage cheese, berries, jam), for the meat or mushroom cake, slightly salty savory pancakes are baked. By the way, if you don’t have time to bake homemade pancakes, sometimes you can get by with ready-made pancakes.

Pancake Cake - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Pancake Mushroom Cake

Ingredients: eggs (3 pieces), milk (250 g), sugar (half a teaspoon), salt, flour (300 g), mineral water (100 ml), vegetable oil. Topping: chicken broth (150 ml), mushrooms (500 g), garlic, butter (30 g), cream (20%, 70 g), hard cheese (100 g), sour cream 1 spoon. Dill (1 bunch), salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

Pancake cake, of course, begins with pancakes. Beat the milk, eggs, sugar, salt, pour the flour, while continuously stirring. Our task is to achieve a uniform dough so that the lumps disappear. Fry pancakes in a frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil before browning on both sides, so that they are even and beautiful, evenly rotating the pan.


Cut the onion and fry in butter, add garlic from the garlic dish and finely chopped mushrooms to the pan. When the mushrooms start to let the juice in, pour in the broth and increase the heat. When the liquid is absorbed, add sour cream with salt, cream, grated cheese on a fine grater (50 g). Mix and after 5-7 minutes remove from heat.

Grease the baking dish with butter, lay out a pancake and some stuffing. Spread evenly, cover with the next pancake and so on. On the top pancake lay out the remains of mushroom sauce and a few pieces of butter. We put in the oven for 15 minutes, 200 degrees. The cake is ready, cool it a little, cut it and fly!

Recipe 2: Kurnik Pancake Cake

This recipe came to us from ancient times. Centuries ago, in manor estates they ate exclusively healthy food. Landowners ensured that the food was rational. Yes, it could not be any other way - the fresh air and measured day contributed to the fact that the food was consumed sufficiently satisfying, which must be digested. Of course, it’s better for kurnik to choose a homemade chicken fillet, but where is it now to find it? We'll have to be content with the store fillet, which, in principle, is also not bad, if you choose it correctly - not frozen and fresh.


Dough: eggs (3 pieces), milk (300 ml), flour (150 grams), salt, sugar. Dill 1 bunch. Toppings: onions (1 large onion), chicken fillet (300 grams), hard cheese, tomato (3 pieces).

Method of preparation

Mix the ingredients for the dough and whip, add the finely chopped dill and bake 5-6 pancakes. Chicken fillet cut and fry with onions. Home-made chicken meat should be boiled first. Grate cheese on a coarse grater. Baking we covered with parchment paper or foil, form a cake - pancake - fillet - a layer of thinly sliced ​​tomato slices, cheese, and so on. Cover with foil and set in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Juicy pancake kurnik will delight your family. Hearty, nutritious and very tasty dish, real Russian cuisine.

Recipe 3: Russian-French pancake cake with apples

If you already ate nourishing pancakes, try to prepare for the weekend a light French cake with nuts and apples. French pancakes are called “crepes”, they are thin and transparent, so we take them two at a time. Apples are better suited solid and green. On a four-five-layer cake will require about four apples.

Ingredients: pancakes (8 pieces), walnuts (50 grams), sugar (4 tablespoons), large apples (4 pieces), protein (2 pieces), cinnamon, butter.

Method of preparation

Grate three apples and stew, adding three tablespoons of sugar. Enough for five to seven minutes to evaporate excess moisture, The remaining apple is cleaned from the core and cut into thin petals. Nuts need to be dried, and chopped into small pieces, and whip the whites with a tablespoon of sugar. In a round shape we lubricate the walls and the bottom, lay out two pancakes, lubricate again with oil and lay out the layer of filling, lay the petals on top. Next - cinnamon, a handful of sliced ​​nuts, two pancakes. The last layer is two pancakes. Lubricate with proteins, sprinkle with nuts and in the oven for 25 minutes. Beautiful and tasty cake, soft, sweet and light. The fragrant flesh of the apple and crunchy nuts, plus thin hearty pancakes - bon appetit!

Recipe 4: Pancake Cheesecake

Pancakes with cottage cheese - a classic combination. We will decorate this favorite treat of children and adults in the form of a cake, it will turn out just exquisitely. It can be served for dessert or as a separate dish, for breakfast or dinner. Pancake cottage cheese cake will decorate with success the festive table.

Ingredients: cottage cheese (300 grams), pancakes (6-8 pieces), honey (half a cup), sour cream (fat. 30%, 1 cup), one egg yolk, dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, 100 gram).

Method of preparation

Filling: mix cottage cheese, sour cream and honey until smooth. Cut dried apricots, raisins, simply wash and pour boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Let's dry with a colander. On the baking sheet we collect the cake: pancake-filling-dried fruits. Top pancake with egg yolk and put in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes (180 degrees). Since hot pancakes absorb the filling, it is best to coat them as they are cooked.

Pancake Cake - tips from experienced chefs

The French make a wonderful orange filling for their “crepes” - thin pancakes. A single orange peel is added to the basic pancake dough recipe. Orange oil is used for the layer: remove the orange zest, grind it in a blender and add three tablespoons of sugar, 100 grams of oil and mix well. Drop in a drop of one tablespoon of “Grand Marnier” or “Cointreau”, or any other orange liqueur. If the Crepes are served independently, they are folded four times, they are watered with alcohol and set on fire. Heat a small amount of whiskey, rum or brandy in a pan, bring a neatly burning match. Pour over a pancake. This effect can also be used for orange pancake cake, watering it with burning rum. This dish is served with slices of fresh orange - it turns out amazingly.

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