Baked pork piece in the oven - a lot of meat does not happen! Different recipes of fragrant and tasty baked pork piece in the oven

Baked pork piece in the oven - a lot of meat does not happen! Different recipes of fragrant and tasty baked pork piece in the oven

A large piece and mouth rejoices, especially baked pork. Still would!

This is the perfect meat for cooking in the oven, it is well marinated, it turns out juicy and tender, if cooked correctly.

How to do it? Here are the most interesting recipes that are worth trying.

Baked pork piece in the oven - general principles of cooking

For baking, pulp or bone meat is used. The piece needs to be washed, then it is stuffed with garlic or simply rubbed with spices, sauces, various marinades. If you have time, you can leave the pork for 8-10 hours so that it is well soaked.

What is used for pickling:

• mustard;

• tomato sauces;

• soy sauce;

• mayonnaise.

They add all sorts of spices, herbs, it is important not to forget about salt. Sometimes garlic is crushed, added immediately to the marinade. You can bake pork alone or with the addition of potato tubers, such a recipe is below.

Usually, pork is baked in foil or in a sleeve, but you can simply put the piece into a form if it is small or the meat is well marinated. Cooking time depends on the size. The temperature is usually from 180 to 200. If at the end you need to fry a ruddy crust, the temperature is added.

Baked pork in the oven with mustard

For the marinade it is better to use mustard with grains, it will turn out more delicious. Additionally, you will need a mixture of peppers, you can connect several types independently or confine yourself to black only.


• a piece of pork to one kilogram;

• 25 grams of mustard;

• garlic;

• ground pepper 1/2 tsp;

• fine salt (at your discretion, about 1 tsp);

• a spoonful of butter;

• 1/2 tsp. ground sweet paprika.


1. Wash a piece of pork. We wipe and set aside, let them dry out.

2. While we clean the garlic, 2-4 cloves are enough, cut into slices. Throw in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper (a little), stir. 3. We take a sharp knife, make punctures in the meat, insert garlic pieces. Shpigyu all pork.

4. Combine mustard with the remaining pepper, with sweet paprika. Salt and stir.

5. Grate the scrubbed meat with mustard marinade, put it in a bowl, stretch the cling film and put it in the fridge. We sustain pork from 3 to 10 hours.

6. Turn on the oven at 200.

7. Remove the meat from the bowl, rub well with hands, distributing the remains of the marinade.

8. Tear off a piece of foil, grease the central part with olive oil, put in pork and pack.

9. Bake 50 minutes in the oven.

10. We take the form with a piece of meat, cut the foil, bend the edges to the side.

11. We return a piece of pork to the stove, withstand another 15-25 minutes.

Baked pork piece in the oven with potatoes

Another way to cook baked pork piece in the oven, but with potatoes. Tubers will be used entirely, if they are young, you can not clean, rinse well enough.


• pork to 1 kg;

• 7-10 potatoes, larger than eggs;

• 50 g of bacon or any bacon;

• seasonings for potatoes;

• adzhiki 1 spoon;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 1 tsp. seasonings for meat;

• A pair of mayonnaise spoons.


1. Wash a piece of meat, stuffed with chopped garlic cloves. If you wish, you can take more.

2. Add Adjika with mayonnaise, add seasonings for meat and salt. If there is no ready-made mixture of spices, then just salt, to taste we throw paprika, coriander, any mixture. Stir the sauce.

3. Rub the meat, leave at least an hour, be sure to cover up so that it does not dry out.

4. Bacon cut plates. You can take any bacon, even smoked. Sprinkle with spices for potatoes. Make several cuts in the potatoes, insert pieces of bacon.

5. You can cook the dish in foil or in the sleeve. Put a piece of meat around prepared and seasoned tubers.

6. We put at 180 in the oven.

7. After 50-60 minutes, you need to open the dish and brown the potatoes and a piece of pork to a beautiful crust. Serve together, decorated with greenery, adding vegetables.

Baked pork piece in oven “Accordion” with tomatoes and cheese

For the preparation of baked pork piece in the oven will need fresh tomatoes and hard cheese. It is desirable to marinate meat in advance so that it turns out tasty and soaked.


• 800 g pork;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 2 cloves of garlic.


• 3 tbsp. l soy sauce;

• 1 spoon of mustard;

• pepper, salt;

• 1 spoon of ketchup.


1. Mix in a bowl all the ingredients of the marinade. You can add any seasoning to taste, but you don’t need much. Be careful with salt, as soy sauce has a rather pronounced taste.

2. On the washed piece of meat, make deep cuts from above, but do not reach the end. The distance between the incisions is 0.5-1 cm.

