The “Anthill” cake with condensed milk is super-simple! Recipes cake "Anthill" with condensed milk from shortcake dough and cookies

The “Anthill” cake with condensed milk is super-simple! Recipes cake

An anthill of those cakes that literally everyone has heard about. Many have even tried, only a single opinion - how it should not exist. There is a huge variety of options, although there is something in common with all the recipes - form, and condensed milk cream. Since there are no cakes as such in the cake, the options for working with dough are almost unlimited. Decorating a ready cake can also be varied - who knows, these ants, from which they build their anthills!

“Anthill” cake with condensed milk - general principles of cooking

• “Anthill” is a simple dessert. The cake consists of shortcrust pastry, crushed after baking, mixed with cream, which is prepared in most cases from boiled condensed milk with the addition of high-quality butter.

• There is no one shortcrust recipe and its preparation depends on the specific recipe. The main thing is to prepare the dough correctly so that after baking it can be easily broken into small pieces by hand.

• Most often, the kneaded dough is twisted in a meat grinder, while separating not too long strips, which are placed on a baking sheet. This classic version is not very convenient - not everyone wants to mess around in this way, and even more so to wash the meat grinder from the dough. The simplest option is to grind chilled dough directly onto a baking tray through a large grater. You can also roll it on a parchment layer, which is then cut into thin strips.

• In any case, baked shortbread dough is broken, while it is still a little warm. Cold sand blanks crumble harder.

• If you do not want to bother with the preparation of the dough, you can use crumbly cookies. He, like baked sand blanks, break open by hand.

• In cooking cream used boiled, best of all GOST, condensed milk. It can be purchased already prepared or cook yourself. In the cream for “Anthill” you must add good butter, which is softened in advance in heat and whipped with a mixer with condensed milk. • To make shortbread doughs or cookies soaked in a creamy mass, they must be completely covered with it. Therefore, when mixing, it is desirable to gradually add the crumb to the cream, and not vice versa.

• The prepared mixture is spread on a dish, then hands shape a slide. Often, most of the mass is twisted in a meat grinder, and after the formation of the cake is covered with a deferred.

• Decorate such a cake, showing all possible imagination. Dry poppy or chopped chocolate can make the cake look like an anthill. Dessert can be sprinkled with nuts or small chips from cookies.

• Before serving, the “Anthill” is left on the table for impregnation, and then stored for storage in a refrigerator.

Recipe for the classic cake “Anthill” with condensed milk


• five spoons of sour cream;

• four glasses of premium flour;

• half a cup of beet sugar;

• soda, quickened - 1/2 tsp;

• standard caramelized condensed milk can;

• 300 gr. butter, high fat.

Cooking Method:

1. Melt 200 grams of butter and pour into a bowl. Let it stand for about five minutes to cool.

2. Add sugar and thoroughly grind it with butter.

3. Put sour cream in this mixture, add soda, mix well.

4. Pour the flour and knead thoroughly, first using a spoon and then just using your hands.

5. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, cook the meat grinder.

6. Twist the cooked dough immediately after kneading through a meat grinder and place on a baking sheet, then place the roaster in the oven and bake until light golden hue. To make the dough well cooked, when scrolling, separate the strips up to 15 cm long, and, placing them on a baking sheet, slightly push them apart.

7. Baked blanks, spread on parchment or towel and leave to cool completely. Then fold them in a wide bowl and crush with a crush. No need to turn into a crumb, enough to break into small pieces. 8. Put boiled condensed milk to softened in warm oil and beat with a mixer, gradually increasing speed.

9. Combine the cream mass with the prepared crumb and carefully mix it with a spoon. Then put everything on a flat plate and hands shape an anthill. Refrigerate and allow the cake to soak for at least five hours.

“Anthill” cake with condensed milk from shortcrust dough on sour cream


• “Creamy”, high-quality margarine - 250 gr .;

• 100 gr. beet sugar, refined;

• white first grade flour - 750 g;

• a glass of sour cream with fat content up to 20%;

• two spoons of poppy.

In cream:

• can of boiled high-quality condensed milk;

• bag of sugar, vanilla;

• butter, high fat oil - 150 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. In advance, in about half an hour, place the margarine in the freezer, and cut the butter into pieces and put them in a bowl in which you will prepare the cream.

2. In a deep bowl, grinding through large cells on a grater, chop the frozen margarine.

3. Add sugar and sour cream, cover with flour and, carefully mixing the ingredients with your hands, prepare a stiff dough.

4. Divide it exactly in half. Wrap one part in a film and leave it on the table, and roll out the second part with a half-centimeter thick layer on dry parchment, preferably a rectangular shape.

5. Use a sharp kitchen knife to cut the layer into thin strips and gently drag the parchment onto the baking sheet. Then place in a hot oven and bake until golden.

6. Do the same with the remaining dough. It can be rolled out and cut until the very first cake is baked.

7. Slightly cooled cakes break into small pieces and put in a bowl. It will not be difficult to do this, since with light pressure they will break up into strips.

8. Using a mixer, beat the condensed milk with pieces of soft oil until a homogeneous oily mass is obtained. Add vanilla, whisk again and transfer to the crushed dough, mix. 9. Cover the bowl with the narrowed bottom with any food film, place the prepared mixture in it and put it in the freezer for half an hour. It is possible and in the “warm” chamber of the refrigerator, but already for an hour.

10. After the specified time, turn the bowl on a plate of a suitable diameter, remove it from the cake. Sprinkle the top with dry poppy seeds and serve.

“Anthill” cake with shortbread dough with eggs


• two eggs;

• 150 gr. greasy sour cream;

• five large spoons of sugar;

• teaspoon ripper;

• a pack of butter or high-quality margarine;

• wheat flour - 400 gr.

