Cottage cheese cream for sponge cake - tender and light! Technology of preparation and recommendations for the use of curd cream for sponge cakes

Cottage cheese cream for sponge cake - tender and light! Technology of preparation and recommendations for the use of curd cream for sponge cakes

Curd creams are not the most popular much more preferences confectioners give oil bases. We hope to attract your attention to curd recipes. They do not require intensive heat treatment, retain all the original useful properties of products. The mass is quite lush, perfectly combined with fruits and berries. Often, recipes do not indicate the amount of sugar, it varies widely, thereby changing the sweetness of the dessert.

Cottage cheese creams for sponge cake - general principles of cooking

• Cottage cheese, what should it be to make the cream tasty? The main criterion to which you should pay attention first of all is the freshness of the product. The curd stored even for a short time in the refrigerator cannot be used to make a cream mass. Secondly, the curd mass should not be dry and grainy. It is better to take a product with fat content not lower than 9%.

• Before using any, even plastic cottage cheese is recommended to twist in a meat grinder. But it is best to kill him with a blender or grind on a sieve. Then the cream will turn out not only more uniform, but also fluffy.

• Cottage cheese creams can be a great impregnation for sponge cake or be present in it as a layer in the form of a separate cake. So that a thick layer of cream mass does not sag and does not flow under the weight of the sponge cake, gelatin or other products are added to it, which help to thicken the cream when it hardens.

• Depending on the type of cake, chocolate or coffee may be added to curd creams. Often they are prepared with the addition of cream, a good whole goose or butter. No less tasty such curd mass is obtained on a marshmallow.

• Cheesecake can be used to coat biscuit cakes in most cases immediately after cooking. Some recipes suggest cooling it to thicken slightly.

• Curd cream is ideal for any biscuit cakes. It is equally well combined with both light and dark preparations, the dough of which is added to cocoa, chocolate or coffee. They can coat with simple biscuit cakes and with fillers in the form of fruits or berries.

Chocolate curd biscuit cake cream with the taste of coffee

The cream does not soak the cakes, it is used as an additional layer. So that the layer does not spread under the weight of the biscuit blanks, cakes are collected in forms and left overnight in the refrigerator. Before applying the cream, it is recommended to soak the biscuits with a strong coffee drink with the addition of alcohol.


• two glasses of 33% cream;

• 600 gr. home or fat purchased cottage cheese;

• granulated instant gelatin - 20 g .;

• 100 gr. dark milk chocolate;

• half a teaspoon of fresh vanilla powder;

• sugar - 3 tbsp. l or to taste;

• 60 ml of strong brewed coffee.

Cooking Method:

1. Shake chilled cream with a small amount of sugar, about one and a half tablespoons, to steady peaks.

2. Gelatin pour water, as recommended on the package, and dissolve, warming up in a water bath.

3. In a separate bowl, mash the curd through a sieve and carefully rub it with the remaining sugar. Add vanilla, filtered coffee, mix.

4. Combine the curd with cream. Add fine chocolate chips and loose, fully cooled gelatin, mix.

A simple recipe for butter curd for a festive sponge cake

The dense texture of the cream mass makes it possible to form tall biscuit cakes without form. Sweetened with powdered sugar, which, unlike sand, dissolves well in any mass and makes the cream more silky.


• butter 72% butter - 200 gr .;

• 250 gr. elastic non-granular curd;

• icing sugar - 350 gr .;

• 0.25 spoons of vanilla powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Add vanilla to the cottage cheese and butter softened in warm, mix. To achieve uniformity, whip the curd mass for a minute at medium speed mixer.

2. Continuing to mix with a spoon, in parts, enter the icing sugar, stirring well each time.

3. When all the powder is gone, re-beat with a mixer, achieving airiness.

Recipe for the finest curd cream for biscuit cake made of honey cakes (with condensed milk)

Condensed milk enriches the creamy mass, giving it a characteristic creamy taste. To break the sweetness, you can add a little fresh lemon juice at the end of the beating. If the dessert is planned to be served only by adults, supplement the recipe with strong alcohol - brandy or rum.


• uncooked condensed milk - 100 g .;

• a little vanilla powder, to taste;

• 50 gr. powdered sugar;

• butter, 82.5% butter - 180 g;

• 350 gr. cottage cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Put enough pieces of soft oil into a sufficiently deep container, add all the icing sugar and start to beat a little with a mixer at low speed.

