Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese is a worthy decoration of a feast. Recipes pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese: the French have nothing to do with it!

Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese is a worthy decoration of a feast. Recipes pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese: the French have nothing to do with it!

It is difficult to resist an appetizing piece of pork baked in the oven. And if this is not just meat, but a dish with fragrant spices, vegetables and other equally tasty ingredients? Then any gourmet will be satisfied.

Enjoying the pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese, you have to forget about the number of calories. Trying to reduce them is also an impracticable desire - in such a dish it is impossible to make it. But you can get great pleasure from eating.

Prepare soft and juicy meat under a ruddy tomato and cheese coverlet is a snap. Thanks to the fat, pork always turns out to be fragrant and does not need long preparation for baking. The process is simple: loaded form with raw billet in the oven, and no more than an hour later you can enjoy a delicious dish.

It is only important that the pork was fresh.

Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese - the general principles of cooking

The main ingredient of the dish is, of course, pork. For baking, first-class meat is most suitable - brisket, spatula, ham.

Immediately before cooking it should be washed, shake off the water and dry.

Pork is cut into slices, the thickness of which is one and a half or two centimeters.

Each piece is desirable to slightly discourage one and the other. Then the dish will cook faster and be softer.

Emphasize the sweet taste of meat spices. Black freshly ground pepper, nutmeg, marjoram, basil and rosemary are most suitable.

Before cooking, the meat can be marinated, and then in the process of roasting, an amazing mixture of flavors and flavors occurs.

For food choose elastic and ripe tomatoes. They can be cut into slices or small pieces.

Cheese for baking, cut into thin slices or act as standard: rub on the grater.

In the dish you can add mayonnaise, eggs, garlic, herbs and mushrooms.

Cooking food from half an hour to an hour in a preheated oven. Roasting temperature is 180-200 degrees. To prevent the dish from burning, grease the pan with butter, cover it with foil or baking paper.

Each piece of pork is baked separately, so the ready dish is easy to transfer to a plate. However, its shape remains intact.

Decorate the taste of pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese potatoes, cooked in pieces or mashed, fried or fried. You can also prepare a large plate of salad from fresh vegetables.

Recipe 1. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and sweet-spicy cheese


• 0.800 kg of pork;

• 150 gr. cheese;

• three tomatoes;

• 150 gr. adzhiki;

• 100 gr. mayonnaise;

• some salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

Cut the meat into slices a centimeter thick. Beat back each piece.

Pepper and salt chops on both sides. We rub the powder inside the meat pieces.

Liberally grease baking sheet.

We spread on its surface pork. Pour half a tablespoon of adjika to each piece. We spread it evenly over all the pieces of meat.

Cut tomatoes into small cubes. Put them in pieces of pork.

On a coarse grater, turn the cheese into a thin straw. Liberally sprinkle meat pieces.

Squeeze some mayonnaise on top of cheese and smear it on the surface.

We send a baking tray with pork in the oven (180 degrees) and do not look inside for at least half an hour.

Recipe 2. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese “Appetizing harmonica”


• one kilogram of pork pulp;

• two tablespoons of ch. Salt;

• half a spoon of freshly ground black pepper;

• one teaspoon of nutmeg, marjoram and rosemary;

• three tomatoes;

• 120 gr. cheese

Cooking Method:

We cut a piece of meat with an accordion: we make longitudinal cuts, but not completely. The thickness of the slices - centimeter and a half.

We shift the meat to a baking sheet, covered with foil.

Slice the tomatoes and cheese into thin slices.

In a small bowl, combine salt and spices.

Rub the mixture with the pieces of pork.

We form an "accordion": between the sliced ​​slices of meat, we squeeze in two circles of tomatoes and one plate of cheese. Cover the dish with foil and leave for an hour and a half.

Then we send to the oven (200 degrees) and bake for one hour.

After sixty minutes, open the foil and prepare the dish for another 15 minutes. With stand out juice we pour the dish.

Recipe 3. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and “Puffy taste” cheese


• 700 gr. meat;

• 150 gr. cheese;

• one tomato;

• two garlic cloves;

• salt;

• olive oil;

• one spoonful of dried basil;

• a mixture of peppers.

Cooking Method:

Pork cut lengthwise into two strips.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and carefully rub the pieces so that they are soaked with spices.

Cut the tomato into small cubes. Cheese, as almost always, grate.