In cream:

• one and a half banks of Gostovskaya boiled condensed milk;

• 300 gr. high-butter butter.


• 100 ml milk dark chocolate bar.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the pieces of softened butter with sugar. Add eggs, mix, add sour cream and stir well again.

2. Pour in the baking powder, immediately add the sifted flour and start mixing with a spoon. When the dough begins to thicken, go to the manual batch and knead it until smooth.

3. Then divide into balls, the size of a large plum. Put them in a wide plastic container and, covered with a lid, place in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

4. Twist the cooled balls of dough alternately in a meat grinder and spread them on a baking tray lined with parchment. Place in the oven and bake until light golden brown.

5. Crush the blanks with warm hands. Due to the heat and the fact that the dough is twisted in a meat grinder, blanks crumble easily.

6. Transfer the softened butter from the pack to a deep bowl and cut into pieces right in it. Add condensed milk, whip the cream and shift it to the broken crumbs with hands, mix.

7. One-third of the mass set aside, and twist the rest in a meat grinder and place on a plate in a slide. Cover the “anthill” with a uniform layer of cream and crumb. 8. Melted chocolate in a water bath, pour into the pastry syringe and, quickly pressing through the chocolate mass, apply arbitrary patterns to the surface of the cake.

How to make an “Anthill” cake with condensed milk without baking (from cookies)


• “Baked Milk” crumbly biscuits - 600 gr .;

• half a pack of high quality oil;

• tablespoon sour cream;

• 100 gr. peeled dried nuts;

• dark natural chocolate, bitter or dairy - 50 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. In a deep and wide enough bowl, crumble the cookies into small sized pieces.

2. Put condensed milk in a separate bowl. Add to it chopped into pieces, soft butter and sour cream. Beating with a mixer, and gradually increasing the speed from medium to maximum, prepare the cream.

3. Pour the finely chopped nuts to the cream mass, mix. Then, gradually pouring and mixing well each time, add the chopped cookies. All its pieces should be well covered with a creamy mass, otherwise the cake will come out dry.

4. Put the resulting mass, spoon on a dish in the form of a hill and sprinkle all its surface with large chocolate chips.

Recipe for homemade cake “Anthill” with condensed milk and nuts


• three glasses of wheat, high-grade flour;

• one egg;

• 100 gr. granulated sugar;

• half a cup of sour cream;

• four large spoons of melted, warm margarine.

For cream:

• two standard jars of boiled whole condensed milk;

• vanilla sugar - 10 g .;

• a glass of nut hearts;

• pack of high quality oil;

• four spoons of brandy;

• powdered cocoa - 2 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Grind margarine with egg and sugar until white. Enter sour cream, and, stirring, combine it with fat in a homogeneous mass.

2. First pour two cups of the oversized flour and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Then, gradually adding the remaining flour, knead the dough and at the same time, a rather soft dough. 3. Divide it in four equal parts, roll each ball and place in the refrigerator for an hour. Be sure to pack each ball in a separate package.

4. Cover the baking sheet with a sheet of parchment, take out two balls of chilled dough and quickly rub it into large chips, placing it evenly over the whole broiler. Bake crushed dough until soft golden stains, keeping the heat to around 180 degrees.

5. Drag the baked cake without removing it from the parchment onto the table, cut it into pieces and leave to cool. Put blank paper on the baking sheet and prepare the second blank in the same way.

6. Chilled pieces of baked dough break in small pieces and put in a bowl.

7. Chop the kernels of nuts with a knife and mix with the cooked crumbs. You can pre-ignite nuts in a dry pan.

8. Mix boiled condensed milk with cocoa and vanilla sugar. Add pieces of soft butter, whisk with a mixer. Pour in brandy and mix it in cream at medium speed mixer.

9. Pour the prepared cream mass into the crumbly mixed with nuts and place the resulting mass in a slide on the dish.

10. Allow the cake to soak for two hours at normal room temperature, then place in the refrigerator.

Recipe for a simple cake “Anthill” with condensed milk and dried fruits from cookies


• any crumbly biscuits - 800 gr .;

• kernels of nuts, dried apricots and pulp of prunes - on 100 gr .;

• 50 gr. seedless raisins;

• a pound of Mascarpone cream cheese;

• two teaspoons of cocoa powder;

• a small jar of condensed milk.

• two spoons of powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Break the biscuits into random pieces. It is not necessary to make them the same size, ideally, if the mass consists of pieces from one to two centimeters in size and a small amount of small crumb.

2. Lightly dry the nuts in a dry frying pan, then cool and cut into small pieces, try not to shred. 3. Rinse the dried fruits with cold water and fill them with not very hot water for a quarter of an hour. Then strain the liquid, and cut the fruits into medium-sized, square-shaped pieces. Add them to the cookies along with the nuts, mix.

4. Whip cream cheese with powdered sugar. Continuing to beat and adding a spoon, enter the condensed milk. Slightly less than a third of the cream set aside for registration, and add the rest to the cookies and mix well.

5. Transfer the cooked mass to a flat dish and, pressing lightly with moist hands, form its slide.

6. Mix the deferred cream with cocoa and apply it in a thin layer on the “anthill”. To decorate the top of the cake can be powdered nuts crushed into a crumb.

The “Anthill” cake with condensed milk - technology tricks and useful cooking tips

• Sand dough will not stick to the meat grinder or the grater, if after kneading it is placed in the “warm” compartment of the refrigerator for half an hour.

• Quick cake “Anthill” can be easily prepared using corn sticks. So that gentle sticks are not soaked from the cream, they are mixed only with boiled condensed milk.

• Diversify the taste of the cake by adding dried fruit or nuts. Many cooks complement it with pieces of marmalade.

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