Cream cheese cake cream from the picture! Recipes cream cheese creams for impregnating and decorating cakes

Cream cheese cake cream from the picture! Recipes cream cheese creams for impregnating and decorating cakes

Cheese creams can be considered a model of compliance and sustainability. And if the first advantage implies excellent compatibility with various fillers - nuts, fruit puree, liqueurs, brandy, then sustainability means excellent preservation of the given shape. The temperature and the percentage ratio of the base with flavoring fillers have little effect on such creams.

Cheese cream for cake - the general principles of cooking

• In making cheese cake creams, pasty cream cheese or home-made low-fat cottage cheese is used. A wide range of such products allows you to pick them, including on the basis of financial opportunities. From expensive cream cheeses, you can choose Mascarpone and wonderful Philadelphia. The more affordable counterparts are Riccotta, Almette cheeses, and President, Hochland and Violetto are also good.

• It is easy to cook a creamy mass on the basis of curd or cream cheese curd, and it turns out to be very tender and incredibly tasty. Cheese is whipped with sugar or powdered sugar, after which other ingredients are added to it, whipping or mixing with a whisk. The success of the prepared cream depends not only on the quality of products and the correct observance of proportions. Their temperature is also important. If you do not follow the prescription recommendations, the mass can not be whipped. In case of violation of the recommended temperature regime of the products, an extremely unpleasant process of stratification occurs.

• In cooking, in addition to the main curd product, cream or butter is used to make cream cheese creams. Sweeten a lot of sugar or powdered, flavored with vanilla, and to taste it is added berries, chocolate or chopped nuts. Cream cheese cream is not only a great filling for the cake, they can decorate the dessert and flatten its sides. Most cheese creams are great for decor, with proper preparation, they keep their shape perfectly and do not melt during a long stay in a warm room. Using them to decorate the cake, you can additionally tint food dyes.

A simple recipe for cream cheese cake cream

A variant of cream cheese cream, in the preparation of which two types of cheese are used: Mascarpone and Philadelphia. You can sandwich any cake layers, but it is most combined with biscuit and honey biscuit-type blanks. It can be used both for coating and for decorating cakes.


• fat, 35%, cream - 350 ml;

• 120 gr. powdered sugar;

• Mascarpone cream cheese - 250 gr .;

• spoon of vanilla essence;

• 250 gr. Philadelphia cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Put both types of cream cheese in a bowl and mix them, whipping at low speed with a mixer for two minutes.

2. Passing through a sieve, add powdered sugar and continue beating, gradually increasing the speed until you get a fluffy mass.

3. Remove the mixer, mix the mass with a spatula, carefully removing the powdered sugar stuck to the walls. Add the vanilla and continue to beat with a mixer.

4. Sipping in small portions, enter the cream. For the mass to be well whipped, the cream must be cold. Pre-place them in the freezer, but no more than 25 minutes.

5. A well-thickened air mass can be used to coat the cakes immediately or place in the fridge for an hour, it will become thicker.

Cheese cream cake with cottage cheese and white chocolate

Chic cheese cream, which can be not only a great addition to any sponge cake, but also dessert. It cooks quickly, and most importantly - simply, even an inexperienced cook can handle it. For the best bunch of cheeses in advance, you need to warm to room temperature.


• not dry cottage cheese - 280 gr .;

• 150 gr. white chocolate, non-porous;

• 200 gr. fresh cream cheese mascarpone.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the cottage cheese on the sieve, add the cream cheese and leave for a while in a warm room. To cream well whipped and not stratified, products should be as close as possible to room temperature.

2. Break the white chocolate into pieces, melt it with the help of the so-called water bath and set it aside to cool. 3. Beat the mixer with both types of cheese. When the mass becomes homogeneous, a teaspoon, without stopping the beating, enter the melted chocolate into it.

4. Place the prepared mass before putting it on the cake in the common chamber of the refrigerator for at least two hours.

Universal cream cheese cake cream with curd cheese and nuts

Uncomplicated and quite versatile cream and cheese cream for cakes and pastries. Remarkably keeps its shape, for cooking you will need only three products: icing sugar, fresh curd cheese and heavy cream. The last two ingredients must be chilled. It is remarkable that the proportions of products can be selected, focusing on their taste preferences. But It is worth noting that the more curd cheese, the more confident the resulting mass will keep its shape.