Chop the garlic very finely.

The baking sheet is covered with two layers of food foil. Place one piece of pork on the surface of the form and roll it into a circle. It is necessary to form a solid piece.

We cover half of the meat surface with grated cheese. His layer should be rather big - a centimeter or one and a half. On the surface of the cheese evenly distribute garlic.

On the second half of the meat place the tomato layer. Sprinkle it with dry basil. Spray a little olive oil.

Place the top half of the pork on top.

Carefully wrap the meat with the filling in foil.

Send the raw dish for forty minutes in the oven (200 degrees).

After a specified time, put on a kitchen mitten, turn off the stove and gently pull out a baking sheet.

Leave it for eight minutes. Then we unfold the foil, shift the pork to a beautiful plate and eat a fragrant dish.

Recipe 4. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese with mushrooms


• 700 gr. pork pulp;

• 100 gr. parsley;

• two tomatoes;

• 200 gr. mushrooms and cheese;

• pepper;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Pork cut into thin pieces (as for chops). Cover them with cling film.

Slightly repel the beater from one side and the other. Add salt and sprinkle with pepper.

Cut the mushrooms into half rings, and cut the tomatoes into rings. Parsley washed, dried and finely chopped.

Using a grater, grind a piece of cheese.

Place the pieces of pork on the surface of the form and bake in the oven for about ten minutes (200 degrees).

We spread mushrooms and tomatoes on hot meat. Add a little salt, pepper and continue to bake the dish for another half an hour.

Ten minutes before the end of cooking, sprinkle each piece of pork with chopped greens and cover with a layer of cheese.

Recipe 5. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese in a merchant


• kilogram of pork tenderloin;

• two tomatoes;

• 300 gr. fresh mushrooms;

• one and a half tablespoons of table salt;

• 200 gr. cheese;

• 150 gr. mayonnaise;

• ground black pepper;

• 15 gr. butter or margarine.

Cooking Method:

Cut the prepared piece of pork into slices and a half or two centimeters thick.

Each received piece is closed with cling film and quite a bit repulsed. Salt and sprinkle with pepper.

Lubricate with butter or margarine baking dish. We spread in her pork pieces.

Washed and dried tomatoes are cut into slices half a centimeter thick.

We cover them with each piece of pork.

Rub cheese and half laid on top of slices of tomatoes.

Mushrooms cut into thin plates. Their thickness should not be more than four millimeters.

Sliced ​​mushrooms are placed on the cheese. Lightly salt and pepper.

Put some mayonnaise on the surface of the mushrooms.

Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and send the form into the oven (200 degrees) for three-quarters of an hour.

When the specified time has passed, we take out the dish and proceed to the meal, while it is hot.

Recipe 6. Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese on a pillow of crackers


• one kg of pork;

• three eggs;

• 0.2 kg of cheese;

• one spoonful of dried garlic;

• bag of seasonings for pork;

• five tablespoons of art. breadcrumbs;

• mayonnaise;

• three tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

Take a deep bowl and prepare the marinade for meat. First, drive eggs into the pot.

Then add seasoning for pork and dried garlic. Mix and set aside in the corner of the working surface.

Cut the meat into medium-sized slices a centimeter thick. We beat him a little bit.

We heat the pork slices in the marinade. Shuffle well.

Putting the meat for one hour in the fridge, so that it is soaked with marinade.

Cut tomatoes into rings. Turn cheese into a thin straw with a grater.

We take pork out of the fridge and mix it again.

Liberally sprinkle the pan with crackers and place the meat pieces on top.

For each slice put on a tomato ring. We squeeze out some mayonnaise on tomatoes.

Fall asleep the entire surface of the meat cheese.

Cook in the oven for 50 minutes. Roasting temperature - 180 degrees.

Hot food attracts its appetizing crust not only from above, but also from below.

Pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese - tips and helpful tips

  • High-calorie and thick mayonnaise should be mixed with two or three tablespoons of ordinary water. Then the finished dish will not be so fat, but no less tasty.
  • Pork slices are stacked in a baking dish in one layer so that they do not cover each other.
  • Thin slices of meat can be processed with salt and pepper on one side only.
  • Before serving, the form with ready meals should stand for about ten minutes.
  • To keep the pieces of meat from breaking, and the kitchen to remain clean, we carry out the beating process in a plastic bag or in a plastic film.
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