Homemade puff cake “Stretka-rag” - taste from childhood! Recipes puff pastry and creams for cake "Stitching-rag"

Homemade puff cake “Stretka-rag” - taste from childhood! Recipes puff pastry and creams for cake

“Stew-rag” is a hooligan cake, both in name and in recipe.

Puff cakes and strive not to turn out, burn the cream, and even the children, and look, sneak one or the other. In general, the task is not easy, but what is the result! Imagine the gorgeous Napoleon cake, just crisp? This is how it will be - a real homemade cake.

Cake “Stir-rag” cake - general principles of cooking

• Cakes for cake baked only from puff pastry. Its recipes are based on the use of frozen butter or margarine and chilled additional ingredients.

• In order for the cakes to be layered, you should strictly follow the recommendations for making dough. Crushed creamy fat is initially mixed with flour, grinding it with hands or chopping with a knife until a fine, fine crumb is formed. Right after that, other products are added to the dough. Sugar, salt or citric acid is pre-diluted in liquid components. The dough is not kneaded for a long time, so that small pieces of fat are not melted from the warmth of the hands - this is an important point that you should pay special attention to. After mixing, it must be kept in the refrigerator.

• Chilled dough is rolled out in thin layers of the desired shape, but not all at once. It is cut into pieces that are left in the fridge. Take out one by one, just before rolling. If you prepare all the cakes in advance and leave them warm, the fat will melt, and the layered structure will not work.

• For baking, the dough is gently transferred onto a parchment-laid baking sheet and placed in an oven heated to the recommended 180 degrees. Baking time depends on the oven. The dough is cooked quickly and requires regular monitoring of the process. Cakes can be got as soon as they get a golden blush.

• For the impregnation of the cake is prepared butter cream with sour cream, cream, boiled or whole condensed milk. Chopped nuts can be added to it. Often, before applying the cream, the cakes are additionally smeared with jam. • It is customary to sprinkle the top and side surfaces of the “Steep-rake” cake with fine chips, for preparation of which one cake and scraps left after leveling the edges are left. So that the cake is well soaked, it is placed in the refrigerator for at least eight hours.

A simple recipe for homemade cake “Steppe-rag” with butter cream and currant jam


• sour cream, fat content of 20% - 200 gr .;

• large egg;

• 250 gr. high quality margarine, creamy variety;

• wheat flour - 380-400 gr.

For cream:

• currant natural jam - 200 gr .;

• standard pack of butter, “Traditional” butter;

• 500 gr. whole condensed milk.


1. Sieve the flour several times in a wide bowl. Add the margarine, grated on a large grater, and rub it vigorously with your hands to achieve a crumbly fine crumb. Then make a small depression in the center. Break the egg into the resulting dredging, put the sour cream. Knead the dough, transfer it to a thin food bag and place in the cold for one hour.

2. Spread the dough into twelve pieces and roll out the cake with a diameter of 22 cm. Pierce each in several places with a fork so that it does not bubble, and bake at 180 degrees until golden brown, about 8 minutes.

3. Mix the butter pieces, softened at room temperature, until homogeneous with a mixer. Without stopping the beating, enter all the condensed milk in three receptions and whip the cream until it is pompous.

4. Put on the dish one of the cake layers. Apply a thin layer of currant jam on it, then put a couple of spoons of butter cream and spread it evenly over the entire surface. Cover with another cake and grease it in the same way. Collect a cake of eleven cakes, do not grease the last one. Put a small plate on it, on top of it a small load and send the cake to soak overnight in the refrigerator. Place the remaining cream in the same place.

5. Soak the cake on the sides and top with the remaining finished cream and sprinkle with fine crumbs prepared from the twelfth cake.

Cake “Stink-rag” on beer with custard


• light beer - 250 ml;

• 450 gr. white flour;

• factory ripper - 5 gr .;

• 180 gr. natural “traditional” oil;

• six yolks;

• 5 gr. evaporated salt;

• white sugar - 100 g .;

• 250 gr. Ricotta cheese;

• pasteurized milk - 600 ml;

• 40 gr. dry fresh starch;

• Fresh raspberry, blueberry.


1. Cut the non-melted butter into cubes and combine with the over-flour. Add salt and knife everything. After you get a fine crumb, pour in a cold beer to it and, intensively rubbing it with your hands, knead the dough. Wrap it in film, place in the “warm” compartment of the refrigerator for an hour.

2. Sugar sand with a whisk with yolks and starch. Bring milk to boil. Intensively stirring the yolks with a whisk, pour a third of the hot milk into them. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, pour it into a saucepan to the remaining milk, mix and boil over low heat. Be sure to mix, otherwise the mass will burn.

3. As soon as the cream base begins to thicken, set it aside from heat and cool. So that the top of it is not covered with a thick crust, tighten the container with food film so that it contacts the surface.