• cream, high fat, not less than 33% - 100 ml;

• 100 gr. sugar, preferably homemade, powder;

• “Kaymak” curd cheese - 400 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Curd cheese whip a couple of minutes with a mixer with powdered sugar.

2. In a separate clean, perfectly dry bowl, whip the chilled cream.

3. Combine two fluffy masses and mix them, whipping with a mixer at low speed.

Nut cream cheese cake cream with curd and gelatin

The recipe for a thick creamy cheese cream that does not exactly flow. Most suitable for leveling the cake. It is recommended to lubricate only well-soaked biscuit cakes.


• a pound of fat cottage cheese;

• one third of a teaspoon of crushed lemon peel;

• 250 gr. fine white sugar;

• a glass of fatty 33% cream;

• two spoons of “fast” gelatin;

• 1 gr. vanilla sugar;

• a small handful of walnuts.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the curd on a sieve so that the mass is more lush and does not contain any grains.

2. Pour gelatin according to the instructions on the package with half a glass of cold water.

3. Fry the nuts in a dry frying pan. Cool and finely chop with a knife.

4. Beat the grated cottage cheese with the addition of regular and vanilla sugar. 5. Beating, add lemon zest and swollen gelatin.

6. In a separate, dry dish, whip the cream and, gently stirring, enter them into the beaten curd.

7. Add chopped roasted nuts, mix and place in the refrigerator for two hours.

Cream cheese cake cream with butter

Option cream to decorate the top of the cake and align it to the sides. A decorated cake can stay warm for a long time without losing its beauty. In cooking, it is important to observe the correct temperature regime of the products - the cheese must be cooled and the butter slightly melted.


• vanilla extract - 2 tsp;

• 100 gr. powdered sugar;

• half a pack of butter, high fat oil;

• 340 gr. fresh cream cheese mascarpone or philadelphia.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the softened butter into pieces and whisk with the addition of powdered sugar into a fluffy mass.

2. Continuing whipping, enter creamy cheese into the spoon.

3. The prepared cream is enough for decorating the cake with a diameter of 25 cm. If you also need to miss the cake, increase the rate of the products, taking into account the proportions given.

Cheese cream for cake with butter and berries

Fresh or frozen berries are added to the main ingredients in the cheese cream. Frozen fruits should be thawed out properly before use, and in order to avoid excess liquid in them, stand for a while on a sieve or in a colander. Vanilla powder is used as flavoring. It can be replaced with vanilla extract (1 tsp.).


• half a cup of powdered sugar;

• 340 gr. any cottage cheese cheese;

• a teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• a pound of fresh or frozen berries;

• 120 gr. creamy “traditional” butter.

Cooking Method:

1. A couple of hours before cooking, place the cheese in the “warm” compartment of the refrigerator, near the back wall. Oil, on the contrary, reach to soften.

2. On medium-speed mixer, whip lightly melted butter with powdered sugar for seven minutes.

3. Add the vanilla, put the cheese into the creamy mass, and go over it again with a mixer until you get lightness and uniformity. 4. Kill the thawed berries with a blender and gently mix the cooked mashed potatoes into the cream.

5. Berry cheese cream for dressing cakes can be used immediately before leveling the sides of the cake, it is better to cool slightly.

Cheese cream for the cake - cooking tips and helpful tips

• It is advisable to whisk all ingredients separately, if cream is used, they are recommended to be whipped only in a clean, dry and always chilled cookware. In the process, they first begin to foam, and then thicken. The main thing is not to overdo it, with prolonged and intensive whipping cream can turn into butter.

• It is undesirable to pour all sugar or powder into curd or cream cheese at once. To sweetener sold evenly, and the sugar crystals are completely dissolved, try to add it in small, 1-2 spoonful, in portions, continuing to mix continuously.

• If you put mastic decorations on a greased cream-cheese cream cake, grease the contact points with melted chocolate - the mastic does not soften.

• For whipping suitable as a mixer, and blender. The main thing to use nozzles that will not unduly saturate the mass with air. Over-the-air cream is harder to lay on the cake.

• To apply cheese cream on the cake, you can use a spatula or ruler. For the application of jewelry is better to use a pastry bag with a variety of nozzles.

• Many of the cream cheeses have a slightly salty flavor. This will not spoil the taste of the dessert, but will only give it a peculiar accent. In addition, the cream can always be sweetened by increasing the rate of powdered sugar or sand.

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