2. As soon as the oil turns into a homogeneous mass, while continuing to beat, add condensed milk. Pour in small portions, no more than a full dessert spoon at a time.

3. To break the lumps, grind the curd through a rare metal sieve. Put it in a bowl to the oil and re-beat well.

4. Spread the completely cooled sponge cakes and let the cake soak for at least two hours.

Recipe for a light creamy curd cream for sponge cake with fruit or berries

Cream mass is suitable for those who do not like fat. Whipped cream adds lightness and lightness. Great for sponge cakes with fresh berries and fruits. Dessert before serving should be placed in a refrigerator for several hours so that the cream layer will clutch well.


• 300 ml of liquid cream, with a fat content not lower than 33%;

• drinking water to dissolve gelatin - 50 ml;

• 250 gr. cottage cheese;

• refined sugar - 100 g .;

• 10 gr. granulated gelatin.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, soak the gelatin, fill it with cool water. After about half an hour, place it in a water bath and, stirring, heat it. Swollen granules must completely dissolve.

2. While the gelatinous mass cools, mix the cottage cheese with half the sugar rate (50 gr.) And rub the mass through a sieve, and, preferably, twice. Then add in it the cooled gelatin, mix thoroughly with a spoon.

3. Pour the chilled cream into a separate dry dish and whisk it with a mixer with the remaining sugar in a thick foam. 4. After that, spreading a small amount of creamy air to the curd base, and mixing thoroughly after that, prepare the cream.

5. Do not beat the mixer at this stage. Cream will lose airiness, and this will have a bad effect on quality.

Cottage cheese cream for sponge cake - “Creme brulee”

A very simple recipe for tasty and quick curd cream. Boiled condensed milk gives a delicate shade and characteristic taste of creme brulee. The biscuit cake he missed reminds one of Tauride’s taste, and if you put meringues on a creamy layer, you won’t be able to distinguish them at all! Milk can not add.


• gentle not dry cottage cheese - 200 gr .;

• half of a tin can of condensed milk;

• 50 ml of cow's milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Stir the curd with condensed milk. Then grind the mass on a sieve and whisk with a mixer.

2. Add milk, go again with a mixer and let cool.

3. After about an hour, the cream can be applied to the cake in a thick layer. It is advisable to collect the dessert in the form, covered with film.

4. Place the finished sponge cake cold.

Cottage cheese cream for sponge cake with marshmallow

Marshmallow cream is ideal for smearing rich chocolate cakes. Sweetness depends on which marshmallow is used. Before adding sugar, be sure to taste it. If the cream mass is too sweet, before applying it, coat the sponge cake with sour jam.


• color or white marshmallow - 350 gr .;

• two spoons of fresh powdered sugar;

• 400 gr. cottage cheese, fat content not lower than 9%;

• 33% cream - 200 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Curd the cheese with a blender until completely smooth or mash on the sieve.

2. Cut the marshmallow into small pieces. Then pour cream into it and place in a water bath. While stirring constantly, warm the marshmallow until its pieces are dissolved in the cream. The main thing is not to bring to a boil. If the mass starts to boil, and the marshmallow has not yet dissolved, but when pressed on the lumps with a spoon, they break up, immediately remove the bowl from the stove and start to beat. 3. Well-cooled in the process of whipping zephyr mass for a quarter of an hour, place in the freezer.

4. Connect it to the ground one through a not very fine sieve with cottage cheese, add all the sugar and whisk with a mixer for five minutes, at medium speed. Put in the freezer for 20 minutes, you can in the general chamber for 40 minutes.

Cottage cheese creams for sponge cake - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To cook a less-calorie cream, you can use low-fat cottage cheese, but then you need to add a little sour cream to it.

• The curd mass will be more silky if additional ingredients are added to it in small portions during whipping.

• Liquid cream mass does not leak out when assembling the cake from under the cake, if the cake is assembled in a detachable form.

• If you plan to supplement the sponge cake with fillings such as fruits or berries, place them directly on the cake and then apply the creamy mass.

• To ensure that the dessert does not turn out to be too cloying, apply a thin layer of sour-fruit jam or berries on the crust before serving.

• The white color of the curd base asks for drawing or inscription on it. A festive look to dessert can be given paintings of chocolate or coffee “colors”.

• There is no trick in this, but curd creams, unlike butter, are magnificent and without cakes! Fill with this mass fresh strawberries or raspberries - the kids will be delighted, and mom will not have to mess with the cake.

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