4. Stir the cooled mass well, add “Ricotta”, whisk.

5. Divide the cooled dough into nine pieces, roll into balls and fold into a bowl. Roll out thin, 2 mm thick cakes, trim their edges with a shape. Do not discard the trim.

6. Pierce the surface of the dough with a fork and bake cakes, placing the blanks on a baking sheet. The process should occur at 180 degrees, five minutes each. Trim too, bake.

7. Then cool the cakes well and make a cake of eight layers, spreading them with custard. Place the product in the cold for two hours.

8. Line the sides and brush the top of the cake with the same cream. Blender grind deferred billet and baked dough trimmings. Sprinkle the cake with crumbs from all sides. Top with fresh berries.

Puff pastry “Shabby-rag” puff pastry on ice water


• high-quality “Creamy” margarine - 200 gram pack; • two and a half cups of flour;

• 50 gr. homemade butter;

• two spoons of low-fat sour cream;

• teaspoon of vinegar;

• a glass of ice water;

• fine salt.

In cream:

• fatty 30% sour cream - 200 gr .;

• half a can of whole condensed milk;

• pack of high fat oil.


1. Spread the flour on the table. Remove butter and margarine from the refrigerator. Cut into large pieces, shift to flour and chop with a knife. As soon as you get a crumbly mass of fine crumbs, pour in ice-cold water, in which you should in advance dilute the pinch of salt and vinegar. Add sour cream and quickly knead. The finished dough should be tight, with visible pieces of butter.

2. Form a ball out of it and place in the fridge for an hour. Do not forget to put in a bag or wrap in a film, otherwise it will blow.

3. While the dough is otlezhivaetsya, prepare the cream. Lightly whisk the softened butter. Then, without stopping beating, put in a spoon of condensed milk. After that, add cream in a homogeneous cream and once again go with a mixer. If the cream mass is not sweet enough, sweeten it with condensed milk.

4. Cover the finished cream with a lid and place it in a “warm” refrigerator compartment for cooling.

5. From the dough crumbled in the cold, roll eight identical cakes, no more than 2 mm thick. Do not try to trim the edges immediately, when baking, the blanks are deformed. It is more convenient to trim the cake in the formation of the cake.

6. Put one billet of the shortcake on a baking sheet, and fold the rest into a pile, pouring flour, and place in the refrigerator. If this is not done, the margarine slices in the dough will melt with heat, and the layered structure will not work.

7. Place the roasting pan with the cake in the oven heated to 180 degrees and bake for 8 minutes, until a clear golden color. In the same way, bake all the other cakes.

8. Move the finished billet from the baking sheet should be very careful, puff pastries are brittle.

9. Four cooled cakes fold the pile. Break the rest into a crumb, but not finely and divide it into four equal parts. 10. On the bottom cake, apply the cream, sprinkle it with crumb, cover it with another cake and lightly press it down. Cover it with cream too, sprinkle with crumb, and so form the whole cake. Do not grease the upper crust, gently holding the product with your hands, cut off uneven edges. Shift trim to a crumb and slightly mash.

11. Spread the sides of the cake and the top surface of the cake with the remaining cream, sprinkle it with crumb and put it in the refrigerator overnight, allowing it to soak well.

Nut cake “Stirka-rag” with boiled condensed milk


• drinking water - 125 ml;

• 320 gr. top grade wheat flour;

• high quality margarine for baking - 250 g, standard pack;

• a quarter teaspoon of lemon;

• evaporated salt - 1/4 tsp .;

• a pack of butter, 72%, butter;

• powdered sugar;

• 400 gr. boiled Gostovskaya condensed milk;

• finely chopped nuts - 200 gr.


1. Margarine for half an hour, place in the freezer, here also put the measured water.

2. Cross the flour twice. Lightly frost-bitten margarine through a large grater wipe in a bowl of flour and quickly mash everything with your hands until fine crumbly crumb.

3. In ice-cold water, dilute citric acid with salt, pour the solution to flour and knead the dough. It should not be too homogeneous, so do not mix for a long time. In order for baked cakes to have a layered structure, the dough must contain pieces of margarine that does not melt from the heat of the hands. As soon as the dough becomes elastic, immediately form it with a cord, about 6 cm in diameter and cut into eight pieces. Separately, wrap them in parchment and place them in the freezer for 45 minutes.

4. Alternately taking the balls, roll out the same size and shape of the layers of 3 mm thickness and bake. Cakes are baked quickly, from five to eight minutes. Do not roll another cake until you bake the previous one. Margarine in the dough can melt in the heat and the lamination is broken.

5. While baking blanks, cut the butter into large chunks and leave on the table. When it softens well, beat with a mixer until a pasty state and, without stopping the process, add boiled condensed milk. Beat until you get a fluffy, smooth cream. The presence of grains in the creamy mass indicates that it is badly whipped. At the end, add half the finely chopped nuts and mix well. 6. Put the cooled cakes in a pile, carefully cut the uneven edges. Slightly kneaded the hands trimmed in a bowl with the remaining nuts, mix.