3. Rub the meat on all sides with marinade, leave for a couple of hours.

4. Tomato slices cut. Cheese rub together with garlic, mix with each other.

5. Fill the cuts in meat with tomato circles, pour grated cheese and garlic in each one. If the cheese is lightly salted, you can add salt to the filling.

6. Pack the “harmonica” with the filling in foil. Bake an hour at 180.

7. Remove the pork from the oven and gently unfold the foil. Temperature add 30 degrees.

8. Bake the meat until golden brown for another 15 minutes.

Baked pork piece in the oven with prunes

The recipe is very delicate and fragrant baked pork whole piece in the oven. Optionally, you can take a little more or less prunes. Baked meat in foil.


• 1 kg of pork;

• 3 g of salt;

• 3 g of coriander;

• 1 tbsp. l mustard;

• 130 g of prunes.


1. Wash the prunes. If it is too dry, leave for about five minutes in warm water, let it soften. Pound coriander, mix with salt, add mustard.

2. Rinse the meat, towel dry.

3. We take a sharp knife and make cuts, but not simple, but with a cross.

4. We put deep prunes in the holes. If more than one thing fits, then we put 2 or 3, it all depends on the size of the dried fruit. 5. We rub meat with salt with a coriander and mustard, we maintain hour. You can leave for longer and even for the whole night.

6. Wrap a piece of stuffed plums in foil, send it to the oven, cook 80 minutes. Temperature 200. Optionally, at the end of the meat can be browned.

Baked pork piece in an oven with a bone (knuckle)

The meat on the bone is the most delicious, especially the pork baked in the oven. The recipe is awesome knuckles, which can be prepared for a holiday or just like that.


• knuckle;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tsp. mustard;

• 2 spoons of soy sauce;

• pepper.


1. Rinse the knuckle. The skin must not be removed from the piece, but we carefully examine it. If necessary, protect with a knife.

2. We make across the cuts 1-2 cm deep, 3-4 is enough.

3. We clean the garlic cloves, cut into pieces, push the knuckle, which will be able to shove.

4. Mix soy sauce and mustard, additionally add salt and pepper.

5. Rub the pork with cooked sauce, pack it in foil, leave it warm for a couple of hours. If you pickle longer, you can put it in the fridge. It will be better if the piece lies overnight.

6. We shift in the form, put in the oven. Cooking pork at 180 degrees for 2 hours. At the end, you can fry the shank to a crust, adding temperature and removing the foil.

Honey baked pork piece in the oven

The recipe for stunning marinade for pork with honey. Meat is obtained not only very tasty and fragrant, but also beautiful, ruddy and tender.


• liquid honey 1 tbsp. l .;

• 0.8 kg of pork;

• 25 ml of soy sauce;

• garlic 1-2 slices;

• ketchup any 2 tbsp. l

• seasoning dry for meat.


1. Stuff meat with garlic, cut into small pieces. If desired, garlic can be used more; pork loves it.

2. Mix all the ingredients of the marinade, grate a piece.

3. Leave the meat for at least an hour. Ideally, it is better to let it lie down for 3-4 hours. Periodically turn the pork on the opposite side, so that it is soaked evenly. 4. Pack the meat in foil. We do not pour the remains of the marinade from the bottom of the bowl.

5. Sent for an hour in the oven. Bake at 200.

6. Take out the meat, remove the foil to the sides, carefully cut the knife.

7. Pour the marinade over the pork from the bowl, bake a piece for another 15-20 minutes until caramel crust.

Baked pork piece in the oven in a sharp marinade (in the package)

Recipe for spicy baked ham, which is prepared with natural adzhika. If not, then you can use a mixture of minced hot pepper and garlic. Marinated meat needs at least 2 hours.


• 1 kg of pork;

• 1 spoon adjika;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• ketchup spoon.


1. Peel the garlic. Cut each clove into 4 pieces, sprinkle with black pepper and stuff the washed piece of pork.

2. Combine adjika with regular ketchup or any other tomato sauce, salt.

3. Grate the meat with the prepared mixture, cover with cling film, leave to marinate.

4. Put the pork in a baking bag or sleeve, tie it.

5. From above we make a needle with a needle and send the meat to the oven. Cooking an hour and 15 minutes. If a piece of small diameter, but thick, then time can be increased. Temperature 190.

Baked pork piece in the oven - tips and tricks

• To marinate the meat inside, pieces of garlic can be sauced before sprinkling, sprinkled with spices.

• Meat will be juicier and more interesting if you skip it not only with garlic, but also with other vegetables, such as carrots, slices of hot or sweet pepper.

• No need to cut the fat from the pork, it will melt when baking, soak the piece, the meat will be more tender and juicy.

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