7. From the leveled cakes, form a cake by sandwiching them with cream. Lubricate the creamy mass with the entire surface of the cake, sprinkle with crumb, and additionally sprinkle the top cake with powdered sugar.

Homemade cake “Stirpka-rag” with brandy and butter cream


• half a cup of 15% sour cream;

• large egg;

• tablespoon of brandy;

• a pack of butter (no spread!);

• tablespoon of sugar;

• a glass of ice drinking water;

• a quarter spoonful of salt;

• wheat flour, about half a kilo.

For cream:

• half a liter of fatty liquid cream;

• non-liquid, fat sour cream - 500 gr .;

• two glasses of sugar;

• bag of crystalline vanilla.


• 100 gr. a bar of white chocolate.


1. Mix the grated butter quickly with flour. Try at this stage not to touch your hands with the dough, stir the mass with a spoon.

2. Combine cognac with water, add sugar and salt, stir. In the solution should not be undissolved crystals of loose components. Pour the liquid into the oily flour mass, add cold sour cream and knead. It is not worth to press down for a long time, otherwise the oil will melt.

3. Roll the dough with a thick sausage, cut it into ten pieces, fold into a bowl and place in the freezer for half an hour.

4. Frosted dough, give a little time to rest in the warmth, just a couple of minutes. Then roll out thin, 2 mm thick layers and bake on a dry baking sheet until golden brown. Be sure to pierce the blank cake before baking any sharp object.

5. Immediately after baking, trim the uneven edges of the cake layers using a large plate as a template if the cake is round. Square cakes align to the eye.

6. For cream, first mix the sour cream with regular and vanilla sugar. Then, intensively whipping, in parts, add whipped cream separately.

7. From the cooled cake layers, smearing each layer of butter cream, form a cake. Well promezhte creamy mass top cake and sidewall. Crumble the cuts with a blender and sprinkle with crumbs all sides of the cake. 8. Cut the thin strips from the chocolate bar with a potato peeler and place them gently in the middle of the cake.

9. For impregnation, put the dessert in the refrigerator overnight.

Cake “Stir-rag” cake - classic version


• white premium flour - 500 gr .;

• ice drinking water - 3/4 cup, with a capacity of 250 ml;

• spoon of vodka;

• a pack of butter, can be replaced with margarine.


• bold, preferably homemade, cottage cheese - 200 gr .;

• two thirds of a standard cup of sugar;

• 200 gr. greasy sour cream;

• half a can of caramelized condensed milk;

• a small bag of vanilla;

• 200 ml of very fatty liquid cream.


• walnut kernels - 200 gr .;

• 180 gr. apricot or peach jam.


1. Half an hour before the process, put the butter or margarine in the freeze. Put the water side by side.

2. Pour the double-seeded flour into a wide bowl and rub on it with the frozen fat. Grind, and best chop everything with a knife. It should turn out crumbly small crumb.

3. Pour brandy into ice water, add sugar and a little salt. Stir so that the bulk components are completely dissolved and pour the mixture to crumb. Knead a steep, but soft enough dough and place it in the freezer for half an hour.

4. Divide into ten parts and roll them around 26 cm in diameter in circles, immediately trim the edges. To make the dough easier to roll, do it on parchment paper.

5. Pierce the surface of the cake with a sharp tip of a knife or fork, and place the bake until golden brown. Cakes are baked quickly, so regularly look at them, so as not to burn.

6. When all the cakes are ready, put them in a stack to cool them down, and prepare yourself the cream.

7. Begin to whip cold cream at the lowest revolutions of the mixer. Little by little, add sugar. When steady peaks begin to rise behind the mixer whisk, gradually introduce sour cream and ground cottage cheese on the sieve. Then, also with a mixer, mix into the cream condensed milk and vanilla sugar.

8. Spread the cooled cake layers on the table (9 pieces) and apply jam on each thin layer. Put the remaining cake in the bag, and roll with a rolling pin to get the crumb. 9. Crush the nuts. They should not turn into a crumb, it is enough to chop the kernels with a knife or kill slightly with a blender.

10. Start shaping the cake. Put one of the greased cakes on a plate, put cream on it and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Put the next cake on top, just grease with cream and sprinkle with nuts. Thus, collect all the cakes.

11. Coat the entire surface of the cake with cream and sprinkle with the prepared crumb. Let the cake stand overnight in the fridge.

Cake “Stir-rag” cake - cooking tricks and tips

• If all the cakes are rolled out at once, and it's hot in the kitchen, put them in a pile, pouring flour, and put them in the refrigerator. Get one at a time before putting it on the baking sheet.

• Puff pastry blister heavily when baking. Pierce the surface of the blanks in several places with the edge of the table knife, the surface of the cake layer will be smoother.

• Do not rush to grease the top and sides of the cake with cream. Put a small load on it and put it in the fridge. Place the remaining cream in the same place and coat the cake with it after it has been soaked.

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